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Let’s talk beach clubs 🏝

Beach club in Mexico


What is a beach club, and why do I want one?

Your hotel is not on the beach

You want to hang out in a beach chair and be served food & drinks

Those are the 2 main reasons right there

There are rules you need to know about beach clubs

They are not FREE, a business owns what is called a concession, they have the rights to a certain part of the beach. This is where it gets confusing. Aren’t all beaches in Mexico public? Well, yes they are; but all those comfy chairs and beach beds, pool, & restroom facilities belong to a business. You can’t have those for free 🙂

There are 3 ways that a business charges for the use of their facilities on the beach.

Some will charge you a set amount to use a chair plus whatever you purchase in food & drinks, but a purchase is not necessary. You may be able to bring your own food & drinks – I always ask first.

Some will charge you for the chair and put the amount you paid for the chair towards your purchases.

The last way is to let you occupy the chair and use their facilities for a minimum purchase.

A “newish” thing to do is charge you extra to be in the front row of chairs, if you want an unobstructed view, get there early!

Can you enjoy the beach without renting a chair?

Of course you can! Bring your beach towel or blanket, bring your own portable beach chair and find a spot on the beach not occupied by chairs.

Tip: We always buy a drink or 2, maybe a snack from a nearby beach club so we can use their restroom.

Click here to rent a beach chair

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Enjoy your time in the ☀️



Beach Access

Mexico beach access

Are Mexico beaches public? Anemona Beach Club Cozumel

Are Mexico Beaches public?

The law in Mexico states that all beach is Federal Zone, this means all beaches are public but there are some exceptions: Government or military areas, parks, hotels, and  restaurants that have been granted concessions to operate business on the beach. This doesn’t mean you can’t take that long walk on the beach, or even throw your  own towel down. Beach access is where it gets tricky. What you CANNOT do is use facilities of a business that has a concession, for instance a beach club, park, hotel’s beach chairs, or a restroom of a business, etc. UNLESS you are a paying customer.

The other rule which should go without saying, is you CANNOT cross personal property to gain access to the beach, this means you can’t cut through a homeowners property, or go through a hotel, (although some hotels that are not all-inclusives will not say anything if  go through their property to gain access to the beach).

Please remember to take your trash with you and help keep the beaches clean!