Traveling with your kids to Mexico

Mexico is very family oriented, don’t worry your kids will be welcomed most everywhere.

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We have been traveling to Mexico with our kids all their lives, both of them, now 27 & 23 made their first trip south of the border at 3 months old, or as I said the entire vacation:
“niña,tres meses” (girl, 3 months) the first time and..
“niño, tres meses” (boy, 3 months) the second time.
We attracted a lot of attention with the babies..all good! (except for maybe as I was boarding the plane)!
I always thought traveling with my kids when they were babies,was easier than when they got older!

Be sure to check with your pediatrician before you travel.  No special immunizations are needed.

Get your kids a passport, they will need it to travel to Mexico

  • Put together their own little travel bag with snacks, a favorite toy, blanket, books, a portable movie player, or ipad with headphones with a few favorite movies.
  • Earplanes, they relieve pressure. These worked great for my daughter.

There are large modern stores that carry most baby items you would need. I would only pack things that I know have to be a certain brand, otherwise I would go to Walmart, Soriana or Chedraui for baby items.

Things to bring from home

  •  Medications, Tylenol, diaper rash medicine, wipes, hand sanitizer
  • Sunscreen, hat and lightweight cool clothing
  • You may want to bring baby food, stores may not have the brand you prefer and a lot of baby food in Mexico contains sugar.
  • Small stroller
  • Baby backpack or snugli type carrier
  • Some people like to bring powdered milk and formula
  • Beach toys
  • Life jacket or some kind of baby floating device
  • Beach/pool tent
  • Baby monitor

What will they eat?

  • Use only bottled water. Be careful not to get pool, ocean or bathwater in their mouths. Wash bottles, pacifiers etc with bottled water.
  • Milk in Mexico is a little different than what most of are used to, but it is safe and most kids have no problems drinking it.
  • Table food for toddlers, rice, pasta, tortillas, eggs, cereal, fresh fruits and vegetables that have been peeled most things you would feed them at home at this age will be available at your resort and at restaurants.

Where will the baby sleep?

  • Most resorts will have cribs or pack and plays available, if not you may want to bring your own
  • I would bring my own sheets for the baby bed.


  • Most private transfers from the airport to your hotel will have car seats available, CARM Transfers provides infant car seats at no additional charge.
  • Public transportation, buses and taxis do not have car seats, or seat belts most of the time.
  • Some car rental agencies do provide car seats for an extra charge.


Children not traveling with parent

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