Cancun bus tips

New rates: Buses in the hotel zone cost 10.5 pesos, within downtown the rates are 7 pesos.

 “Beep,beep, let’s get on”   Watch this fun Youtube video by my friends at

The city buses run 24 hours a day, there are fewer buses late at night.
If you are going towards downtown Cancun, bus station, Walmart, etc, you will need to go to a bus stop on the Caribbean side of the street, going the opposite way, stand on the other side of the street. There are bus stops everywhere, walk to the nearest one. There is usually a stop in front of every hotel.

Which bus?… R-1, R-2, R-15 & R-27

  • R-1, R-2, R-15 & R-27  If you are traveling within the hotel zone , it doesn’t matter which bus you get on. If you are going all the way to Wet n’Wild, look for Wet n’ Wild listed on the front window because not all buses go there.
  • R-2, R-15  If you are traveling downtown to Walmart or Market 28, look for Walmart, or Kabah written on the front window of the bus.
  • R-1  If you’re going to the downtown bus station, Kiu-Huic market, Market 23, or La Habichuela restaurant look for the R-1 bus, or Tulum or Juarez written in the front window.
  • R-27 Goes to Plaza Las Americas mall.

Paying the driver:

  • It’s best to pay as close to the 8.50 as possible and don’t try to pay with large bills. American coins are not accepted.  It’s best to pay as close to the 8.50 as possible. If you give him 9 pesos, you most likely will not receive change, it’s only about 4 cents, so forget it.
  • The driver will sometimes hand you a ticket, we have heard this is for insurance purposes, proof of ridership if there is an accident but we really don’t know for sure.

Getting on the bus- yes, there is a technique!

  • There are bus stops
  • As you are paying tell the driver the name of the restaurant, hotel, mall, or attraction you are going to. Keep it simple, many drivers do not speak much English.
  • Sit near the front if possible so you can hear the driver call out your stop.
  • Sit down quickly or hang on tight! If you are traveling with children hold on to them or get them seated as fast as possible.The driver will take off quickly, if you aren’t seated or hanging on you may fly down the aisle! Hang on and you will be O.K.
  • Watch for landmarks in case the driver doesn’t stop at your stop, he has a bus full of people, he may not remember or he may not have understood you when you got on the bus. Good to have an idea where you are going and what to watch for.