Isla Mujeres Map & Travel Guide

Isla Mujeres Map & Travel Guide

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What do we tell you about in this guide?
  • Our favorite restaurant recommendations, why we like them and example prices.
  • Weโ€™ve eaten at most restaurants on Isla Mujeres, we take no advertising and no comped meals, most people do not know who we are or what we do!
  • Restaurant locations in town and around the island
  • How to get around
  • Attractions
  • Services, like laundries, pharmacies,ย  hospitals, banks, ATM locations, stores, rental car agencies
  • Locations of hotels
  • Beach Clubs
  • Tours
  • Isla Mujeres golf cart tour map

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804 reviews for Isla Mujeres Map & Travel Guide

  1. Laura MapChick

    I’m sorry all of the reviews are anonymous! I had to bring them over from my previous ecommerce website and this is how they came ๐Ÿ™

  2. Anonymous

    If your heading to the Yucatan, without a doubt these maps have everything you need and more. The first time I went to Isla I bought one of these maps and felt like I was a local. This was the best $10 -$15 I have ever spent. So I’ve gone to Isla every year for the past 6 years except for a brief day long stop last year. And every year I buy a new map. I still have all my old maps but I know things change and places move or close. But most of all I like supporting this great service that Laura and Perry provide. The maps have everything you could possibly need and more. Thank you Laura and Perry!

  3. Anonymous

    These Isla Mujeres maps are so detailed and easy to read!
    They look great and in 5 days from now, we will be using them. We’re excited about the golf cart tour as well..
    There is a lot of information provided for the price we paid…
    Thanks for a great product and we are excited to use them!!

  4. Anonymous

    This is probably our 4th or 5th batch of maps. They are so helpful and well done. Super fast shipping as well!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Currently writing this review from a white sand beach on sac bajo, arguably the most beautiful place in the world. Laura’s map got us here! My only reservation writing this review is that I want to keep Isla Mujeres as a travelers secret! The Map Chick’s maps allowed smooth travel, we have frequently shared our map meeting other travelers and they rave over it. Although Isla Mujeres is a small island, there is too much fun to get into. The map chick’s map encouraged us to spend our time wisely and visit the best spots. A huge Thank YOU to Laura and Perry, we met Katy yesterday and she told us to tell you hello! We can not wait to come back to this slice of heaven.

  6. Anonymous

    I discovered these maps reading traveler tips for going to Isla Mujeres. The maps were shipped promptly and they are very good maps, with all sorts of tips and information. I’m looking forward to our trip even more now!

  7. Anonymous

    We wouldn’t leave home without our Isla Maps. Thank you for such prompt service and great detail!

  8. Anonymous

    I have been to Isla Mujeres many, many times. I just wish I had known about these maps a long time ago. Very clear with all the information one would need on them. They are great and I recommend them to anyone visiting the beautiful Isla.

  9. Anonymous

    We ordered these for our first trip to Isla a little over a month ago. The shipping was fast, and thanks to all the information we learned from the maps, many of the people we met on Isla assumed that we had been there before! We will be ordering more for friends and family!

  10. Anonymous

    I received my maps quicker than anticipated! What a fantastic set of maps. I would highly recommend!

  11. Anonymous

    Absolutely worth every penny. Great infomation from beaches to restaurants. I have been to the Island several times but this will be my first time staying on the Island. These maps are going to br put to good use. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Anonymous

    We have been buying Mapchick’s Cancun, Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya and Isla maps since 2006. They keep us current on all the new restaurants and things to do so we don’t miss out on anything.

    The restaurant reviews and pricing info, and the info on hotels and things to do help guide us to places we will enjoy.

    These maps are especially a “must have” for days when you rent a car. Very detailed street views help us travel with confidence.

  13. Anonymous

    These maps are very detailed – separate maps for tours + sites / hotels / restaurants plus the CUN airport map. Great service and great maps.

  14. Anonymous

    These maps were GREAT for helping us plan out our activities each day, especially the recommendtions and helpful hints about restaurants, beaches, etc. If you are planning on renting a golf cart or two during your trip, the maps are a definite must!

  15. Anonymous

    I absolutely love these maps! I have been traveling to Mexico awhile now and these maps have been so helpful in a lot of ways. I have recommended them to anyone I know who is traveling there also. Check out their other maps to Cancun and The Playa Del Carmen area too.

  16. Anonymous

    We have purchased several maps from Laura and Perry for our travels in the Yucatan over the years. We are never disappointed! Each new addition chalked full of more insider info than the last. We have discovered MANY hidden gems along the way that we never would have without these great maps.

  17. Anonymous

    We first purchased the Isla map around 9 years ago on our first trip and have never returned without a purchasing the latest version. The map has always been spot on with reviews, suggestions, tips, etc. From where it was years ago to the 4 map edition it is today, it is plainly evident how serious Laura is with her detail, and acquiring one of her maps is one of the VERY First things that should be done in preparation of a trip to Isla Mujeres. Thank You for making our trips so exciting to plan, and so effortless while there as after many nights anticipating the trip it is so fun to pull out the map and make the plans for the days you will be there!! Do Not Travel to Isla Mujeres or any area of the Riviera Maya without one of Laura’s maps, you will be sure to miss out on many opportunities you never Knew existed!! Thank You for your effort is keeping us informed of changes!

  18. Anonymous

    Super map/guide. Terrific delivery to UK. Very happy. Can’t believe we have to wait 7 long months to get to Mexico to use it!

  19. Anonymous

    These maps are so detailed and easy to follow, all the important spots are included! Restaurants, beach clubs, points of interest and activities, I’ve really never seen anything like it! We don’t visit until March 2016 and it’s the only maps we are taking! Thanks Mapchicks! Terry

  20. Anonymous

    These maps are a great tool for planning a trip to Isla Mujeres. You find a lot of useful information that are very helpfull and concise. You don’t have to buy a Guide Book because you have everything you need, visually presented on these maps. Very impressive maps.

  21. Anonymous

    My fiancรฉe and I will be traveling to Isla Mujeres next year for our wedding. We ordered the maps to help us with the planning process. They are extremely thorough! They have everything you would want to know on them…hotels, restaurants, activities, walking trails, and golf cart routes. They also give great tips!
    We will be encouraging all of our guests to order them as well!!

  22. Anonymous

    I placed an online order, which was processed and shipped in 5 minutes. I received the maps in two days. Amazing service, love the maps – can’t wait for our trip in August!

  23. Anonymous

    We only spent a day on the Isla Mujeres and the maps enabled us to make the most of our short visit. We found good places to snorkel and easily found where to rent gear.

    Also the restaurant guide… had a fabulous experience and delicious lunch at Veradero Cuban, a restaurant we never would have known of or found without our travel guide.

    One more thing, much better and easier to use than the phone.

  24. Anonymous

    So much more than mere maps. Lots of great information. I know these will prove invaluable on my trip.

  25. Anonymous

    Best friggin map you could imagine for this tiny island. It will be so helpful when we are there next week. Thanks a million!!!!!

  26. Anonymous

    I ordered a cancun map from map chick many many moons ago….recently i was planning a visit to isla mujeres and heard about her isla golf cart tour map. I ordered the set and loved them! We had a blast on the tour with our 4 year old. Would definitely buy from again.

  27. Anonymous

    Love the maps once again.

  28. Anonymous

    Ordering the maps through the web site was very easy and I got to pay with paypal.
    I am also very happy with the maps I received – they are informational and up to date.

  29. Anonymous

    I ordered the map and received it in 3 business days! Excellent customer service from MapChick!

    Also… the new Map of the Cancun Airport terminals is a really nice added bonus. Free!

    Thanks Laura & Perry!

