Playa del Carmen Map & Travel Guide

Playa del Carmen Map & Travel Guide

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2016-2017 edition 2 map set
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What do we tell you about in this guide?
  • How to get to Playa del Carmen
  • Our favorite restaurant recommendations, why we like them and example prices.
  • Weโ€™ve eaten at most restaurants in Playa del Carmen, we take no advertising and no comped meals, most people do not know who we are or what we do!
  • Restaurant locations
  • How to get around
  • Attractions
  • Services, like laundries, pharmacies,ย  hospitals, banks, ATM locations, stores, rental car agencies
  • Locations of hotels
  • Beach Clubs
  • Tours


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289 reviews for Playa del Carmen Map & Travel Guide

  1. Laura MapChick

    Iโ€™m sorry all of the reviews are anonymous! I had to bring them over from my previous ecommerce website and this is how they came. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve been using these maps for years–while not perfect they do give a very good idea of what’s out there, where it is, etc.

  3. Anonymous

  4. Anonymous

  5. Anonymous

    Maps came quickly. Loved to receive 4 maps with different info, restaurant, hotels etc is separate so it’s very neat and organize. Will recommend this map company to anyone.

  6. Anonymous

    We got our maps just in time for our trip to Playa Del Carmen. We can’t say enough good things about these maps. It made our visit more enjoyable and we used many of the recommendations and helpful tips. Don’t hesitate to purchase maps. Better then any travel book!

  7. Anonymous

    We have had three or four maps over the years and always find them useful and informative. We have given the maps to friends that were going to Riviera Maya and they are hooked on them too. Hope you keep them available.

  8. Anonymous

    We were on an all day tour which included Tulum and were dropped off in the International Shopping Zone which encompasses one long street. So we did not even open the Playa del Carmen map. Overall, I just like to have maps with me when I am in a strange destination(s) for the first time. Will certainly look to MapChicks again when going into a strange city/country for the first time. Really glad I stumbled into you web site a few days before we left.

  9. Anonymous

    These maps were indispensable to me! They are already well worn after only 1 trip. I will always use them when I return to Mexico. I particularly liked the suggestions for food and things to do. Super resource!!

  10. Anonymous

    Maps are clear and informative. Can wait to use them!

  11. Anonymous

    Packed with a lot of great information, resorts, restaurants, points of interest & more.

  12. Anonymous

    I have never been and am planning a senior trip for my senior for graduation. This map has been a huge help already by being able to see the locations of pint sod interest and hotel locations. I am excited to try it out!

  13. Anonymous

    We are looking forward to our first trip to Mexico. Having a map is the best. MapChick is outstanding!

  14. Anonymous

    I think these maps are extremely helpful and detailed and will come in very handy each time I am in Playa del Carmen. My only problem is that they are the 2016-2017 maps and a few of the noted places are closed. I would not know this if I wasn’t part of an online group of locals from Playa, so maybe emailing out updates to prior clients would be helpful or have a 2018 map available. I realize things change all the time, but maps need to be updated as much as possible. Otherwise, I am very happy with the information and found the maps very helpful!!

    Our response: Be sure to print the update list that comes with your order confirmation. Thank you for the review!

  15. Anonymous

  16. Anonymous

    The best maps available!!

  17. Anonymous

    Great service, as always!! The maps themselves are an indispensable part of our trips to Mexico!!

  18. Anonymous

  19. Anonymous

    Tons of info.

  20. Anonymous

    This is my 1st order, but I have been to Playa del Carmen before. I think these maps will be invaluable! I am actually going to order a second set for the others in my group.

  21. Anonymous

    We travel once a year to the Riviera Maya, and get these maps whenever a new one comes out. Sometimes we leave them with an incoming guest at our resort and have to reorder too!

  22. Anonymous

    I was really pleased at how quickly I received my map order. It was less than a week, and I had my maps in hand. They look very helpful, and I am looking forward to using them next month on our visit to Mexico.

  23. Anonymous

    Great info,love them

  24. Anonymous

  25. Anonymous

    Great map set for PDC visitors.

  26. Anonymous

    Excellent service- great detailed map with lots of informative tips-well worth the money- very quick delivery-would definitely recommend!

  27. Anonymous

    Love the maps…we study them and the info is very helpful!

  28. Anonymous

    These maps help so much, especially if it’s your first time travelling. Maps for this area are difficult to find online. These saved us so much confusion! A definite buy if you like to strike out on your own.

