Cozumel map updates

 Cozumel map updates

These are updates for our current Cozumel map

  Cozumel map

Special  thank you to my friend Adrian for your help!

Prices may be more than shown on the map due to a recent sales tax increase
(tax is always shown in the total price for restaurants, attractions and services, you will not see a separate charge for tax on your bill.)

• La Perlita restaurant, # A63 is located on calle 10 north between 65 and 70th, not between 35 and 40th as we show on the map. • Marina incorrectly labeled, #A7 should be Caleta Marina, not Abrigo as shown on map. We will be making labels to attach to maps to make correction.

• El Diablo #B24, has new owners and is now called Andale. Friends tell us the food is good and they have a bucket of 5 beers for $10.
• Our good friend Adrian has moved on to bigger and better things and is no longer the owner of Especias restaurant, #A22, the menu has changed to Italian and I hear Chef Franccesco is doing a fantastic job! There is also a fun themed bar downstairs called Las Catrinas
(You can find Adrian at Eagle Rider motorcycle rentals, #A28)
• El Foco, # A28 has moved to 5th between calle 5 & calle 7 south.
• Carlos ‘n Charlies, #A53 is closed
• Sabores, #A21 is closed
• La Morena, #A101 is closed

New Restaurants
• King Burrito located on calle 15 south and 35th, go to #A46 (Chedraui store) for area.
• Burritos Gorditos on 5 ave north between 2 and 4
• Sunset beach bar/restaurant
• Cha Cha’s kitchen located on calle Francisco Mujica between Xel-ha & 17 south
• Fogo Do Brasil located on Melgar and calle 5
• Pescadaria San Carlos on Ave 50 sur bis between calle 3 south and Rodolfo Rosads Salas.
(this one is out of town in the neighborhood)
• Dos Como la Gente, cantina/loncheria located on calle 5 south between Melgar & Av 5 sur.
• Sunset restaurant & bar located near Park Royal hotel (#A16) on Melgar

• Chocolateria Isla Bella on calle 3 south between Melgar and 5th.
• Buccanos #B3 is now open at night.

 Print a pdf of the list here

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