  30. Anonymous

    Great service received map with in a few days . Full of information a great vacation enhancer .. This is one of those items that make you want to leave the hotel and explore … So much you would never see without something like this to lead you … Thx Mapchick !

  31. Anonymous

    I would have saved myself a LOT of time looking online if I had only ordered and read the Isla Mujeres maps first! They seem to be great maps, but they are even more impressive for the information and advice regarding activities, lodging, restaurants and bars, taxi rates, beach clubs, boat trips, ferries to Cancun, ways to get to the airport, and most importantly, snorkeling! I am going to carry them with me all the time when I get there!

  32. Anonymous

    I have never seen such detailed maps. I can’t wait to use them on my upcoming trip. They were definitely worth the money that I paid.

  33. Anonymous

    The ordering process was simple, the communication was great & I received the maps very quickly and MOST importantly BEFORE my trip. They were very useful, especially with the personal reviews of places!

  34. Anonymous

    I bought these for my 4th trip to Isla. I learned about places I hadn’t yet found. They helped me navigate a sweet short cut through La Gloria. I’m only sorry I didn’t have them for my first three trips. I ordered a week before departure and they arrived in three days.

  35. Anonymous

    I’ve had a wonderful experience purchasing my maps of Isla Mujeres from Laura. Though I had a slight issue with one of my maps (a tear), the minute I notified Laura, she sent out a replacement immediately. I will certainly purchase from MapChick again. You can’t beat the maps or the customer service!

  36. Anonymous

    Each map is very detailed and I appreciate having these details on separate maps which eliminates too much information and clutter on a single map.
    Also, the maps were delivered to me in a very timely manner.

  37. Anonymous

    Thank you so much! The maps arrived super fast, like two days. They were very helpful with golf carting around the island.

  38. Anonymous

    Your maps were extremely useful and accurate on our recent visit to Isla Mujeres. I highly recommend them. There is one suggestion for an addition – there is a Women’s co-op where local women make beaded items, mostly jewelry and they are sold in the workshop. These are women who are supporting their families with their sales and their work is excellent. It’s called – Artesanias De Mujeres, Women’s Beadung Co-operative, located in the Colonia neighborhood of La Gloria. You can find more information on Trip Advisor about this wonderful place.

    The Women’s Bead Coop is on our map, Map 1 Side B # B32. The website that tells all about them is also in the index.

  39. Anonymous

    Quick delivery! Leaving for Isla tomorrow for our first trip there and already feel like we know the area! Highly recommended ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter if it is your first trip to Isla Mujeres or you are a frequent visitor, the MapChick map is as essential as your bathing suit.
    Prompt mailing.

  41. Anonymous

    Lots of information, great for planning your trip and so handy during. Super fast shipping!

  42. Anonymous

    OMG are you kidding we live by these maps they are the most informative maps I have ever come across you should do them for every city and state. I always tell people on facebook who have never been to get the maps. I have been to Isla many times but I always get the maps I LOVE them.

  43. Anonymous

    The maps are great. We were there in 2011 and hope to return sometime. Thank you for providing such a service.

  44. Anonymous

    We saw an older version of one of the maps when we visited Isla but we couldn’t find anyone on the island selling them. We ordered a map after we returned home and were delighted to receive a set of maps that fully detailed the island, points of interest, restaurants, hotels and shopping. We will return to Isla Mujures next year and look forward to having the maps with us.

  45. Anonymous

    Excellent maps and a fair price. Very prompt delivery!
    Thank you!

  46. Anonymous

    I just received my new edition of maps and will be taking them on our next vacation in August! We have used the last set on three previous vacations and they were awesome and came in very handy! They are so easy to read and it’s nice how the restaurants are on a separate map, it makes them easier to find. I have recommended them to friends going to Isla!!! Love them!!!!!!

  47. Anonymous

    This is actually our second trip to Isla and we thought we missed a lot the first time so we invested in the maps. DANG! Wish we had them on our first trip! We starred all the favs we remembered and are taking the maps for all the new stuff we want to see! LOTS of cart rentals we didn’t even know existed! Worth every penny!

  48. Anonymous

    We ordered the map for Isla Mujeres. It was so informative. I loved all the recommendations. I would spend hours looking over it. I was able to plan my trip before we left. Don’t leave home without it.

  49. Anonymous

    We bought and used these maps for our recent trip to Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Playa Del Carmen. The maps were very accurate and gave us the confidence to explore areas that we may not have otherwise. These maps are so much more than maps. They are travel guides with invaluable first hand information. Wouldn’t ever think of traveling to Mx without them. Thank You. Your website was a tremendous help as well.

  50. Anonymous

    you will want to have one! These maps are a treasure – they are like guidebooks and memory-makers all in one. I have purchased three since 2010: one gave to friends (newbies) and one we used to pieces and then a new one this year. Can’t wait to visit again with our trusty map in hand. You will find the information invaluable and will hold onto it for years to come, but don’t forget to get a new one now and then as they are lovingly updated. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

  51. Anonymous

    Hands down the best maps around! Feel lost going anywhere else because I can’t use my Map Chick Map!
    Ease of oredering , response, delivery are impeccable! Laura and Perry are the best!

  52. Anonymous

    We’ve been to isla since 2009 and don’t go without our updated Mapchick map

  53. Anonymous

    Lots of great, insider information. Can’t wait to use it!

  54. Anonymous

    the ordering was easy and my maps arrived within 4-5 days. I have enjoyed pouring over them in anticipation of our trip to isla in less than 2 weeks. So much great information!

    Thank you,


  55. Anonymous

    got the maps in just a couple of days–maps are great and were very helpful on our vacation on Isla Mujeres. Great service.

  56. Anonymous

    This is the second set of Isla maps we purchased from Mapchick and cannot recommend enough. Do not go to Isla without these maps… your trip will be so much easier to plan.. and half the fun of a trip is the pre planning! I bought three sets this year… one for me, and one for each of our newbie family members. They were thrilled to see them arrive in the mail. Love the new fold, much easier to use.

  57. Anonymous

    My maps are awesome! They are extremely helpful in exploring the island and finding a place to eat. My maps arrived quickly. The costumer service is top-notch! I ordered my maps and then a month later a new edition came out. They notified me and offered to send me the new updated maps for the cost of postage! 5 stars!

  58. Anonymous

    Just received the new Isla Mujeres maps & they just get better and better. This is the 5th time we have ordered and will continue to do so for every destination that Perry & Laura’s maps cover. Map & guidebook all in one, GREAT price and super fast shipping!

  59. Anonymous

    Love my Isla Mujeres map, couldnt find all the places I wanted to without them!! Buy them you will LOVE them!!

  60. Anonymous

    Can’t find a better map if you’re vacationing on Isla Mujeres easy to read maps, great insight and nice little tips be sure to grab one if you’re going. They’re also updated frequently.

  61. Anonymous

    I ordered two sets of MapChick maps for when I have rental guests at my home (Casa Perlita)on Isla Mujeres. I thought it would be a nice thing to have as a courtesy to them. Ordering was a breeze and the maps came in a very short time. My daughter is bringing them down in May.

  62. Anonymous

    Anyone planning a trip to Isla Mujeres most definitely needs to have the (4) maps from Map Chick – it’s awesome! My sister bought me a set on the first trip to Isla….Didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have….This time is MUCH different! Bringing my new husband for our honeymoon and want to know all there is to know about Isla to make the week as special as we can! Thanks Map Chick! It’s awesome!

  63. Anonymous

    Great set of maps. Will no doubt be a huge asset in getting around the island. Very pleased.

  64. Anonymous

    I can’t believe how much detail is in the map. There is hidden gems that we would have missed without the map. Keep up the great work.

  65. Anonymous

    I thoroughly enjoy my maps. As soon as they were published, I got very fast delivery. I have told all my friends to be sure and buy MapChick maps!