  29. Anonymous

    The maps are very informative, very well organized and up to date. I’ve bought them in the past and will continue to purchase them in the future.
    Thanks Laura!

  30. Anonymous

    My husband and I have been traveling to Mexico since our honeymoon in 2000. It was not until 10 years later that I found out about your maps. Wow, they are so informative, just love them. If it has been more than a year or two since our last trip, I like to get new maps for all the restaurants, beach clubs, shopping. Thanks for all the great detail and tips

  31. Anonymous

    Excellent maps. We are fortunate that we can go to Playa for 2 months every year. Each year we go, things change. Restaurants leave and new ones crop up. These maps help us a great deal. Not only for food but much more information that is very helpful.Thank you!

  32. Anonymous

    Just purchased the Playa del Carmen 3 map set and it is more than maps, they are travel guides with valuable information.
    I have purchased several maps from Mapchick in the past 15 years and have never been disappointed. Don’t leave home without one! Really helps to learn the area and plan your vacation.

  33. Anonymous

    To see the growth in Playa, one has only to use Perry and Laura’s maps.

  34. Anonymous

    Great information! I highly recommend.

  35. Anonymous

    Very good maps and very helpful!

  36. Anonymous

    I love these maps. We have never been to the area, so it is fun spreading out the maps, getting acquainted with the city, and orienting ourselves. Wow, Thanks!

  37. Anonymous

    This was our 5th trip to Playa when I ordered maps. Used them everyday. Helped us explore the whole city and with finding new interesting restaurants, beaches and sights. A must have!

  38. Anonymous

    Great as usual. They Have Always been good through all of the years I have used them.

  39. Anonymous

    These maps literally saved me from a nightmare of planning using only the internet. I’m very visual and they helped me see where things were in relation to other things. No detail is left out. Restaurant tips were perfect! I CANT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGGS! You need these maps!

  40. Anonymous

    As we have purchased both the Mayan coast and the PDC guides in the past we wanted an update guide for Playa del Carmen . As many businesses move and rename themselves it must be a nightmare for Maychick to keep current. Love this area of the world and come back annually for 2+ months since 1991.

  41. Anonymous

    thanks again for the great maps. they are the best info out there.

  42. Anonymous

    Very detailed, informative and easy to follow and read. Very fair price for all of the information.

  43. Anonymous

    Maps came very quickly through the mail. Very detailed. Can’t wait to use them

  44. Anonymous

    love the ease of ordering and the maps are kept current.

  45. Anonymous

    We own a condo in Playa del Carmen, MX. and provide the maps for our renters to use while vacationing there. We laminate the maps so they can be used over and over. The information is very accurate and well displayed. Our renters love them.

  46. Anonymous

    Maps are well designed, easy to read & very informative.

  47. Anonymous

    Great clear maps..For me could have been even better if you had highlighted which restaurants and bars were especially child friendly and /or had a celebratory vibe.. good for that special holiday meal out when ambience and vibe/buzz/theatre count for more than just the food quality.

  48. Anonymous

    Excellent tool for travel. Very fast response and shipping.

  49. Anonymous

    I have been purchasing these maps for over 10 years now. They are excellent – in one product, a highly researched very visual map AND also an excellent travel guide. No advertising influenced opinions here! Reasonable pricing and fast delivery. Highly recommended.

    Thank you Mel!

  50. Anonymous

    Very helpful and informative as always. A wealth of information. Could we possibly get something smaller that we can be mobile with? An app perhaps once you’ve purchased a map? Or website with a code only accessible once map purchased?

  51. Anonymous

    Received my order very quickly – and love the detail on all three maps.
    The information is fantastic, and we will be sure to put them to good use.

  52. Anonymous

    I’ve used the Cozumel maps for about the last 5 years as we cruise down there a lot. I just purchased the Playa del Carmen maps as this is the second time we caught the ferry over there from Cozumel.
    Went to one of the local seafood restaurants that MapChick recommended. The fish was really fresh and we had a great meal. I use these maps every time we visit the area. Can’t go wrong with this purchase! Keep it up, MapChick!

  53. Anonymous

    Just purchased the updated Playa map set. They are such a wonderful resource. Their usefulness keeps growing on me over the years.

