Travel Insurance

Buy travel insurance through your travel agent or purchase your own. We highly recommend it for those unexpected things that may happen. Airlines go bankrupt, hurricanes, illness or death in the family..many things that could cause you to have to cancel or postpone your vacation.
We use InsureMyTrip

Check with your medical insurance company, if you are not covered while traveling outside the U.S., you need to purchase medical coverage, another important item to look for is medical evacuation coverage.
You will have to pay for medical expenses upfront at a Cancun hospital and be reimbursed by insurance. I recommend having a high-limit credit card available for emergencies.

Hospitals we would use if we needed medical care:

Hospiten Cancun
52 (998) 881 37 00
Fax: 52 (998) 881 37 37

Hospiten Riviera Maya
52 (984) 803 10 02
Fax: 52 (984) 803 16 06

Galenia Cancun
52 (998) 891-5200
Fax: 52 (998) 891-5206

tip: If you are able, we think it is best to get in a taxi and ask to be taken to the one of the hospitals above. Ambulances can be slow and you are not guaranteed to be taken to one of these hospitals.

Travel Insurance September 1, 2010