  66. Anonymous

    Best maps yet! I’ve been buying your Isla map for many years. Totally blown away when I saw directions to the Mundaca grave site.
    These maps add so much to the enjoyment of Isla Mujeres. They are a super investment for anyone visiting my second home.

  67. Anonymous

    We were going to be staying at Excellence Playa Mujeres a few years ago and I wanted to visit Isla Mujeres for the day. After some research everyone recommended your map. So I ordered it. Without it, we still would have enjoyed our visit to Isla. But with the map we were able to find places that we never would have found otherwise. Of course, thanks to your maps, we now visit on a regular basis and never for a mere day ๐Ÿ™‚ I also ordered the whole set and am researching other places to go now!

  68. Anonymous

    I just cannot live without Mapchick. From planning my vacation to bring on vacation, it is my go to guide!!

  69. Anonymous

    These maps are without, the Best of the Best!! We have been buying and updating Mapchicks maps for many years and will continue. We’ve been going to Mexico for 16 years in a row, and don’t leave home without our maps!

  70. Anonymous

    Great map, and the restaurant recommendations were spot on.

  71. Anonymous

    The 2015 Isla map is the best ever! Can’t wait to put it to use next month.

  72. Anonymous

    Very nicely detailed maps…highly recommend.

  73. Anonymous

    Just love these maps! A wealth of knowledge and personal experience combined with a passion for Isla is what makes MapChick the best travel guide out there!

  74. Anonymous


  75. Anonymous

    We love the detail and narrative for all the venues and attractions provided with your maps – although this year’s trip is not until July, we are traveling with a group of 13 – most of whom haven’t been to Isla before – so your maps have been well used as an introduction to the trip. Well done and well worth ordering

  76. Anonymous

    I was very satisfied with the maps I received from MapChick. The maps supplied me with all the information I needed. The service in getting these items was excellent. They promised a certain date, and I received on the date that Laura promised. Any more trips to Mexico, I will no doubt request the help of MapChick.

  77. Anonymous

    I have used MapChick maps for years to help plan our vacations to the Yucatan Peninsula. This year will be our first trip to Isla Mujeres and just received the new map and it’s extremely helpful! I especially like the personal tips like your favorite meals and snorkeling spots! Thank you Map Chick!

  78. Anonymous

    You have outdone yourselves again. just when I thought the map was perfect you have made it even better. If you are visiting Isla Mujeres do not hesitate to buy this map. It will make all the difference to your trip, you will enjoy the island even more and will not miss a thing.

  79. Anonymous

    The new map is great – as always ! And it’s so much more – a convenient and extremely useful all-purpose travel guide. Easy to carry, perfect for first-time or return visitors. I wish there were similar maps available for other destinations worldwide.

  80. Anonymous

    We ordered these maps from the UK a month before we were due to go on holiday just to make sure we got them in time.
    I had emailed Laura beforehand to ask how long they may take to get to the UK, and she said they should take about a week.
    They were sent by International Priority shipping, and we were able to track their progress online door to door. They arrived within 7 days! so a very reliable and fast service.
    We are still waiting to go on holiday, but weโ€™ve got the maps so we are ready to go. They look great, are a handy size, and contain lots of useful information, so they are going to be invaluable while we are out there.
    Highly recommended

  81. Anonymous

    Best one yet. We have been getting a new map as soon as they come out. It will have a lot of use before our trip in Oct. for 10 days. Thanks again.

  82. Anonymous

    Fantastic Job !
    This is my 3rd purchase from Mapchick, great product and must have for vacationing in Isla Mujeres or Cozumel.

  83. Anonymous

    We found the Mapchick maps to be a must-have reference on our trip to Isla last year. We were delighted to see that they had been updated this year, so we reordered immediately. So much can change in just a year that it is very useful to have accurate information on our favorite spots. And we received them by mail very quickly. Thanks for the great service and an excellent product!

  84. Anonymous

    What a great little resource for my upcoming trip to Isla. Plenty of personal information, great layout, and well worth the price! Shipping to Canada was quick and convenient – couldn’t have asked for better customer service from Laura.

  85. Anonymous

    and it’s the best one yet!There is a lot of information you won’t see anywhere else on great restaurants and good places to stay. The golf cart tour map is awesome and the way the maps are folding now is a lot better than the older maps.You won’t regret buying this one!

  86. Anonymous

    Maps looks great and cannot wait to use them in a couple weeks!!!
    Customer service was awesome!!

  87. Anonymous

    I just received the 4 map set for Isla Mujures. We like to travel and always try to purchase a map of the area before we go. This map set is by far the best we have ever purchased. They are very detailed and very good quality.

  88. Anonymous

    Awesome and helpful!

  89. Anonymous

    Ordered and received the updated maps in time for our recent trip to Isla Mujeres. We rented a property in Colonia and found the previous maps there, but were happy to have our updated version that showed new restaurants in our area. Pretty much indispensable in planning our destinations around the island. Don’t go to Isla Mujeres without them!

  90. Anonymous

    Great service and was delivered as expected…can’t wait to put it to use. This June will be my 6th trip to isla. After reading all about mapchicks maps, I just had to get one to see all that I have missed over the previous trips. Thanks!!!

  91. Anonymous

    Wow! Lots of updated info. Definitely a must have for first time visitors to the island.

  92. Anonymous

    We have ordered your maps for many years. As always, great job. Love to study them months before we go. Keep up the great work.
    Rod and Pat
    PS….shipping is always quick also.(but we also just live across the river!)

  93. Anonymous

    We stayed in Cancun and spent one day on Isla Mujeres. My two girlfriends and I used the maps everyday!! I wondered how much we would really use the Isla maps for one day and if they were worth it?? The answer is YES!!! The time put into the maps and the information included is unbelievable!

  94. Anonymous

    We ordered this map for our upcoming 4th trip to the Island. It is one stop shopping for not only where everything is, but loads of helpful suggestions, phone numbers, lists regarding restaurants, dive shops, golf cart tours, etc. It is really a guide book in a compact map format.
    I had one for our first trip in 2012 and loved it as well.
    Worth every penny.

  95. Anonymous

    Your maps are a huge hit with our small wedding party! They are always talking about fun things they are finding to do (trip is in two weeks) and has really taken the pressure of me to try to communicate all the fabulous things that are available. Thank you for creating such a detailed and user-friendly map! I’ve been using your maps for years and borrow them to people all the time!

  96. Anonymous

    Over the years i have purchased about 10 maps and have enjoyed every one.Some i have given as gifts.Everything you need to know about traveling to the area

  97. Anonymous

    Used this map 2 years ago and purchased another just to have incase we went over to Isla.

  98. Anonymous

    maps were very useful. thank you

  99. Anonymous

    Best money we spend, these are our Third set…love know new places and where to go!!! Thanks a million

  100. Anonymous

    Appreciated they were able to get us our maps in time for our trip. The maps were VERY helpful. We also appreciated the advice and suggestions. We went some places we might not have, had it not been mentioned. Some locations were incorrect…but we understand things change a lot on the island. I would definitely buy them again

  101. Anonymous

    The maps are very good quality maps. Very colorful, lots of great hints, multiple maps included so too much information isn’t being crammed into one map, it is on multiple maps. I leave in 1 week and am looking forward to using them while on the island. VERY helpful to include the map of Cancun airport – thank you for thinking of that. Great bargain for the price!

  102. Anonymous

    Great. We used it all the time

  103. Anonymous

    While we havent gone to IM yet (next week) it is hard to really comment on the maps per se. However we were happy that they arrived to Canada in under 2 weeks. Having said that, there is a lot of information on the maps and they are easy to navigate.
    Looking forward to 10 days on IM and I’ll drop you a line when we’re home .
    Thanks again.