  54. Anonymous

    These maps are excellent. I have ordered them in past years and used them extensively while on vacation. They contain so much more information that any normal map. I love that the Restaurants section of the map contains reviews, average price of meals, and exactly where they are. They are very easy to follow.

  55. Anonymous

    I have got these when i when to playa 3
    years ago and ordered a new set this week they are great with all the infomration on restraunts ect

  56. Anonymous

    We recieved our maps very quickly Very useful information. Have not gone yet, but answered all of our questions.

  57. Anonymous

    MapChick Maps are a must have for your Mexican vacation! Great information about everything! Highly recommended Love them!

  58. Anonymous

    We have used MapChick maps and travel guides for our last three visits to the Mayan Riviera. They have become an integral part of our planning process. We also recommend Carm for Cancun airport transportation.

  59. Anonymous

    After years of reading glowing reviews for these maps on TripAdvisor I decided it was finally time to see what all the hoopla was about. We are currently planning our next trip to PDC – our first not staying at a resort.

    The maps arrived very quickly even though while purchasing them online it stated that it could take a few weeks. They were here within the week. I immediately opened them up (there are three in the PDC bundle) and now I know why everyone praises these maps. They are wonderful. They are so much more than just a map. There are insider tips, favourite restaurants highlighted and prices of drinks and beach chair rentals listed in some of the notes.

    I noticed these maps are the updated 2016/17 version which I’m also very pleased about. These will a great asset in planning our trip and I’m sure they’ll be tucked into our carry on’s so we can grab them as soon as we land in Cancun.

    Thank You – from another very happy customer!

  60. Anonymous

    We have been using maps since our first trip in 2010 and wouldn’t do without them!! We have eaten at many recommended places and never disappoint!!! – Can hardly wait to trip-test the latest maps in March!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Anonymous

    The maps were fantastic and were often more accurate than our GPS. The restaurant recommendations were a nice bonus and we had several good meals we would have otherwise missed.

    The best part was the customer service. One of our maps was not shipped by mistake, but they were quick to correct the problem and made sure our order was complete before we left on our trip.

  62. Anonymous

    Love the maps. Very helpful for deciding the location of our vacation. Love that they have suggestions and prices for restaurants. I would recommend these maps for anyone traveling to this area for vacation. Very helpful

  63. Anonymous

    I really love the maps for good content and easy to use format

  64. Anonymous

    I have bought many MapChick maps and will continue to buy them as they are updated. They are so much more than just a map. Would highly recommend them to anyone planning a trip to the area.

  65. Anonymous

    This was the 7th year that our group of 6 high school friends have gone to Playa del Carmen. Each year we use the latest MapChick Map to find a new wonderful restaurant or activity. This year we found two new restaurants that we loved and will be returning to in the future. Their descriptions of the atmosphere and food quality is always right on. There are so many choices but we prefer to focus our time on the ones we enjoy. Thank you Perry and Laura for doing the research for us.

  66. Anonymous

    Maps arrived within a week, very helpful to navigate around town. Would not hesitate to purchase as saves time and gave great information.

  67. Anonymous

    So much information packed into this set.

  68. Anonymous

    I have purchased the Cancun and Isla Mujeres maps in the past. This map is equally outstanding. We don’t travel until April, so ordering it 4 months early gives me tons of time to plan a fantastic trip! Thanks Laura and Perry for another fantastic and useful product! I wish these type of maps were available in all the areas that I travel!

  69. Anonymous

    Very helpful. Good restaurant recommendations.

  70. Anonymous

    Excellent info, easy to read, great guide to restaurants and entertainment. Used these maps in a previous trip in 2011 and couldn’t wait to get the new ones. Received within 2 wks. Look excellent once again. Thanks map chick

  71. Anonymous

    I’m a travel agent
    Have bought many over the years.
    The amount of information provided is impressive. Gotta go…Need to order more!

  72. Anonymous

    I hadn’t bought any mapchick maps since 2000, but remembered how much I used to enjoy Laura’a maps, and ordered some sets of Playa del Carmen maps for friends who are having a big wedding there in October. The maps are as good as I remembered and the mamas of the bride and groom are very happy with me:) Keep up the great work!

  73. Anonymous

    I haven’t used these yet. will be fourth trip to rivera maya next Feb. These maps have so much more info that we can use for this next trip. can’t wait to use them. thank you so much

  74. Anonymous

    I couldn’t imagine a trip to Mexico without my map in hand! These really are great and worth every penny. I’ve got some great insiders tips that have really made our trips more enjoyable. I can’t say enough great things!

