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Tulum Map & Travel Guide

(56 customer reviews)


2018-2019 edition 5 map set
Only $5.00 + shipping as low as $3.00

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What do we tell you about in this guide?
  • Our favorite restaurant recommendations, why we like them and example prices.
  • We’ve eaten at most restaurants in Tulum, we take no advertising and no comped meals, most people do not know who we are or what we do!
  • Restaurant locations in the Pueblo and the beach
  • How to get around
  • Attractions
  • Services, like laundries, pharmacies,  hospitals, banks, ATM locations, stores, rental car agencies
  • Locations of hotels
  • Beach Clubs
  • Cenotes
  • Tulum Mayan Ruins
  • Detailed map of Akumal
  • Detailed map of Puerto Aventuras

56 reviews for Tulum Map & Travel Guide

  1. Laura MapChick

    I’m sorry all of the reviews are anonymous! I had to bring them over from my previous ecommerce website and this is how they came. 🙁

  2. Anonymous

    These maps are part-map and part-guidebook. They were fantastically helpful and easy to use. I will recommend them to anyone going to Tulum.

  3. Anonymous

    Very well laid out with lots of information. We have several Airbnb units in Tulum and the renters always comment on how helpful the local maps and information are during their visits.

  4. Anonymous

    These newer maps were perfect for our recent trip, with up to date information. The format (map size) is bigger than the 2010 versions, which is a bit of a hassle on the road. Small edit is Map 4A doesn’t have an indicator to B5 Jardin del Eden cenote under the “Xpu-Ha” inset box.

  5. Anonymous

    I initially had some difficulty with the web site but once I brought it to Laura’s attention she was very helpful and straightened everything out.

  6. Anonymous

    This will be the third set of maps from Mapchicks that we’ve purchased, and they are the best. I don’t know of anyone else that provides these with the level of detail and fun stuff. Really wonderful reference guides. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous

  8. Anonymous

    I ordered this map set to plan for my 8 day honeymoon in Tulum and it was incredibly useful. I studied the maps thoroughly before the trip, and referred to them often while I was there.

  9. Anonymous

    I have bought maps several times now. They are very helpful in making the trip more efficient. The service is always excellent, and the one time they got lost in the mail Laura sent out another copy and got it to me in time to take with me on my trip.

  10. Anonymous

    Have used map chick for 2 other locations. Arrives in the mail early every time. Love the insider tips it gives. More than well worth the money they charge!

  11. Anonymous

    Well done

  12. Anonymous

    Awesome maps every detail is great. Info is also great wish I would have time to use them.

  13. Anonymous


  14. Anonymous

  15. Anonymous

    These maps have great little details and information you can’t find anywhere else. These tips and info will help you have a great time while traveling and save you a few pesos!

  16. Anonymous

    I love the all of the restaurant information and recommendations. I have been doing a lot of research, both online and in travel books; however, the maps provided information I wasn’t able to find anywhere else!

  17. Anonymous

    It isn’t always easy to find a good, current map of Tulum and the RM. Many online versions are not up to date. Map Chick offers easy to read, current maps of the area. Helpful, especially since GPS is often inaccurate in Mexico.

  18. Anonymous

    These were great maps and really helped on our recent trip to Akumal & Tulum. We ate at a great restaurant in Tulum pueblo that was recommended on the maps.

  19. Anonymous

    Helpful! The extra info about money, taxis, safety is worth every peso.

  20. Anonymous

    The maps are ok and fairly detailed but a large, comprehensive map should be included in order to piece the 5 of them together.

  21. Anonymous

    Our 10 year old MapChick maps had been well used, well worn and well loved with all their information. Finally had to buy new ones. Thing is, these maps have so much “extra” information, they’re really like guide books. Fantastic help with planning a vacation to the area. The roads won’t change much, but lots of other things do, so updating your MapChick maps is a good idea!

  22. Anonymous

    Maps have helped us plan our trip and picture the distance and plan where to bike vs walk. They fold up very small and flat, but yet have so much info on each one! Excellent product, worth every penny, and shipped same day!!

  23. Anonymous

    Maps arrived in good time. This is the 3rd order placed with Mapchick in the last 8-10 years. we always enjoy the updates and leave the older maps in our condo for guests.

  24. Anonymous

  25. Anonymous

    I have used the Mapchick Maps/Guides for years. They are not just maps, they are really compact travel guides. They have always been wonderful and the new Tulum set is no exception. The maps make me want to head to Tulum today. Laura also helped me personally as soon as I asked and went above and beyond. The Happy Shuttle discount payed for the Maps. You can’t get a better deal than that!

  26. Anonymous

    Great maps, with all the extra info and tips to make for a good trip.

  27. Anonymous

  28. Anonymous

    I own a property in Tulum and my guests love to receive these maps prior to their arrival. It allows them to plan their trip well in advance. My guests just love them.