  104. Anonymous

    We ordered maps of the area and they are wonderful. Also shipping was quick and everything was wall done. We highly recommend these maps.

  105. Anonymous

    I bought one of their maps when we first went to Isla Mujeres back in 2011. I liked it so much I bought one for Playa de Carmen the following year. Due to some damage and wanting to see updates I bought the new Isla map for our trip this year. I strongly recommend buying one of their maps, they really know their stuff and take the time to update their maps regularly.

  106. Anonymous

    The first part of March will be our 22nd year on the island. When we get a new referral, it is nice to be able to spot it quickly.
    The various subject maps provide an excellent method of paring down the clutter. The update sheet is a definite plus.
    I certainly would recommend the maps to newbies as well as old timers.

  107. Anonymous

    The map is great, as usual. The only downside (and it’s my fault, not theirs) is that I learned a new map is coming out shortly. I wish I had waited for the new version. But again, that’s not their fault.
    Hi Carl, as soon as we have new maps I will be sending out an email to people who have purchased recently and give you the opportunity to get the new maps at no charge, you only pay shipping!

  108. Anonymous

    very informative and fun.

  109. Anonymous

    I purchased the maps last year for our trip in July. I put them away somewhere knowing that I would want them again! Spur of the moment trip back to Isla and I had to reorder! I couldn’t find last years and I refused to go back without them! They were the best maps ever! LOADED with where to eat, places to see, how to get there! They were also so useful to use as a way to find our way around Isla! I won’t travel without them!

  110. Anonymous

    I bought these on a recommendation from other resort travelers. We did Isla Mujeres completely on our own, and it truly was the experience I hoped for. Capitan Dulce was a great relaxing beach spot, and our highlight was most definitely El Varadero. We would never have found either without the maps (or even known they existed!!)

  111. Anonymous

    Fantastic map. Lots of details and information.
    Fast delivery from US to Germany.

  112. Anonymous

    The maps are very helpful. We used them last time we were there and will be using the new ones this time. We received them very fast. We are not going back till March, but I like to look over them before we go for some ideas to do and eat.

  113. Anonymous

    Great maps and lots of details. They have everything you’d want to know about the island and where to go.

  114. Anonymous

    These maps proved to be a big asset on our recent trip to Isla Mujeres.

    The tips, suggestions, and advice were most helpful. We enjoyed the Cazuela’s for breakfast at M&J’s, and getting fresh, hot tortillas from the Tortilleria.

    These maps are well worth the money.

  115. Anonymous

    I love the maps
    Very helpful
    Been to Isla 9 times 3 more trips planned
    Just stay upto date
    Have ordered 2 sets

  116. Anonymous

    Wonderful maps, full of information. This was our second trip to Isla and the maps contained a lot of very helpful guidance. Paid extra for priority mail but probably didn’t need to. It was mailed the same day I ordered it.

  117. Anonymous

    great job….easy to place order and received very promptly.
    Map Chick was recommended by a friend.
    Well done.

  118. Anonymous

    Love these maps, I have had them before for previous trips to the Yucatan.
    This year we are travelling to Playa Mujeres and although we have been to Isla Mujeres before it has been on a tour.
    This year we are staying for a long time and are planning on jumping the ferry over for a couple of days and doing our own thing.
    You don’t need anything else if you have your Mapchick Map. It includes ferry sailings, times, where to go, where to get the Golf Carts, tips on looking after your golf cart.
    Tie something to it as they all look the same!! So obvious, but so useful.
    Can’t wait, have started planning already.
    Thanks Laura and Perry.

  119. Anonymous

    New and improved from our older 2011 maps. The airport guide is literally a step by step guide through Imigration and customs, thru the airport on your way to transportation and (don’t talk to the time share people). The maps are very detailed and offer a lot of insider information. We have been to Isla a few times and still use the maps for the new restaurants and shops, and to find those that have moved.

  120. Anonymous

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    No we haven’t made our travel plans yet but trying to work on it..Loved the maps though..You guys was highly recommended..

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    This will be my second map-the first one has been worn out! It is such a great resource for becoming familiar with the island, I believe I use it more before the trip than during, just to get a good feel of what to do, when, where, etc. This edition (2013/2014) is actually 4 separate maps(plus a great airport map) and each is a logical, helpful map on its own. Can’t wait to wear out this one!

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    Thank you, Irwin and Eve

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    Postage was reasonable to UK & delivery much quicker then I expected – great service!

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    Map Chick Map….Don’t leave home without it!

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    The maps themselves are excellent. Very informative, easy to read and full of great suggestions. We don’t visit to July and it will only be a day visit as we are staying in Playa Mujeres, but, we now can take in as much of the best parts of the Island as we can squeeze into one day with all this information. The golf cart route is particularly useful.
    Well done MapChick for an excellent product at a realistic price!

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    Thanks again!

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    Thanks, and we will get another set of maps for our next vacation.

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    Rating really should be optional for us. No critique implied by the average rating.

  206. Anonymous

    Besides the great map which makes everything easy to find – there are some great recommendations. We had an awesome bowl of lime soup and the best chicken mole ever in some little hole the wall that we would not have gone to if it weren’t for the description on the map.

  207. Anonymous

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    I bought this map for our upcoming trip to Isla Mujeres and it is money well spent. The amount of detail and information that is provided for what is such a small island is exactly what I need when cruising around looking for things to do, places to eat, etc.
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    Great Job!!

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  219. Anonymous

    Overall the maps were very helpful especially for getting around the island. However, a lot of the information is outdated. Restaurants and hotels have changed hands and the entry fee pricing for touristy spots is not current. (Turtle Farm, Punta Sur, Dolphin Discovery, etc.)

    Our Response: You didn’t see the update list that came with your map? I haven’t hear about price increases at Punta Sur, Turtle farm and DD, but I will find out what they are and add them to the list. Thanks!

  220. Anonymous

    I purchased 5 maps and was a little surprised at checkout to see that I was charged for each map….oh, well, I really wanted those maps (gifts for friends who had invited me to join them in Isla).
    Wonderful surprise then when I got an email letting me know I would be refunded for 4 of the shipping charges as they were able to get all 5 maps in a single mailer.
    What wonderful service!
    Thank-you Mapchick!

    Our Response: Thank you Margaret! I have changed some shipping settings on my store so hopefully this won’t happen again.

  221. Anonymous

    The maps arrived very quickly – 2 days! Thank you! The trip is in June, so we are looking over the maps and getting familiar with the lay-out now.

  222. Anonymous

    Your Maps are awesome!! This was our first trip to Isla Mujeres Mexico. I found your web site and purchased the maps. The shipping was awesome. Received them in a few days. I was very impressed with detail and quality of the maps. There is so much information that they offer. The recommendations for landmarks, points of interest, dinning, and day trip excursions were spot on. We would have missed out on some of the best kept treasures that this beautiful place has to offer without the maps. My friends that referred the island to us will be purchasing a set for there next adventure to paradise. Thanks again for such a superior product. Well worth every penny!!!

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  224. Anonymous

    I haven’t traveled to Isla Mujeres yet but using the maps to plan my trip has been awesome. They are a great reference and I’m sure once I am on the Isla they will be very helpful

  225. Anonymous

    I’ll start with the golf cart tour – what fun! It was so easy to follow, even alone, navigating and driving. I had a blast on it and was so glad for all the helpful hints and tips. I loved seeing other people out using the same maps, what a hoot. The restaurants portion was also amazing. We followed several recommendations with great success. The only thing I’d add is that Bally Hoo was tricky to find. Consider adding that it is behind the Pemex station; that would have made it easier. Also, Playa Lancheros was a bit tricky. It’s got the same entrance as another restaurant which is sort of in the front and to the side of it. For Playa Lancheros, drive straight back and park in front of the bigger building. Don’t go to the left and through the fence. Can’t wait to go back to just the island.

