Biodegradable Sun Care

Do your part to protect the coral reefs and sealife!
All of the eco-parks  require eco-friendly sun care products.
You can order online from these three recommended companies, or buy from your local health food store.
Caribbean Solutions

During April through June there is a chance of “agua mala” or sea lice in the waters around Cancun. Most hotels will post signs when the sea lice is active along their beaches. To prevent the rash caused by this jellyfish larvae you can use a product called Safe Sea, or by thoroughly showering immediately after you get out of the water,be sure to get under your swim suit, and under your arms. Take the suit off and wash and let if completely dry before wearing it again.
Safe Sea Anti-jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion – Sunscreen – Sunblock – Sea Lice – Jelly Fish (SPF50, 4oz Bottle)

If you are prone to sea sickness, we have found Sea Bands to be helpful. The ferry to Isla Mujeres is normally smooth, but the ferry to Cozumel can be rough. If you are going out on a snorkel or fishing boat and get sea sick then I would recommend Sea Bands.
Sea-Band Motion sickness wristbands
Sea-band the Original Wristband Adults – 1 Pair