La Bruja Restaurant Isla Mujeres


La Bruja Restaurant-Isla Mujeres


La Bruja restaurant Isla Mujeres is located in Colonia La Gloria,  on our Isla Mujeres map. Map 2, side A #42

La Bruja, which means “the witch” in Spanish is one of those “must eat” places for me, even if I don’t have to!


You can’t imagine how hungry and thirsty you get driving a golf cart around Isla Mujeres, our mission today is to stop at as many of these small family run restaurants that we can find. Our first stop, La Bruja.

We started off with a couple of icy cold Sols. We chose one of the tables outside on the sidewalk, but the afternoon sun quickly made us change our minds so we headed indoors. “Im melting”!



I ordered the garlic fish al mojo, simple and delicious, the veggies were just right, heavenly.



The Enchilada Suiza is a dish I cannot stop thinking about, it was awesome! It’s not all that colorful but what it lacks in color it makes up for in taste! I dream about the enchilada suiza at La Bruja! Luckily, Perry is generous and shares with me!


One of the first things I did when I got home from my trip was get out my “Ixchel’s Kitchen” cookbook that I bought from my friend Jana Epperson a few years ago to see if there was an Enchilada Suiza recipe, there is! I have it bookmarked!


They have an extensive menu!

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