  29. Anonymous

    Have not had a chance to review the new set but I see that the are packed full of information, with many newer features (like the noise zone in Tulum). I am going at the end of February and look forward to using the new set of maps.

  30. Anonymous

    I’ve been loving Map Chick maps for many years and love getting the updated maps. This Tulum and Southern Riviera Maya map is awesome! So much information. I feel very familiar with the area but restaurants and beach clubs come and go and it is great to read about new places. I love the price information, food reviews, attraction information. Thanks so much!

  31. Anonymous

    These maps are just what I was looking for! I can’t wait for this trip!

  32. Anonymous

    Maps arrived in a very timely fashion. Maps are of good quality. I am sure these maps will be very helpful on my upcoming trip to Tulum. Thank you very much.

  33. Anonymous

    Although we travel to the Riviera Maya each fall season, and know our way around pretty well, isn’t near as well as the folks from Mapchicks. It was time for a new updated version of their maps and as usual we were not disappointed, some new features since last time, clear and easy to follow, plus pricing for tour costs, in US dollars. If you are going here, and you leave your resort, you need these maps. Long time user, and wouldn’t be without.

  34. Anonymous

    My second set of these maps . A great revision and rammed with very useful info. Easy to understand . Looking forward to testing them out again this autumn( fall to you guys! ) hope the Tulum – Punts Allen “Road “ is driveable this time around too…

  35. Anonymous

  36. Anonymous

  37. Anonymous

    The maps and info helps you know all the best kept secrets. Thanks MapChicks for updating the info and helping us all enjoy the vacay!

  38. Anonymous

    I purchased a Map Chick map of Isla Mujeres upon recommendation on a Facebook group. I wish I had known about them sooner! They really would have helped me plan my trip. After our trip, we decided we might like to check out Tulum in a few months. I ordered Map Chick maps for Tulum before making any reservations. They really helped me get an idea of what is near what. Everything is labeled so nicely and the anecdotal information included is super helpful. I love these maps!

  39. Anonymous

    These maps are incredible. The detail is amazing and the layout is perfect. I only wish I was the one to come up with the idea. The maps sealed the deal we don’t need a car because a small grocer and several of the best restaurants are less than a mile from our hotel. Thanks for making my vacation planning even more fun.

  40. Anonymous

    Just when you think these can’t get any better – they do! So much information packed into a very portable package. I can’t imagine traveling without these maps to the Riviera Maya. Our vacations have been so much richer from taking the author’s suggestions – things we would have never known about otherwise. You won’t be sorry for ordering this map!

  41. Anonymous

    Can’t believe all the information these 5 maps provide. They are a bargain. Better than any travel book.

  42. Anonymous

    Prior to buying MapChick maps, I would do hours and hours of research. The first set of maps I bought I could’ve kicked myself- I would have saved so much time going to MapChick first!

  43. Anonymous

    Very thorough maps. We are here and enjoying them!

  44. Anonymous

    The information provided on these maps have helped my wife and I plan our travel and restaurants the past 10yrs on our trips down to the Cancun region. A+++ on the information provided and the reviews are very accurate.

  45. Anonymous

    With so much information it’s hard to chose where we want to go while we visit Tulum! The best map/guide available!

  46. Anonymous

    Wonderful , informative, easy to understand.thank you !

  47. Anonymous

    I have used these maps for years and always keep a complete current set I find them of great value and often refer friends to the website to purchase their own.

  48. Anonymous

    These Mapchick maps just keep getting better. This is the best one yet.

  49. Anonymous

    Excellent maps with a lot of valuable information

  50. Anonymous

    What a great planning tool to find out how far everything is and helps plan your stay in Tulum.

  51. Anonymous

    We own a condo in Akumal and our guests love these maps for planning their stay so we buy them in bulk. We always have gotten good feedback. Thank you MapChick!

  52. Anonymous

    Have using your maps forever, we love them!!! Do you have updated Punta Allen maps ? Thanks

  53. Anonymous

  54. Anonymous

    Great hints on where to go, stay and eat on Riveria Maya. This is the most complete guide to the area I have found.

  55. Anonymous

    Mapchick first guided us along on Isla Mujeres, and in May, it will be Tulum as well. I trust these guys recommendations more than any other website, blog, etc out there! Super down to earth and informative!

  56. Anonymous

    Recently I purchased and received the 5 Tulum Maps and bonus Cancun airport map. The maps contain a lot of information and each one covers a topic or area you want to know about and explore. They are easy to read and will come in handy for my next trip. So often you hear other travelers mention a place they went or activity and then you are not sure how to find it or where to go. There is so much to do and see in Tulum and the maps are light weight and easy to throw in your beach bag or back pack.

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