Isla Mujeres New Years 2010 part 2

After watching the magnificent sunrise and feeling giddy with happiness, or is that the feeling you have when you  only sleep 4 out of the past 24 hours?
We start out walking with Kathryn thinking we’ll walk a little and then grab a taxi, first stop to take a few pictures at Garrafon
We get to talking and walking and before we know it, we’ve walked back to her house! Perry & I decide to head over to Mango cafe to see if they’re open, we get almost there and are so pooped, and a nice blister was starting to form on my foot from high heels the night before… we need a taxi.
When we arrive they are not open yet, we’re too early..we line up with other anxious diners.
I took a walk across the street and peeked in at the little church and sat out behind on the wall watching the ocean for awhile, I was really hoping to see some dolphins swimming by, that would  have made my day.

After breakfast we make our way back to the hotel…I’m thinking a nap might be nice, but know if I lay down, I won’t get up and we have plans to golf cart around today finding street names south of town.


This is a mess, there are several different streets with the same names! Our guess is that they seperately named streets in each colonia but used the same set of names? For this reason, only main roads will have street names on the map, because it’s so confusing.

Some familiar places we drove by,

Crayola house, I’m not sure who gave this house this name, was it Doris? Anyway the name fits!crayola

La Bruja

La Bruja

A new outdoor gym being built. There is one of these in Tulum, it looks nice all finished.


Back to town to pack up and head to Puerto Morelos, first a stop for lunch at Mocambo, this a fish & shrimp with melted cheese, yum.


with full tummys and a head full of wonderful memories we sadly board the ferry, and head for the mainland. Our time on Isla was way too short,  but there is work to be done! I’ll be back 🙂


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