Playa del Carmen map updates

Playa del Carmen map updates

On our recent updating trip of the Riviera Maya, we spent a couple of nights and one day in Playa del Carmen, it was supposed to be our last couple of days to try to relax and my birthday! But, duty always calls so we made a quick run through to make sure our favorites on our restaurant list were still open
Calle Corazon, this area is closed and rumor is there will be a condo project going in there.
​There is a new shopping mall on 5th ave and Constituyentes, not many stores in it yet.

​Restaurants on our favorites list that are closed:
​HOT #180 in Calle Corazon, closed
​Capriccio Lation # A32, closed
​Buddies, #A19, closed
​El Carnicero, #A32, closed name changed to El Geco
​The good news is, it looks like the majority of our favorites are still there!

​La Parilla, long time restaurant in Playa located at 5th ave and 8th, # A85 on the map has moved to Ave Constituyentes between 5ht and 1st.
Byblo’s, previously at #181 in Calle Corazon, is now relocated to the corner of 10th Ave and 24th.
​Bro Chetas has moved around the corner same building close to the beach.
Da Gigi,  previously at #A16, has moved to10th ave and Calle 20
​Others that have closed:
​Trattoria del centro #A199

Don Chendo!

Located on 30th between 24th & 26th
The BEST Chicago style deep dish pizza!

Sorry, my picture is a little blurry, I was busy eating!

Check out this awesome video made by our friend Heather in Playa!  Don Chendo video

Print a pdf of updates

Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen map

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  1. Hi Lisa, we are planning to print a new Playa map this year, at this time i don’t have a print date. Our Riviera maya map does not have a detailed map of Playa del Carmen included. Playa is just too big!

  2. Hello! Are you offering an updated map for PDC? I only see a 2012/2013 version.

    Is the riviera maya map inclusive PDC information?


  3. Thank you for all of the great updates, I can’t wait to try the new places! I don’t have any maps fro sale in Playa at this time.
    We will probably be updating and printing new next year!

  4. Hi! Trattoria del Cento moved with one partner and the name a block east to 26th between 5th and 10th. I’m told the second partner and the chef opened a new Italian restaurant on 10th, but I haven’t confirmed this yet.

    Next time you’re here, check out Pata Negra, a fabulous Spanish place which moved into the old Trattoria space. It’s fabulous, and we’re hoping it will be here for a while!

    Also new: Afrodisiako (c. 26, entre 5 y 10)…great people and food. We live on 26th, so the influx of great spots from Pata Negra down to la Fragata (our longtime fave) is quite exciting! We spotted a certain well-known tv chef at both la Fragata and Afrodisiako in the same week, so we feel we’re on the right track!

    And try La Perla, an awesome place specializing in natural Oaxacan/Mayan cuisine on C. 34 behind Mr. Tennis (5th). And finally, De Local (Argentinian grill), one of several new restaurants on 5th, north of 38th. Sorry… You probably get stuff like this all the time, but the restaurants are one reason we moved here, so I get a little excited! Love the maps and anxious to order the new updates when we can have someone mule them down! (Or…do you still sell them here and there in Playa? Haven’t seen any for a while)

  5. Yes, Cinco de Mayo isn’t really a big celebration in Mexico, but tourist oriented restaurants and large hotels will do something for American tourists.

  6. have your maps, love them
    wondering if you know if anywhere on Tulum area that has a Cinco de Mayo celebration. I’ve heard that it is mostly an American thing, don’t know if it’s true or not.
    Thanks !

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