  75. Anonymous

    These maps are a must buy for anyone planning a trip to Playa del Carmen. I am going to be in a condo after many trips to the resorts in the area. I know these maps will be invaluable as I try to find my way around town.

  76. Anonymous

    While we mostly used the map for a lay of the land, there was a lot more here in terms of restaurants, transportation etc. I will definitely keep it for future travel.

  77. Anonymous

    Our maps were clear and very helpful. In particular, the restaurant reviews were fantastic. we ate at six different restaurants and each was outstanding. For a very small investment, the maps proved invaluable during our trip.

  78. Anonymous

    Very excellent array of maps. I am sure they will be valuable when we get to Play next week. We purchased the Riviera Maya maps several years ago and were pleased then (I still have it).

  79. Anonymous

    we will be using your maps when in mexico this coming may/15….
    we have used them many times before on other trips to the region and we have found them indispensable!!!
    keep up the great work

  80. Anonymous

    Far exceeded expectations. Worth the cost as renting a GPS is expensive and I don’t want to incur out of country charges using my iPhone GPS. These maps review and locate restaurants, gas stations, snorkel trips (our main interest), grocery store and more. I look forward to using them and expect they will be invaluable part of a successful trip.

  81. Anonymous

    My wife and I used MapChick maps about 15 years ago when we first visited Playa del Carmen and area and they were excellent. We planned a trip to Akumal and thought we would like updated maps. We ordered a PDC map and one of Akumal and we are thrilled with those and the assortment of bonus maps we received on a number of other topics such as transportation etc.

  82. Anonymous

    Map chick maps are a must have! Lots of great info and super fast delivery. The only thing I would add would be the street or neighbourhood names in Playacar to help find rentals.

  83. Anonymous

    We have purchased the Isla Mujeres map several years ago, as well as the Cozumel map recently. The Playa map is outstanding as well – even more impressive. It actually has several maps in the packet: bars and restaurants, beach bars, hotels, and the Cancun airport. Thank you for a quality product!

  84. Anonymous

    Map was a Great help, the only place we could not find was O La La Restaurant (it had moved)
    Finally found it the next day we will look forward to purchase your maps in the future!

  85. Anonymous

    Recently purchased a set for Playa del Carmen. We are well seasoned travelers and have been repeatedly spending 1-2 months in PDC For a number of years. The maps are really well done and will be used to direct our friends around town. Great job. Thanks.

  86. Anonymous

    Same as above.

  87. Anonymous

    Whew! The restaurant guide and suggestions as well as the comprehensive maps are invaluable! We could wander the streets aimlessly, but it really helps to hear from someone who’s been there!

  88. Anonymous

    I already have the Isla Mujeres maps and although I have been to Playa many times, I knew I would find things on the MapChick maps that was new and interesting to explore. Fast shipping to Canada as well. Gracias!

  89. Anonymous

    Going to Playa for the 4th time this winter. We thought maybe this time we should have a map.
    Ordering was easy and maps arrived in Canada long before we expected them.
    Thanks for the great service.

  90. Anonymous

    wow, I wish I had these maps the very first time I came to Cancun back in 2000 (and got lost on the way back to Cancun from Chichen itza). I’ve shared my maps with other people who are planning vacations to Cancun.

  91. Anonymous

    Best map of Playa del Carmen by far.

  92. Anonymous

    The rating is in reference to the customer service, not the map. The map arrived very quickly. Unfortunately it was not the map I thought I was getting. I was under the impression I was getting a travel map, to scale, etc. What I got was more like a tourist map. Oh well, probably says something like that on the site and I missed it.

    Yes, we make complete travel guides in a map form. If you are unhappy with it, please return it and I will give you a full refund!

  93. Anonymous

    Really great and thorough maps. Lots of information. Shipping was very fast within the US. Received my maps a couple of days after ordering.

  94. Anonymous

    Used the maps a few times when in Playa Del Carmen. I appreciate the update you sent with the map, that was helpful. Maps were very good quality, color, and easy to read/understand. I would recommend to anyone who is anxious or worried about a new place.

  95. Anonymous

    Highly detailed, full of info. Fast international shipping. Look forward to putting this map to good use!

  96. Anonymous

    I don’t feel like I’m going in blind. Thank you for the map!