  226. Anonymous

    The Isla Mujeres set of maps cover everything from where buildings are to self-led tour routes to how to navigate returning a golf cart. Hotel and restaurant maps very good. We will buy more from these folks!

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    the maps of the mayan riviera we have used in our travels to maexico.
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    we have found many a spot that would go unnoticed without the maps.
    the golf cart trip around isla mujures was great and was aided significantly with these maps
    thank you

  228. Anonymous

    These maps were essential on our vacation to Cancun and Isla Mujeres. We like to venture out and try new restaurants and these maps were very helpful. The location of Senior Frogs needs to be updated, but other than that they gave great suggestions and we highly recommend them.

  229. Anonymous

    I have not gone (YET) this year since my flight is on my B-day 5-11, however, this is my fourth trip to Isla and I have bought these maps for three of those trips. I have enjoyed all the reviews of restaurants and have NEVER been disappointed with the purchase. Wonderful time every time and I actually give the map to someone arriving with luggage when we are leaving at Port… it forward. Hopefully they enjoy it as much as we did. Love your maps!!!

  230. Anonymous

    The maps were better than buying a guidebook. Really appreciate the attention to detail and the seperate maps for different types of attraction. Well worth the price!

  231. Anonymous

    This is my second map for Isla that I just purchased this month….March 2014. My first map was for a trip to Isla in June 2012. We used the map so much the first time we went that I knew there was no way I’d take this trip without an updated version. It lists everything you could possible want to do or visit while on your trip. We are staying at an all inclusive like the first time but we still eat at local restaurants and do a couple of days of shopping. The map is also a must for taking a golf cart tour of the island. Not to mention it keeps you from getting lost but it lists all the wonderful place to stop at, visit and see. A very comprehensive map that’s a must for a trip to Isla…worth every penny!!

  232. Anonymous

    The best arsenal in your travel bag to explore the Island and find your favorite locations. Each time I travel to Isla I purchase a new one so that I’m up on all the changes and new places to see, do, and eat.

    Definitely a must have! Well done Laura & Perry

  233. Anonymous

    I have purchased map chick maps twice now, both for Isla Mujeres. They are very helpful for preplanning the trip. They are even more helpful once on the island for finding your way around. I look forward to using my newest map when we get to Isla next month.

  234. Anonymous

    The island of Mujeres is a maze of streets running through inlets, lagoons and jungle. I found these maps extremely helpful in finding my way about. I stayed on the southernmost part of the island and had to travel to the northernmost most days for shopping and conferences. Not only did these maps get me through with ease but they also pointed out some hidden gems. Many businesses are run by families or couples trying to make their life a few pesos at a time. I highly recommend these small hole in the wall places because of the effort and pride they take to show you a great time and meal. In Mujeres the two best places to eat are Villa Rolandi’s($$$$) and Maria Kan Kin. Rolandi’s has a competitor downtown but don’t be fouled it has no ground compared to the Rolandi’s by the lagoon. These maps took me to both these restaurants and both these places could stand and exceed even the most trendy of New York restaurants. Long story short, GREAT MAPS worth every penny.

  235. Anonymous

    The map was very helpful! We have been to Isla before, but wanted recent updates and helpful hints. The restaurant information was awesome so we could plan on days to visit when restaurants were open and if breakfast/lunch/dinner hours were served. The ferry information was also great to have as we needed the 5:30 A.M. ferry. Approximate costs were appreciated also. Thanks for helping make our vacation even more enjoyable so that we didn’t miss anything!

  236. Anonymous

    We just returned from our 2 week vacation in the Maya Riviera of Mexico. Thanks to the Isla Mujeres map package I purchased prior to leaving I was able to plan a awesome day on the Island with the help of the Golf Cart Map supplied in the package. It was my first time to the Island and found the map very informative, easy to read and helped plan a day we will remember for a long time. The suggestions on points of interest, scenic view locations, bar and restaurant suggestions was so helpful. Thank you Laura. You helped make our day the high lite of our trip. Anyone thinking of doing this trip should have your map in hand. I am so glad I ordered it .

    Dan. Waterhouse,

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    These are a must have for anyone looking to travel to Isla Mujeres!

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    Can’t wait until May to see the real thing.

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    We used the Isla Mujeres and Cancun maps heavily on our recent mini-vacation to the area. Extremely clear, easy to read, and accurate. Great recommendations for attractions and restaurants. One of the best purchases we made in preparation for the trip–will definitely purchase new ones when we go back in a couple of years!

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    We can’t say enough about ALL of the details that your maps include – thank you SO MUCH for keeping us “in the know” about our favorite home-away-from-home!! We first used MapChick maps for our trip to Isla Mujeres in 2011, and now that we’re headed back again, definitely knew we wanted to take advantage of your where-to-go and what-to-do details! Thanks again, Perry and Laura – you guys ROCK!

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    Awesome as always. Great map, great service.

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    The maps are very easy to read and LOVE the reviews. Thanks.

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    Laura and Perry,
    This was our first visit to Isla and we would have been lost without your maps! We rented a golf cart to get around, and carried the maps with us at all times. I can’t tell you how many times a day we pulled them our. I don’t think there was too much that was on maps that we didnt see. We went to as many restaurants as we good in a week. All your choices were absoluty on. We went to Freddy’s for pork chops, my husband favorite, Mangos for breakfast was mine. We stayed at Casa Magarativille at the south end of Island . We were happy to see it on map. I showed many other travelers on the island your maps and told them how much they helped to make our trip perfect . Thank you so much ! I almost gave them to another couple we met at end of our trip they were just arriving! I thought twice about it! I’m planning on using them next year!

  254. Anonymous

    These maps are awesome. I purchased one several years ago and decided to get an updated one. We’ve been to Isla 5 other times, but these maps insure you always find what you need. I like the fact there is a large one to use at the hotel for planning activities, small ones for finding places to eat, golf cart tour map etc..You won’t regret getting these maps.

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    Going back to Isla Mujeres for the 2nd year in a row. The first time, the map was invaluable! I used it so much, it was in tatters by the end of 7 days. Got a new updated one for the next trip and my boyfriend and I are super excited about all the new stuff on the map. We even learned more details about some of our favorite places from last time. This map guarantees visitors The best chance to truly enjoy Isla Mujeres.

  256. Anonymous

    The maps we received are great!! Thank you for the thoroughness of the Island, because of you I don’t think we’ll miss a thing!

  257. Anonymous

    Beautifully detailed map of the entire island. Love the restaurant reviews. Just hope we don’t look like “tourists” when we get to Isla because I sure don’t want to leave it in the room – too much good information!

  258. Anonymous

    Just got back from Isla Mujeres. Used your maps every day. They were extremely helpful and had lots of good tips. We especially found the golf cart tour map helpful. Thank you so much!

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  262. Anonymous

    I had read about how amazing this map was from others on TripAdvisor but until I actually received mine and got to look through it did I truly understand why everyone raves about the map that’s “more than a map, it’s like a guidebook”!
    The information you’ve managed to include is quite impressive and my wife and I can’t wait to use the maps during our upcoming trip in May.
    Thank you, Perry & Laura!

  263. Anonymous

    I’m writing this review from Isla Mujeres. We’ve been on the island for 8 days so far, and are finding the maps very useful. They’ve pointed us to some great out-of-the-way restaurants that we probably would not have found on our own. The listings of attractions and ATM sites is also very helpful. Thanks to Mapchick for the great research!

