Fishing Bans

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Fishing Bans Quintana Roo

The government of Mexico has bans during certain months of the year for different fish to protect certain fish species.
This can be a little confusing because this list is for all of Mexico and and different regions have different rules.

You can see the official document here SAGARPA 

It is illegal to catch these fish during these months in Q.Roo

Lobster – March, April, May & June

Grouper – February & March

Octopus – December 16, January, February, March, April, May , June & July

Shrimp – June, July, August, September through October 15

Conch – May, June, July, August, September & October

Shark – May & June

Fresh seafood may be imported or frozen, but it will not be fresh caught during the months above. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of fresh fish you’ll be able to enjoy eating on your vacation!

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do try Lionfish if you get the opportunity!
  • Don’t eat fish that looks like the photo below!

If you are served fish that looks like this and they tell you it it fresh, it is not, this is frozen “basa” from China and it is not good at all! It is easy to spot becasue of it’s uniform shape and the consistency is kind of like a wet paper towel, yuck!


Thank you to Isla Mujeres Daily News & Events for providing the information on fishing bans.

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