  97. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for creating such useful maps ! I used them for reference everyday. The added notes from your personal experiences was like having a mini Trip Advisor with tips from various places. I highly reccomend sending away for these before your adventure!

  98. Anonymous

    Excellent maps. Been to Playa Del Carmen a few times. These maps will make our vacation so much more relaxing and stress free. We will know where we want to go and how to get there. What could be better? A BIG THANK YOU to Laura and Perry!

  99. Anonymous

    As the title says, the PDC maps contain exactly the level of detail that I was looking for. The maps are easy to use and they are printed on a quality glossy paper. Contact information for restaurants, tour operators etc, is very handy. An excellent resource for our trip.

  100. Anonymous

    These maps are fantastic, written in great detail and exactly what the traveller requires! Will definitely be purchasing more

  101. Anonymous

    We stayed in Playa del Carmen May 25-29, 2014. Information on map was very accurate, and helpful. Most important is the different tips, and information on transportation, tours, and much more. This is a MUST HAVE! Lets face it, Americans don’t feel comfortable in Mexico, well this map creates comfort by the wealth of information!

  102. Anonymous

    Well, that says it all. I love the combination of travel advice and current street map. We use the Playa del Carmen and Isla Mujeres maps as well as the Mayan Riviera version – love them all. Great job.

  103. Anonymous

    I find your maps and guide info very helpful with planning our trips.

  104. Anonymous

    Great map for this area! I just love all the extra detail and helpful hints and tips you give!

  105. Anonymous

    These maps are easy to read, with great advice on where to eat, how to get around, and cost of places to stay. They even sent an update on restaurant closings that occurred after the map was printed.

  106. Anonymous

    So much detail and way more than expected.

  107. Anonymous

    This is my second order from MapChick. These maps are very helpful for planning your trip, as well as for when you are actually at your destination.

  108. Anonymous

    The maps were very detailed and easy to read and on good quality paper. Order placement was easy and delivery was quick. I would recommend this website for travelers.

  109. Anonymous

    I never cease to be amazed at the quality of your maps ( informative, clear, precise, detailed,)the attention to minute details. The passion and love of the work you do is evident in these beautiful maps and quick delivery of our orders.
    Mil muchas gracias

  110. Anonymous

    This is the second map set (first one was Cancun) that my hubby and I have purchased from MapChick’s. They are so helpful and informative, we plan our vacations around the many wonderful suggestions and tips! We highly recommend these maps to everyone!!

  111. Anonymous

    This was my 5 update and it is always a useful and welcome reference

  112. Anonymous

    The map of Playa del Carmen is the most complete, detailed guide I have seen about this area. Especially helpful are the Restaurant Favorites, and the Beach Clubs. The map includes locations for non-tourist spots, like grocery stores, hospital, police station. There is a good section about getting to and around in Playa.

  113. Anonymous

    Love the maps and can’t wait to use them! We had your Cancun map several years ago and about wore it out; best map I have ever bought.

  114. Anonymous

    My Mapchick maps are as important to me as Sunscreen and a hat when I travel to Mexico. I never go without them since they offer so much information and are kept as up to date as is humanly possible. Keep up the good work Laura & Perry!!!!!!!!! IF you are hiring, let me know 1st!!!

  115. Anonymous

    Super helpful travel tool! Even though we’ve visited and stayed many times in Playa Del Carmen, we still used the map for our recent trip in April 2014. It came in handy to explore some new areas of town, and locate businesses. Thanks for the map (chick), lol!

  116. Anonymous

    An excellent guide for your planning needs. Great personal takes on places to dine as well as their favorites to shop and etc. I recommend these products. They were recommended by the My group can now confidently navigate PDC!!

  117. Anonymous

    The maps are easy to read and very informative, saved me a lot of time by doing the research for me. I definitely recommend these maps

  118. Anonymous

    Great maps. This will be our first year not doing an all inclusive and we can’t wait. We’ve done some exploring off of 5th Ave before but thes maps will help immensely. Thanks so much for doing the leg work.

  119. Anonymous

    Love the maps! I also purchased isla mujetes and rivieramaya. My trip is May 2014. It will be my 8 the time to playa. My 2nd time staying at a non AI and travelling solo. I’m going to explore isla this time. I feel like I already know isla because of your maps ! I love to explore. I can’t wait to use them on my trip ! I only wish I had your job ! My friends refer to me as GPS brain because I never get lost and can always find my way. I would love to do what you do!!! Have you thought of any other areas like Cabo. ? I could do the research and you. Can print the maps. Like I’m working for you lol. Anyways thank you very much !!!

