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Puerto Morelos Map & Travel Guide

(37 customer reviews)


2017-2018 edition 3 map set
Only $5.00 + shipping as low as $2.00

See inside the map


What do we tell you about in this guide?
  • Our favorite restaurant recommendations, why we like them and example prices.
  • We’ve eaten at most restaurants in Puerto Morelos, we take no advertising and no comped meals, most people do not know who we are or what we do!
  • Restaurant locations in the colonia, town and on the beach
  • How to get around
  • Attractions
  • Services, like laundries, pharmacies,  hospitals, banks, ATM locations, stores, rental car agencies
  • Locations of hotels
  • Beach Clubs
  • Cenotes

37 reviews for Puerto Morelos Map & Travel Guide

  1. Laura MapChick

    I’m sorry all of the reviews are anonymous! I had to bring them over from my previous ecommerce website and this is how they came. 🙁

  2. Anonymous

    great set of maps and info

  3. Anonymous

    Concise , helpful, and accurate information. Highly recommended

  4. Anonymous

    Received the Puerto Morelos maps within 4 days of ordering. Maps are excellent quality with great information. Would definitely order other maps as required.

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve been to Puerto Morelos twice and seen these maps. They are so useful for planning where to stay, where to eat, and what to do. I hope they’re updated for 2020 and 2021 soon in case there are restaurant openings or closings and new accomodations.

  6. Anonymous

    We booked a week at an apartment, and found the 2017/18 maps to be helpful. This was are first non-all-inclusive and found it liberating. We took our rental car to Tulum, to Porto Sam (to catch a ferry to Isla Mujeres) and another trip to nearby Cenote Verde Lucero. The price at Lecero has doubled to $15 USD per adult! Might not be worth it if you have been to nicer cenotes.

  7. Anonymous

    The map is great. Has lots of good information. I wish that the map was a little more up to date. It is 2019 and I received a 2017-2018 edition.

    Our Response:
    I’m sorry, we aren’t updating this map this year but there is a list of updates that goes with the map!

  8. Anonymous

    Third time we have purchased a Map Chick Map! Detailed, full of great information and always up to date! It makes doing things like taking public transportation, trying great restaurants and exploring the area SO MUCH EASIER! Would highly recommend.

  9. Anonymous

    These maps are great! They are loaded with helpful information and recommendations. I love how quickly they arrive after order. Getting ready to order again. Thanks Map Chick!

  10. Anonymous

    Just received our two maps for an upcoming trip to Puerto Morelos / Tulum areas. Our maps received for previous trips were so helpful that we had to have these before our next adventure.

  11. Anonymous

    This will be my second trip to Puerto Morelos. Last time, I somehow forgot my map and really missed having this. I am sure we will explore much better with our map this year. 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    Very helpful for our trip.

  13. Anonymous

    Maps came fast and are great. Love my mapchick maps.

  14. Anonymous

    We’ve been to Puerto Morelos a few times already so I kind of thought the maps wouldnt be as useful but I was so wrong!! The maps have so much information! They are great, thank you so much!!!

  15. Anonymous

    We have been visiting this area for years. Based on your recommendation, we tried new restaurants that we didn’t know existed.

  16. Anonymous

    More than just maps. The details and information provided is essential to planning a great trip. Wouldn’t plan a trip without them.

  17. Anonymous

    This is so helpful in having the information – I love theses guides for the research I need before I book my trip and then during my trip to find my way around. Thanks! 🙂

  18. Anonymous

    As a frequent traveler to this area, I always buy these maps and am never disappointed. We’ve been to Puerto Morelos for day trips several times and boy, did we miss a lot of what there is to see! This map is loaded with exactly the kind of recommendations and information that turns a good trip into a great trip. The info on the collectivo paths and the streets in the Colonia will be indispensable on our next trip in a few weeks! Thank you!

  19. Anonymous

    This is the second time I’ve order these maps. They’ve gotten better since when ordered two years ago. The four maps covers everything from lodging, restaurants through daily activities.

  20. Anonymous

    I love these maps! SO much helpful info, I am sure we will look at them a lot on our trip to Puerto Morelos in July. I can tell there was a lot of research that went into them. Can’t say enough good things about all the info that is included.

  21. Anonymous

    Ordered Puerto Morales map set for upcoming first visit. Have ordered the Isla Mujeres maps for several years so knew the quality of the maps would be great. VERY fast shipping, wealth of information provided on the maps and makes the months between trips go faster when you can read about all your favorites and find out new places to visit.

  22. Anonymous

    I love your maps and the information they contain. They are essentially travel guide books in themselves. Servicing my orders has been excellent! Thanks for the work that you put into them!

  23. Anonymous

    These maps ARE great, I have the Cancun and Isla Mujeres ones as well. They are very comprehensive. My only reason for deducting a star is because they are so large they are difficult to manage.

  24. Anonymous

    I’ve been to Puerto Morelos before but will be there for an extended time starting this March. I’m renting a studio with a kitchen, so the info about the grocery stores, and the banks and ATM’s in the Colonia are particularly helpful. I’m really looking forward to exploring parts of PM I’ve never been to before as well as other sites in the Yucatan, all with your informative maps in hand! Oh, and the bonus airport map is helpful as well. Thanks!

  25. Anonymous

    Quick response. Great maps with much information Thanks so much

  26. Anonymous

    This is about the 4th map we’ve purchased from Map Chick over the years of our traveling to the Mayan Riviera. They are hands down the best maps available. They are extremely well designed and thought out. Very current and useful. Well worth the price.

  27. Anonymous

    The maps arrived promptly. They are extremely detailed and should be most helpful for our travels in Mexico this winter. Thank you!

  28. Anonymous

    These maps are extremely helpful to anyone planning on going to Puerto Morelos, and a must if this will be your first time. They are very detailed and contain all the information you could possibly want about the area(restaurants, condos, hotels, bars, how to get around, etc.). I cannot imagine anything not covered in the 4 maps. This will be the 7th time we vacation in PoMo and I just received the most recent maps. There are always changes year to year and these maps are very useful. For $15 you can’t go wrong.

  29. Anonymous

    Best maps ever. We have been using your maps for years.

  30. Anonymous

    This map series is wonderful. I’m enjoying planning my trip with them. The right amount of detail, well organized, and pleasant to read. Most guidebooks don’t give you this level of detail and are woefully out of date by the time you use them. These maps are updated regularly and show a little personality as well.

  31. Anonymous

    Love getting these and I use them before and during the trip for research and reference. Makes me an expert to my friends. The less expensive Canadian shipping is very much appreciated.

  32. Anonymous

    Awesome maps and service

  33. Anonymous

    Excellent source of information…invaluable to prepare for a trip…

  34. Anonymous

    MapChick never fails to absolutely go over and beyond with their maps/guides. Whether I am going somewhere new to me in Mexico or going somewhere I have been to many times before, I am always sure to get an updated map. The info contained in the maps is invaluable and gives me the confidence and reassurance I need to explore new places or return to familiar places.

  35. Anonymous

    Fantastic resourse for tons if info on Puerto Morelos, both on the beach and La Colonia. Highly recommended

  36. Anonymous

    We love this new version of the Puerto Morelos map as it has such great detail of the area. It even includes a snorkeling map. Can’t wait to use it in December. I think it is a MUST HAVE even if this is not your first time there. It must have been a lot of work researching this map.

  37. Anonymous

    MapChick’s latest Puerto Morelos update / expansion keeps pace with the changes in our favorite Mexican town. We’ve been t to PM so many times, we hardly need a map-guide anymore, but we still enjoy having it to help us relive memories of past trips and plan the next one.

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