Isla Mujeres New years 2010, part 1


Little did these happy feet on their way to Isla Mujeres know that this is all the relaxing they would get to do this week in Mexico!

This is a special trip, we are updating Riviera Maya and Playa maps with a quick stop on the island of Isla Mujeres to celebrate new Year’s Eve with friends. This trip is also Perry & I’s first trip together  without the kids since they were born. (Our oldest is 19!) Kelsey was home from college on her winter break so I figured it would be a perfect time for her to have some quality time with her little brother. They did great without us, so much so, that I think we’ll do it again!

Off the plane, through immigration and customs then to ADO for our bus tickets to centro. 40 pesos each.

airportbusA quick stop at terminal 2 to pick up more passengers and we’re off. The bus ride was about 20 minutes, then taxi to the ferry, 50 pesos.

Finally, my feet hit that dock on Isla and I am “home” So, Perry, let me show you my island 🙂  I’ve been updating Isla for the last 2 years and Perry hasn’t spent as much time here. I take the lead to our hotel. We’re staying at Kinich above the El Sol golfcart shop. Capitan Tony reserved this for us becasue he didn’t want us sleeping in our tent..he takes such good care of us 🙂 The rooms here are very nice, much nicer than we are used to. we enjoyed being pampered for one night! Here are a few pics of the room.


new fridge and microwave


Free wifi, Perry skyping kidsP1020643

We’ve been up now since 3:30 AM and no real food to speak of, Perry requests a good fish fillet, guacamole and a cold Sol so  I lead him directly to Velazquez, feet in sand and relax! Sorry I have no pictures, I was so happy to be there and couldn’t stop pinching myself , are we really here?!

Tummys full we stroll down to Sergio’s Playa Sol where we run into Wanda and  Drew!


We also see Jeri, Steve, Al & Marylee, “Pirate” Scott and his gang and Capitan Tony. We have a drink and head back to our room to get in a little nap before the big party in the square tonight. Tony comes along to see our room, as he leaves he says I’ll be back at 8, I’m making you lobster…and he did!

It was delicious and I loved his salad with bits of fresh pineapple.


On to the party! Bands, lots of food, (I wish I hadn’t have eaten so much at Tony’s!) friends and of course, beverages 😉

P1020659 I had to get a group shot of some of my friends attending(wish you all had been there!) We’re really not hurting Tony!


I think Brenda is suggesting we jump in the fountain for a picture, fear of the policia and electrocution stopped me. But it looks like I liked the idea.mebren

Tony & Perry


One of the best New year’s I’ve ever had….Feliz Ano nuevo!


During the night, I did wander to Miguel’s Moonlight a couple of times looking for the illusive Carl-Debbie from the myisla board. I never did find them.

It’s customary on Isla Mujeres to go to the south point to watch the first sunrise of the new year, and I want to do this, so home for another nap at around 3:30, I haven’t stayed up this late in years! Perry sets the alarm on his phone to wake us at 5. I am so tired, I can barely open my eyes, but I have wanted to do this for years, I knew if I missed it, I would be so mad at myself.  so, out of bed, quick teeth brush and get the contacts back in the eyes. We start walking towards the square and are really surprised at all of the people still out, little kids, everybody. As we get to the square there is a band still playing and people still dancing! So, naturally, we danced! just as the sky was beginning to light up, we grabbed a taxi to Punta Sur.

There were crowds of people there waiting for the sunrise, all with cameras ready


The first sunrise of 2010 from the south point of Isla Mujeres. I wouldn’t have wanted to start the new year any other way, it was magical.


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