    Our response:
    We’d love to expand someday when we have more time, Cabo is on the top of our list!
    Thank you for the nice review! Perry & Laura

  120. Anonymous

    I heard about these maps on Trip Advisor and am so glad I ordered them. They are much more than maps…they’re mini travel guides!I am really looking forward to using them on my upoming trip.

  121. Anonymous

    great map good detail and lots of personal input on it. received it very quickly. will come in very handy on our first trip to playa. thanks a lot Tom from Ohio.

  122. Anonymous

    Great maps and a quick delivery. Thanks.

  123. Anonymous

    If you enjoy getting to know the real Mexico by NOT staying at one of the All- inclusive properties this is the map for you! Very detailed and really easy to read. Playa Del Carmen is a great place to go!

  124. Anonymous

    I’ve been buying the Playa Del Carmen maps for years and once again it was delivered quickly and has many updates.

  125. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t go there without one of these maps!

  126. Anonymous

    Your really doing yourself a disservice not getting these maps. Perfect to plan your trip, or just to go out exploring on spur on the moment. Wealth of information that is current. This is our second order.

  127. Anonymous

    We just returned from a week in Playa. These maps and the restaurant guide were a huge help! The shipping time to Canada was great – arrived in my mailbox within 2 weeks. Awesome!
    These maps and guides are so detailed – they provided all the information we needed. We would have been lost without them. The reviews on the restaurants were great – we even tried a few of the top spots based on your suggestions. I will definitely be telling/recommending my friends and co-workers about MapChick! Thank you!!

  128. Anonymous

    We have previously enjoyed your maps and guides and are impressed with the current editions. We have rented a condo for the entire month of March 2014 in Playa and we are for sure going to be using your restaurant guide everyday.

    Tony and Donna

  129. Anonymous

    We have received our maps for our upcoming trip to Playa Del Carmen and they are wonderful. I love how they have main points on each of the maps such as the bus station, main stores, ferry port, etc. so you always have your bearings when looking at the different maps. They will certainly be very useful on our trip!

  130. Anonymous

    I have used the maps before. I wanted to find places to snorkel and also eat in town one day and wanted the restauraunt reviews. Maps are very easy to use. Would definitley use them again.

  131. Anonymous

    The restaurant reviews are especially helpful. It was great to have new info, as in the three years since I have been there so many of them have changed location or closed, and there are so many new ones. The info on gettting around by bus, taxi and colectivo is especially useful as well

  132. Anonymous

    Same as above. Best maps of Mexico you can get.

  133. Anonymous

    This is the 3rd set of Playa Del Carmen maps I have purchased. These maps are by far the most informative, detailed, fun maps I have ever owned. I am somewhat of a map aficionado as I am a Professional land Surveyor. These are not your typical maps, but much better for the first time to the multiple time visitor to Playa such as myself. They are full of useful tips, hints, and suggestions for enjoying your visit to Playa Del Carmen to the fullest with many choices. I will continue to update my set every time I go. Thanks for the wonderful fast service.

  134. Anonymous

    We have going to Playa Del Carmen for almost ten years and get one your maps everytime we go. We couldn’t imagine experienceing PDC to it’s fullest without it! Thank you!!!!

  135. Anonymous

    After 20 years of resort vacations in Playa we are finally both retired and going to a condo rental for a month; Feb & March. Our grown daughters will join us for several weeks. The materials look fantastic and easy to read. Most importantly we needed the “second tier” recommendations and I’ve compiled my list. I journal while gone and will certainly update you on return. Thanks

  136. Anonymous

    We used the maps a lot since we were staying in Playacar and walked to 5th Avenue almost every night. Easy to find everything!

  137. Anonymous

    We needed this one to figure out what is close to our hotel within walking distance and there is lots. Makes our planning much easier so we can get the most out of our time in PDC.

  138. Anonymous

    We are so happy to have used your maps-advise and suggestions for our trip 12/17/13

    Our favorite food for breakfast (and we had a good dinner there as well), was Cuevas de Congo-the Cave of the Monkey!! It was located just three blocks from our condo and I believe we ate there five times within our one week vacation! Although you suggested other breakfast places as well, my daughters (vegetarian and very health-conscious), found the food so perfect for them they couldn’t move on!! Out favorite breakfast was the fruit bowl -yogurt over tropical fruit like papaya, melons, apple and kiwi-covered in homemade granola. A HUGE portion for 660 pesos.

