Playa del Carmen Map & Travel Guide

The Playa del Carmen map is everything you need to plan your perfect vacation to Playa. Perry & Laura have done all the research. Our favorite thing to tell you about is the hidden gems that can still be found in Playa del Carmen!

One of the fastest growing cities in Mexico, but the beach areas have developed an interesting and eclectic charm. You can walk almost anywhere, and as you do you’ll pass small shops, restaurants, and lounges. Playa is very International with a big European influence. You’ll find excellent restaurants owned by great chefs from around the world. We love strolling 5th avenue in the evening. 

What do we tell you about in this guide?
  • Our favorite restaurant recommendations, why we like them and example prices.
  • We’ve eaten at most restaurants in Playa del Carmen, we take no advertising and no comped meals, most people do not know who we are or what we do!
  • Restaurant locations in the main tourist area and some off the beaten path
  • How to get around
  • Attractions
  • Services, like laundries, pharmacies,  hospitals, banks, ATM locations, stores, rental car agencies
  • Locations of hotels

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Our Playa del Carmen Map & Travel Guide is a 3 map set, printed on both sides. We’re sorry, it is not available as a digital download. Don’t worry, we ship the same day if you order by 3 p.m. weekdays!

2016-2017 edition 3 map set
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Note: Resorts located north of Grand Coco Bay are located on our Riviera Maya map. Some resorts north of Playa will have Playa del Carmen as their address, but are not actually in the city.
Click here for a map of hotels with Playa del Carmen addresses that are not shown on the Playa del Carmen map.