  264. Anonymous

    This was our first time going to Isla Mujeres and a friend recommended getting the map. It was mailed to Ontario quickly – the day before we left! The maps were fantastic, and provided great information. Too bad we left the golf cart tour map at one of the beach clubs along the way! Get the map, it’s an all in one info guide.

  265. Anonymous

    We used the maps and loved them!!! We deviated from the golf tour map a bit but always returned to the general course. It was a great time saver (being that the golf cart rental closed at 5pm) We also used the restaurant map and found some a great place to eat and places to find some drinks. I may consider staying on the island next time I visit. I will definately not forget my MapChick’s maps!!!!!

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    WOW!! What can I say about these maps that has not already been said. They are more than maps — more like a tourists guide. Ordering is easy, paying by Paypal is easy and delivery is fast. I order these maps every few years and Laura and Perry improve the maps every time. Visiting Isla without these maps is just wrong!!!

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    Received several days after ordering.
    Strongly recommend.

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    This is our third set of maps and we couldn’t be happier…yet again! I really like the breakdown of the maps. The restaurants, activities, golf cart tours…really great ideas for separate maps!!! We bought a set for our in-laws who are also going with us and they were very impressed with the wealth of information included in these maps! Keep up the great work, guys! We love them!

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    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I wish the two of you could map the world!

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    Great maps, for a 5-mile island there is sure plenty to explore.

  283. Anonymous

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  286. Anonymous

    Received the new Isla maps in a big hurry, so now I can dream about where to visit on Isla in February while I experience the coldest weather in MN in 20 years. Had an old map – maybe 5 years old – and upgraded because so much changes. Thanks for your work and the affordable map – my last one got passed around until it was falling apart!

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    Got these maps before traveling to Isla Mujeres. I’m glad I did. Restaurant and hotel recommendations are all excellent. So is the golf cart tour.

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    I had heard of these maps on the websiteand decided to get one.
    I’m utterly impressed with the detail it goes into, and the bonus tour map and restaurant maps.
    Great job! We leave in two weeks, staying out at garrafon. We will be putting the maps to good use.

  292. Anonymous

    I haven’t used these maps yet but will be during my first trip to Isla Mujeres in February. After looking them over, I can’t believe how thorough and detailed they are! These are not just maps, they’re like guidebooks, too-only better because they’ll fold up and fit nicely in a pocket. They’ve given me so many new ideas of things to do and places to go. Thank you, Laura, for these maps, and the shipping was unbelievably speedy!

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    Second time we have purchased this excellent resource.The updates will keep us headed in the right direction. Thanks for the quick delivery.
    Gary and Jen

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    Thank You

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    I used your Isla Mujeres map 2 years ago, we are going to Cancun for the 6th time in February and we are going to Isla to look at buying a retirement home. I am using your excellent map/guide book to verify the locations of the property’s we are looking at. Always an exciting part of my trip is when I get your maps out to start looking at new restaurants and things to see. Keep up the good work.

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    This is the second set of Map Chick maps we’ve ordered–the detailed info is great for learning the best spots to check out. Thank you!

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    Loved all the information sent. I would do this again. It has so much helpful ideas and I can not wait to start our trip. THANK YOU!!!

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    Lots of great detail on these maps and insider knowledge that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Packed full of information and definitely worth the price (volume discounts available upon request!). I purchases these maps to include in the welcome packet for guests coming to our destination wedding so that everyone would have a good map and information they could easily reference while being happily disconnected from their 3G dataplan :). The maps are made of heavy brouchure material, but I do wish they were a little sturdier – a laminated option would be great!

  306. Anonymous

    This our 2nd renewal – great map!

  307. Anonymous

    The maps were very informative for places of interest on the island and I particularly like the reviews of the restaurants.

  308. Anonymous

    This is my second set of Isla Mujere Maps… MapChick’s delivery was very quick to Canada and the content is excellent. Looking forward to using these maps in the near future. Thanks Laura!

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    Loved pouring over these maps before our trips, buy the time we get there we hardly need to use them we know them inside out. A must buy!

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    Thank you

  311. Anonymous

    Very helpful maps – we have purchased in the past and the new maps are great – they include the golf cart tour, restaurants, walking tour and large map. Helpful for planning and while you are there. Fast and efficient mailing process.

  312. Anonymous

    Recently received my map of Isla and it is just awesome. I love how the map breaks down into different maps for dinning and sight seeing. Makes the map easier to use when looking for certain places or things to do.

  313. Anonymous

    Last year I purchased the Cancun maps and they were extremely helpful. This year we are visiting Isla Mujeres; so purchased those maps. I can tell by looking at them we will have everything we need from restaurants, shopping, sight-seeing to just getting around the island efficiently.
    As they did last year, the maps were delivered very quickly.

  314. Anonymous

    Like the ones I’ve purchased before….I Love It!

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    I received my Maps quicker than I had expected and the quality and reference material is exactly what I had hoped for based on the comments on the Trip Advisor Forum.
    If you do not yet have your Maps, what are you waiting for?

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    we were first introduced to this map by some lovely people we met in Isla Mujeres. It proved invaluable and was so informative and easy to use. as soon as we booked to go back to mexico I ordered another. This is one of the most helpful maps i have come across and is a must if you are going to mexico – forget lonely planet – get friendly map chick! delivery and service were also fantastic, quick and communication excellent.

  317. Anonymous

    Same friends are coming to Isla for a few days too. This is my first edition I have received with the separate map for dining, which is wonderful. I really like that you made them separate. Thanks a bunch for your generosity! Leave in a month – woo hoo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  318. Anonymous

    Ordered my set of maps and after 3 weeks, they hadn’t arrived. Emailed Laura and she offered to send a new set out right away. We decided to wait a little longer as they were coming to Canada but they did not arrive.

    I let Laura know this and she immediately Air Mailed another set of maps and they are safely here. Thank you for the great service .

  319. Anonymous

    The most thorough and well-organized maps I’ve ever seen. More than maps, they are informative guides to the places and culture of the island. I’ve been to the island many times, so I use the latest updates to refamiliarize myself with things I may have forgotten, and to see what the changes have been since I was there last. Thank you for this labor of love, Laura and Perry!

  320. Anonymous

    The map is a mini travel guide, listing recommendations for restaurants, places to visit, amenities at various beach clubs, etc. it has separate pull- outs for a downtown walking tour, a golf cart driving tour, and restaurants. We’re already having a great time reading it and planning our trip!

  321. Anonymous

    In the past we have only spent an afternoon on Isla and this time we have decided to stay for a couple of weeks. I wouldn’t want to do it without your maps. They are wonderful, I have already spent hours looking at them. I feel like I know the island before I even get there. Can’t wait to try your walking tour, golf cart tour and the many wonderful restaurants you recommend. Thanks again.

  322. Anonymous

    While researching on TripAdvisor, I saw people talking about getting maps from your company. Some people were skeptical in paying the cost for “maps” and I was too. When our package of maps arrived, I was impressed by the detail and planning put into these maps. They saved us time and helped plan our day. Navigating the island was EASY with the map.

  323. Anonymous

    GREAT INFORMATION presented right on the map so you feel like you are there. There are so many little “extra” bits of information that I know I will be a seasoned and savvy traveler when there. Planning and speculating is part of the fun of travel –my map has me smiling already!

  324. Anonymous

    These maps are very detailed, and useful during my stay on Isla Mujeres.
    thank you

  325. Anonymous

    We traveled with a couple last year that had Mapchicks maps in hand and knew we had to have our very own set for this years travel. We won’t miss a thing with the detailed maps of Isla.

  326. Anonymous

    These are not just maps. I have The cozumel map, the Playa map..and this is my second Isla Map. I can not imagine traveling to the Yucatan area without having my mapchick map with me. They are worth every penny.