    Two restaurants that didn’t work out:
    Bibylios is no longer open, so we spent a good amount of time trying to locate it to no avail.

    Mom’s -we did find, but did not stay when we saw the chalkboard sign that read “soup of the day-tequila”.

    Our response:
    Thank you for the great review!
    I’m sorry you didn’t find Byblos, they have moved! I just found out where and I am sending a list of updates out with each map now!

  139. Anonymous

    Great info

  140. Anonymous

    Very good maps for our first visit there coming soon. Helpful in planning and getting a jump on knowledge about the area. Fast shipping. Great Seller.

  141. Anonymous

    Purchased the Playa del Carmen map for friends that are traveling to the area for the first time! We know this helpful guide/map will make their trip the best ever!! Keep up the good work guys! We have been using your maps since our first trip to the Yucatan — back in the day when you sent them out without a pre-payment required! We must have been some of your first customers! We will continue to be your happy customers as long as we are able to travel to the Yucatan.

  142. Anonymous

    Love your maps, use them every year in Mexico. Thanks Dan Boone

  143. Anonymous

    My Niece is planning trip to PDC so I gave her your info she was so impressed with the map of playa, I had to order as my old maps are getting ragged!! What a difference having new updated map, love the format! I should have reordered years ago, as the price is cheap! Thanks guys give yourself a pat on the back from me and my niece!!

  144. Anonymous

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    We have another trip coming up in late Dec this time to Playa Del Carmen. We have just received the Playa Del Carman map. We look forward to using it in December.
    Buy one it will enhance your vacation.

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    Note: Susan ordered both our Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya maps, that’s why she has 8 maps ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I bought this map after our recent trip, and I can’t wait to use it.

    Based on my experience on Coz, and my Mapchick Coz map,(I feel like I “know” Cozumel after 7 years of visits, but I found new info on this map. The details are helpful and informative.) I am excited to use my PDC map on our next trip, I think it will open many new roads for us.

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    Thank you.

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    Keep up the good work.

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    Our response: Hi Ann, I would love it if you would email me and tell me what we might do better on our next edition.

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    Fred Nelson

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    I highly recommend MapChick’s maps for Mexico!

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    Our response: emailed you, sorry about the delay!

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    We’re fairly familiar with the area, bur still love looking at and using your maps.

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    Great communication and customer service from Laura.
    The maps themselves are great – excellent professional quality and jam packed full of information – and will no doubt prove invaluable on my upcoming trip to Mexico (first time).

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    Web site is great!

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    Thank you so much for the maps and restaurant maps for the Playa area. They will be very helpful when we travel there in December. I have been to Playa a few years ago but did not realize that there are so many choices to visit. And thank you for the transportation tip. Thanks again, Tim from Wisconsin

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  222. Anonymous

    You clearly stated that you would not recommend a day trip to Cozumel? Except for divers? I could only guess why you might say that…

    Our response:
    It was just a suggestion, a day trip to Cozumel is costly, (ferry, taxis to the best beaches and snorkeling areas) unless you just want to see what’s there. Diving is the main reason to go to Cozumel. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
    Thank you for the review!

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    These maps are great! We’ve used them in the past for Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos and the Playa day trip map.
    My opinion is that these maps offer more practical information than most guidebooks. I would however recommend using them in conjunction with Tripadvisor etc for a complete overview of ones desire area, as well as Mapchick’s website and email updates to their maps. I would also recommend getting new maps for future visits, as this area is evolving so rapidly.Somehow on the subject of beach clubs, I recall a lot more restaurants and hotels offering daytime beach facilities. However we would still buy these maps time and time again!

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    Five years later I just purchased the new one and I still find them outstanding!!!

    Thank you for all the hard work (although I’m not sure how hard it is to spend your day and night enjoying Playa) in putting these maps together!

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    Thank You MapChick

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    Thanks for the great product and the outstanding service.

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    All great points of interest/ food/ night life listed in the maps makes figuring out where to go a breeze.

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    Shipping was very fast If you are going to Playa Del Carmen, these maps will save you the worry and stress of finding anything and everything you need. From ATMs, breakast, lunch, dinner, hotels, walmart, taxi stands, collectivo, ADO bus station, ferry to Cozumel. These maps put my fears of travelling alone behind me. Thank you Mapchicks for an outstanding product!

