What is Remilty?

A great way to get pesos for your trip

Get the Remitly app and send yourself money right from your bank account and pick up your converted to pesos vacation cash in Mexico!

It’s the same as Xoom if you’ve ever used Xoom.

I recently tried Remitly which was giving me a better exchange than Xoom at the time. Thought I’d give it a try, worked perfectly and just as easy Xoom. Transferred $ and picked up at Banco Azteca inside the Elektra store.

If anyone is interested in using Remitly to get your pesos in Mexico I now have a referral link that will get each of us $25, this is only for new users of Remitly Here is the link for those of you interested in trying it out. Remitly link 

If you have any questions  please feel free to send me an email

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