  327. Anonymous

    We were there last year for one week and I can already wish I had known about these maps then. They are very detailed and cover many catagories. I will enjoy having them this winter coming when I visit again. Thank you it is well worth the purchase

  328. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great new updated maps. We have our fourth trip coming up in Nov to Isla Mujeres.
    Purchased your maps 2 years ago and they are well worn
    Love the new compact golf cart tour map as the big one was a little unwieldy in the breeze driving along
    Thanks Mapchick for a consistently great product

  329. Anonymous

    We got four maps which turned out to be invaluable to us on our trip to Isla Mujeres. They held up very well to all the unfolding and refolding. The info they contained was accurate and easy to find/read. Just like having a tour guide along! Wouldn’t go without one! Restaurant reviews and prices were a great help in deciding which of the many places to try. Thanks for a wonderful product!

  330. Anonymous

    The map shipped the same day I ordered. This will be our 4th or 5th trip to Isla. I thought maybe there wouldn’t be anything new to learn from the maps since it’s such a small island. but after receiving them we are very excited to explore some new places. These maps are excellent!

  331. Anonymous

    Got my first Isla Mujeres MapChick map about 3 years ago for my 2nd visit to the island. I’ve been back several more times and I have lent it to my kids who have also visited. Since my original copy is now dogged eared and many things have changed, I decided it was time for a new copy. WOW – it has gotten even better! Can’t wait to check out some of the recommendations. Thanks Map Chicks!!!

  332. Anonymous

    I bought these maps in preparation for our winter 2014 trip to Isla. We visited for the first time this year and I did extensive web research to know as much as possible about the island. I am a bit fanatical that way. I decided to purchase MapChick’s maps this year even though I wasn’t sure I needed them. I am so glad that I did. I recommend them to anyone travelling to Isla even if you have been there several times. They offer lots of great information that I could not find anywhere else. Love that they give you price comparisons between beach clubs and amenities offered. Great reviews and descriptions of restaurants even the ones that I may have overlooked! Thanks for the top notch product and service. They are really much, much more than “maps”.

  333. Anonymous

    We made the mistake of trying to cram Isla Mujeres into less than a full day excursion, and had little time to use the map’s insights to the main town. But the golf cart tour was great, and the recommended restaurant (Playa Lancheros) was exceptional.

  334. Anonymous

    Let me just sum up the maps for Isla Mujeres in one word – ESSENTIAL. I devoured every little piece of information. They were perfect for locating the little hole in the wall places you rarely just accidentally find. The little snippets of information were terrific. I was the official tour guide for all things fun, unusual, and “can’t miss”. The maps allowed us plenty of time for gazing into the turquoise Caribbean and sipping drinks on the beach cause we skipped all that hit and miss stuff that wastes your time. The day before we left I somehow lost the main map. I actually mourned for the loss of my “companion”. I felt as though I was suddenly without sight or focus. Luckily we had covered much already but I had planned to keep the map for our next trip. If you are a person who likes to be in the know before you arrive at your destination, this is your map. AND if MapChicks is looking for someone to do reconnaissance, I am your gal. Email me anytime. My bags are always packed.

  335. Anonymous

    Highly recommend these maps to anyone traveling to Isla Mujeres!! Very informative and easy to use!!

  336. Anonymous

    I can’t imagine going to the Isla Mujeres without this series of maps. They were invaluable, and very helpful with pre-trip planning. The couple times we forgot to carry the restaurant map with us, we were sorry.

  337. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for the detailed maps! They really helped with our stay on Isla Mujeres. There are do many great places to see and eat. We really liked the coconut French toast from Polo’s Mango Cafe.

  338. Anonymous

    Read about these maps on TripAdvisor and some other sites and decided to give them a try! Wow!! These maps are excellent. Highly detailed for points of interest, food, shopping etc. All in color with photos and everything else you will need. We purchased the Isla Mujeres map and couldn’t be happier!!

  339. Anonymous

    Years ago, we made our first trip to Cocuzmel, and the map from Laura and Perry made it special. Then, we moved on the the Riviera Maya, and their special maps made the 10+ trips we’ve made there even better. Now, we’re trying Isla Mujeres in search of a more relaxed and adults-only vacation. Once again, we’re relying on them for up-to-date and accurate information to make this trip even more special!

  340. Anonymous


  341. Anonymous

    This map worked great for us, loved the golf cart trip and the tips about the Island

  342. Anonymous

    The Isla Mujeres MapChick map is… well, I’m sorry, but there is no other way to say it: the map is just bitchin’. Like life, it’s just bitchin’.

  343. Anonymous

    Lots of useful information. We are going to Isla Mujeres in two week I feel that I already know the island from going over the maps. Looking forward to using the maps everything needed is on them.

  344. Anonymous

    We received our map prior to traveling. Even though Isla in not very big, our personal list of eateries and accommodations to visit was quite large. I know we will not have any problem finding everything on our list. With all the streets listed, as well as the establishments I have no doubt we will be cruisin’ the streets with ease!

  345. Anonymous

    Thank you for the great maps . We can start our vacation mounths before we leave our home. I feel like I know Isla Mujeres already.

  346. Anonymous

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    Our response:
    Thank you Candace! We have looked into lamination, unfortunately it just is not cost effective, but each time we print we look for new papers and ways to improve them.

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    We will be there November 16 for a week at the Ixchel Condominiums. So looking forward to using your maps and guide of Isla to have the best time!!

    Thank You!!


    James & Cathy

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    Best maps ever!


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    would have liked an even more updated list of things closed. beings it’s almost the new year was hoping for a map that was updated… not just a sheet with the map.

    Our response: We can’t update during hurricane season or low season because many businesses close down and change during that time, so it doesn’t make sense to try to update new maps until at least mid November when things start picking up again. I included a list of changes that I know of, until we can print new. We do our best to make sure you get as much info as possible.
    Hope this explains it ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Laura and Perry, thanks for the great maps, and the extra fast service. You do a wonderful job!

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    Plus your input on the message boards is great, Laura.


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    Our response:
    I’m sorry your map is tearing, sometimes the folding machine may fold too tight and cause that, I sent you an email and I am happy to replace it for you.

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    There is so much information listed that I would consider it a travel guide and not a map. I have been to Isla 4 times and still can’t belive what I have missed.

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    Thank you Laura and Perry

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    This is a great map for planning your trip to Isla. I only wish that it had a single map that listed everything, instead of multiple maps for restaurants/hotels/attractions.

    our response:
    Thank you,
    I wish we could fit it all on one map! Back when we made the first map of Isla, it was one sheet of paper…too much stuff on the island now!

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    My only concern is that some of the folds
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    Our response,
    Thank you Marie! We’re planning on a digital version ๐Ÿ™‚

  606. Anonymous

    We’ve come to Isla for 25 yrs and never seen such an extensive list of info from hotel rates, taxi & golf cart prices to who’s got the best priced buckets of beer and lounge chairs/umbrellas (these are all the things I have tried to compile lists on- and you’ve got it all plus tons more! Great homework and very easy to understand. I look forward to using my Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya guides soon- and we’ve been showing them to friends who agree as well! You are the best! Laura

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    Looks very good, although I’m not fond of folded glazed paper. And I was just a little disappointed to see updates on a piece of paper when the map is sold as ‘up to date” — however I understand the diificulty involved in keep up in a word of constant change

    Our response:
    Thanks Gary, we do our best to make sure you get as updated of a guide as possible, that is why I include the update sheet. Not many guide books do that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  610. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great guide! Wouldn’t think of going to the area without one of your maps, we get an updated one even if we don’t have a trip planned. But…after looking at your maps we usually plan a trip soon! Thanks again for the quick service.