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    I ordered the Playa del Carmen map and travel guide. The product arrived promptly, actually much sooner than I expected.
    We have never been to Playa del Carmen; the maps and travel guide are very informative – we will know our surroundings before we even get there!

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    We just got the latest Playa Del Carmen map and it is awesome. These maps have always been so handy for our travels. I recommend them to everyone!

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    Easy to read and very informative…

    Thank you!

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    I really like all the tips and info that is also included on the maps you dont get that from any others that I seen. Ty ๐Ÿ™‚

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    As always a very good product at a very reasonable price.Thank you Laura and Perry.

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    This is the best Playa map yet and I own 3 others!

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    Love the detailed maps. We have been so many times, and yet, we already feel we know so much more just going over the maps. Can’t wait to get there to put them to use!!!!

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    Received our Playa Del Carmen map. Love it!! You guys do an amazing job. We purchased the Cozumel map last year, so we knew this one would be as great or better….Kudos!!

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    Even though my wife and I have traveled extensively in the Playa del Carmen/Mayan Riviera section of Mexico, there’s always more to see and learn. These maps are a tremendous help to us. Imagine what they can do for novice travelers. AMAZING STUFF

  274. Anonymous

    Clear, concise, and informative. We are planning to go to Playa del Carmen for a week in May 2012!
    I disagree with the statement on your map about a 1 day trip to Cozumel not being worthwhile. It is the best snorkeling around that area (Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Akumal). Go to Playa Corona and see tons of fish and ferns, coral, etc. Cost is 155 pesos each way for ferry, ~$10 each way by taxi; no entry fee, just a drink or snack. (Snorkeling equipment extra.) Very quiet, peaceful and worth the trip. You can see the cruise ships but the cruisers don’t stop there!

  275. Anonymous

    I have ordered this maps before and wore them out!
    Looking forward to my next trip armed with new maps

  276. Anonymous

    This is the 3rd or 4th set of maps that I’ve purchased over the years, and I love them!!! The service is so fast, too! I can’t believe how quickly they arrive. I will continue to purchase updates, as I need them. Keep up the good work, Perry & Laura!

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    Sturdy and informative maps. We use them often, especially when we’re trying to figure out “where to eat tonight”.

  278. Anonymous

    Always quick service. Thanks, Rudy

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    For all u folks heading for the Rivera Maya these maps are a must!!!! u will never see a more detailed map in your life!!!! They are worth there weight in gold!!! i ordered the New Playa Del Carmen map or lets say maps. there are 3 maps total and if u count the cancun airport map there are 4. All i can say they are worth every penny!!!!!!

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    I ordered my first PDC map way back in 2004 and boy things have really changed over the years in the Cancun-Tulum corridor. I remember when you paid for the maps via the honor system! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have always received A+ service from Laura & Perry over the years. Laura is always warm and personable in her emails. The maps always arrive within a day or two and the one return I’ve ever made was effortless.

    Thanks for the many years of ‘hard’ work researching paradise! It is much appreciated.

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    Both the maps we ordered and the service we received were excellent and we are extremely satisfied. Job well done! Thank you!

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    Still great service after all these years of being a loyal customer! Thanks!

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    The maps arrived within days of ordering them and were packed with valuable information. Love them!

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    Purchased the last Playa map and loved that and got a ton of use out of it so I knew the newest version would be even better. I was right! I love the new formatting and new recommendations. Definitely a must have for anyone traveling to Playa.

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    Another great product from MapChick. The new larger map offers all the information one could ever want when heading to PDC. I have been using theses maps for 10 years and I would never travel to the Yucatan without them.

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    You guys do an excellent job on the maps. They are so helpful and very user friendly.
    Thank you!

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    The most recent map(s), which are my third version, are nothing less than fantastic. The detail and information that is available on the set really makes the maps indispensible, and even a primary resource for the first time traveler, or for those who’ve been going to Playa for many years.

  288. Anonymous

    Excellent- Well worth the wait !

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    I got my new updated copies of the Playa maps and they are fantastic. Anyone going to this area should definitely check into getting them. There is so much information that is just so helpful that I know that we wouldn’t go without them. I can’t even imagine how much work it is to put these things together. Treat yourself and buy these maps. You won’t be sorry!

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