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  626. Anonymous

    I am still 10 weeks from my Mexican vacation, but I promptly received the 2 items I ordered. I have been reading them and they look very thorough. The true test will be when using them on vacation, but I am sure they will be excellent!

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    I loved my first map, unfortunately it got a bit torn up last year so I had to order a new one. I don’t know what the solution might be…the paper seems to be good quality. Maybe a small carry along map that could be laminated and written on would be easier outdoors in the wind. I might try to do that myself this year…not as nice as yours but to save my new map the wear & tear.

  628. Anonymous

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  629. Anonymous

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    The new on divides the island in half which is reasonable as you are either in Centro or not. All in all a good deal. Plus the map arrived within a week of ordering.

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    I am really looking forward to trying all the good restaurants that are reccommended.
    We only tried some of the restaurants in town on our 1 day trips over from staying in Cancun.
    This time we will stay in Isla for 7 glorious days
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    Jim and Karen

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    Thanks so much for producing such a colorful, fun, & easy to read map & travel guide! We can’t wait to put them to use on Isla!


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    We did take a day (and it happened to be raining) to do the golf cart tour of the island. AWESOME! We are so glad we had your map…… AND picked a day it was raining. I think it would of been brutally hot if it was sunny on that June day. Instead, the rain made it quite enjoyable!

    Thanks again for the great information you put into the map. We will be buying a new one each time we go to that area.


  763. Anonymous

    These maps are so incredibly detailed and the map of the airport was a great bonus! Being able to see all of the shops and restaurants near our beach house rental in advance will make this trip even more relaxing! Now we’re eveen more excited to get to Isla!

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  765. Anonymous

    My map hasnt arrived … we have had rotating postal strikes here (canada), that is probably the reason for the delay.
    I’m looking forward to receiving it soon! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m giving five stars anyway,cuz i know its gonna be great

  766. Anonymous

    This is our third Isla Mujeres map. They keep getting better each time!

    The maps are like having a personal guide showing you around Isla Mujeres.

    If you go to Isla this is a must have!

    Laura and Perry are wonderful people they have personally helped us with some of our Mexico adventures.

  767. Anonymous

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  769. Anonymous

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    The essential, up to date guide for a new or seasoned traveler to Isla. Laura’s detailed map includes fabulous tips for activities, shopping, hotels and restaurants, as well as sample prices. We followed the suggested golf cart tour today and even though this is our 6th trip to Isla, we found some new interesting sights and a great place for a delicious lunch (following Laura’s suggestions, of course).
    An integral component of our Isla planning is to order an updated map every time we visit.

  771. Anonymous

    I just returned from Isla Mujeres and overall I was pleased with the map

    Only had a few complaints,

    Maria Kin Kan is now out of business,

    The phone # for Seahawks is incorrect. ( I would suggest booking trips early)

    Rolandi’s downtown food is poor.

    The map was right about Monchies! it was a really neat local place, with great food and drinks

    It was well worth $12

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    very informative guide.
    fast ship
    easy transaction

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    Great maps, transaction and shipping!
    Would love to see the same type of map on Belize and Puerto Rico!!

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    Love it! We’ve been to IM multiple times, and I still get this map every year for the updated information.

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    As always, our order was delivered promptly! Such great service. And the maps are the best around. It’s not even fair to call them a map. They are so much more. We give them to all the guests staying in our condo and we get terrific feedback! Thanks for all the hard work!

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    Laura was very helpful when I had questions about my order!

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    I have been to Isla Mujeres a number times for week long stays but have not visited since the summer of 2008. I purchased the new map to update myself on any changes or additions to the island. Looking over it, I was very pleased at the format and look forward to using it on my return to IM for a week long visit in late June 2011. Thank you Laura and Perry!

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    The map is great! This will be my 4th trip to Isla and each time I have gotten your map and they get better and better!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    As always, delivered promptly. Thanks!

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    LOVED the maps. I thought the addition of the smaller Downtown map was helpful. I would love to see something like that for the colonias – restaurants, services, rentals, etc. We would like to do more exploring in the colonias, but are not very familiar with where things are.

    Thanks for providing an excellent service and high quality product!

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    gotten a chance to really check out the map. Trip is not til feb. What I can address
    is your new (to me) ordering process.
    Quick seamless efficient
    Though I was heartened by your old honor system. But like the song says ”
    the time they are achanging”

  784. Anonymous

    Map is awesome great detail it will really help for our trip. Shipping was fast. I only wish there was a PDF version to have on the phone.

  785. Anonymous

    I have read about Map Chick maps on Trip Advisor for years. We are going to Isla again and I decided to drop the $12 to get the maps. To be honest I expected a little laminated map showing the major resorts and restaurants. I was wrong. i received three large maps, two of Isla and one of the Cancun airport.

    They are all great. They show restaurants and resorts that I didn’ t know existed. The best thing about them is the list recommendations on the back of the map.

    I liked the maps so much that I bought a set for my sister.

  786. Anonymous

    Great map package, crammed with tips and suggestions for bars, restaurants, hotels and villas, local guides and tours, and of course a detailed map of the island…even a suggested route to take a golf cart tour. Just excellent!

  787. Anonymous

    I have been buying your maps/guides for years! Always a good product, friendly & prompt service! Thanks!

  788. Anonymous

    This is the second map I purchased for Isla Mujeres. If is every helpful and I really enjoy all the helpful information you provide. The only thing I wish you included would be locations for swimming with sharks. Last year on our trip my daughter wanted to swim with a shark and we had a hard time finding the place.

    Laura: Hi Anna, we do include information on where to swim with sharks, B51, La Casa del Tikinxik and B61, Dolphin Discovery, hope this helps!

  789. Anonymous

    Everyone seems to agree that if you are going to visit somewhere and there is a MapChick map available for that somewhere – get it! It makes planning fun and easier (I’m wearing out my map and I haven’t even gotten to Isla Mujeres yet!). You definitely will not regret this investment in your vacation.

  790. Anonymous

    This is the best ever that you have put together. I did not think you could make something better than the best, but you did. Thanks for such a fantastic product.

  791. Anonymous

    My wife and I spent the first hour just “finger driving” the roads and pointing out the places we saw last year! The ability to see the layout of the island with the labeling style you guys have made it easy to put places in perspective.
    The map has made us more confident to go exploring.

    Thank you!
    Dave and Sandra

  792. Anonymous

    We purchased the full series of Riviera Maya maps. We travel to Playa del Carmen every year and find this comprehensive set of maps as the basis of our planning.

  793. Anonymous

    This is my third one and each one improves. Nice golf cart tour for newbies. keep it up!

  794. Anonymous

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  795. Anonymous

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  797. Anonymous

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    Love the maps! We get a new one every time we go and give away to best new friend when we leave! We always get asked where we got them. Love the reviews and updates. Keep up the good work!

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  800. Anonymous

    You helped us have a great vacation May 18, 2009 Reviewer: Robert George from Allentown, PA United States My wife and I visited Isla Mujeres back in ’06. We took your map with us and it was wonderful. Your tips on Aluxes for breakfast, Playa Lanchero for “Tikin xic,” and to many dinner restaurants to mention, were all on the mark. We especially loved your trip around the island on a golf cart route. It was just beautiful and we filled albums with the pictures we took. I would HIGHLY recommend your maps to anyone who would listen. They are well worth more than the asking price. Thanks, Perry and Laura.

  801. Anonymous

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  802. Anonymous

    June 10, 2009 Reviewer: Valerie Hill from White Bear Lake, MN United States Your maps make me look like a genius! Went to the Riviera Maya in March and met up with friends who had never been there before. They were so impressed that I knew the best beaches, restaurants, sight-seeing, shopping, etc! Everything you need to know are contained in these gems! Don’t leave home without ’em!

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