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Cozumel Map & Travel Guide

(433 customer reviews)


2019-2020 edition 3 map set
Only $5.00 + shipping as low as $2.00

See inside the map
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What do we tell you about in the Cozumel Map & Travel Guide?
  • Our favorite restaurant recommendations, why we like them and example prices.
  • We’ve eaten at most restaurants in Cozumel, we take no advertising and no comped meals, most people do not know who we are or what we do!
  • Restaurant locations in town and around the island
  • How to get around
  • Attractions
  • Services, like laundries, pharmacies,  hospitals, banks, ATM locations, stores, rental car agencies
  • Locations of hotels
  • Beach Clubs map
  • Snorkel & dive site map
  • Cozumel cruise ports

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433 reviews for Cozumel Map & Travel Guide

  1. Laura MapChick

    I’m sorry all of the reviews are anonymous! I had to bring them over from my previous ecommerce website and this is how they came. 🙁

  2. Anonymous

    Great information to help with planning a trip to Cozumel

  3. Anonymous

    Great mape. Lots of info. Love the selfe tour guidance. Got every place you need to know.

  4. Anonymous

    Always find your maps super informative with lots of detail displayed. Easy to navigate thru

  5. Anonymous

    Very fast shipping, lots of information on the maps.

  6. Anonymous

    Highly useful guide to cozumel for less money than a taxi ride. I would not go to Cozumel without it.

  7. Anonymous

    Timely arrival and maps are full of useful information!

  8. Anonymous

    This is my third set of Cozumel maps, and they just keep getting better and better. Even though we are very familiar with Cozumel by now the maps are still very helpful for planning. If you are going to Cozumel you need this!

  9. Anonymous

    Found the third map the most helpful for our situation (for renting a vehicle and exploring the island on a cruise stop). I have been to Cozumel a few times and am familiar with many things – but these maps helped to narrow down many to-do selections.

    Thanks MapChick!

  10. Anonymous

    GREAT quality maps, and super fast processing. You won’t be disappointed!

  11. Anonymous

    We just returned from a 10 day Cozumel vacation. This map series was invaluable and well worth the price. Many restaurants are geared towards the cruise ship crowd and they are overpriced and unexceptional. The maps guided us to less expensive, tastier options. It was nice to see excursion options laid out so we could plan our day trips.

  12. Anonymous

    These are my second purchase of the Cozumel maps. Very good info. We have been to Cozumel many times. Still find new things on the maps. I do wish they would add restaurants on 30th and 65th streets. Otherwise a great tool to use. Btw, I think a map of the French Quarter in NOLA is in order! I really could have used one there.

  13. Anonymous

  14. Anonymous

    Purchased this set of maps last-minute just a week before our vacation. They came in the mail within about 4 days. Lots of helpful information on the maps. Not just navigation, but tips on places and things to do. A must-have.

  15. Anonymous

  16. Anonymous

    The maps arrived just a few days after they were purchased. They are great quality and I cannot wait to visit Cozumel again to try them out!

  17. Anonymous

    Great set of maps, plenty of details and recommendations. We have stayed on the island several times and will use this to unlock more of the hidden gems. Glad to see Adrian Cozumel mentioned. He is awesome and his adventures are the best.

  18. Anonymous

    Fast shipping, and as always a great product!

  19. Anonymous

    Received the pack of maps very quickly! They are loaded with great information, and are really helping us plan our time on Cozumel.

  20. Anonymous

    We love these maps and Map Chick is great to work with every time we place an order.

  21. Anonymous

    We got these maps for our upcoming trip to Cozumel. I love how these three maps give detailed information about the location of beach clubs, hotels, and dive shops. Exactly what we were looking for. My only complaint is that I wish the maps were on slightly heavier weight stock. They do tend to tear pretty easily.

  22. Anonymous

    Been buying these guides for 8-10 years now. Not sure what I appreciate more. The accuracy or the honesty. Both are excellent. That’s one reason I keep coming back. The other is I like to share em with first timers who haven’t planned ahead and are closing in on travel dates. I never seem to see my guides again. Some day…..

  23. Anonymous

    the maps are helpful and detailed

  24. Anonymous

  25. Anonymous

    excellent resource for anyone traveling to Cozumel

  26. Anonymous

    Maps are beautiful and filled with information. Won’t know for sure how helpful they are until we visit next week, but they sure look comprehensive.

  27. Anonymous

    These maps are very useful and fun to have!

  28. Anonymous

    I love the maps! The paper could be a little thicker, though, as it tore when I opened one of the maps up. Otherwise, great!

  29. Anonymous

    Third or fourth time I have ordered maps in the past years. Always great service. Thaaks

  30. Anonymous

    3 maps, each having a different area of focus. A terrific resource for those spending some time on the beautiful island of Cozumel.

  31. Anonymous

    The most comprehensive map of the island, very detailed and informative..

    Love it….

  32. Anonymous

    Most excellent map set of Cozumel. Highly recommended!

  33. Anonymous

    Get a new map every time they are updated. Helps with so much information from where to eat, what to do, where to stay. Can not imagine going to Cozumel without it.

  34. Anonymous

    This is my 4th set of MapChick maps. I absolutely love them. They are filled with so many things to do and see and you know exactly where to go to find them. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is I wish they were printed on paper that would last longer. I would gladly pay more for that option. I always suggest (and sometime lend my) MapChick maps to first time and repeat visitors to the Yucatan Peninsula.

  35. Anonymous

    Everything you would need is on these maps. We purchased Playa area and Cozumel with snorkeling and scuba map.
    Very fast shipping makes it even better.
    Thanks Map Chick

  36. Anonymous

    I have ordered maps 4 times now from Map Chicks & have been pleased every time. They are large, easy to read & use & very detailed. I love all the info on places to stay, restaurants, beaches, etc. I highly recommend them.

  37. Anonymous

    I love and apreciate the amazing effort that goes into these maps. My only minor gripe is that the papery material did show cracks along the fold after 10 minutes of opening and viewing and folding.

    Sometimes the folding machine will fold a bit too tight and cause this, we apologize and are happy to replace your map.

  38. Anonymous

    Awesome. From someone who has been to Cozumel 10 plus times, I discovered places I did not know about. Great value.

  39. Anonymous

    These are great, get them, you won’t be disappointed, also fabulous customer service!

  40. Anonymous

    Very useful, relevant and condense reference material

  41. Anonymous

    Perfect way to get around before getting there!

  42. Anonymous

    Arrived quickly, good quality, should be quite useful.

  43. Anonymous

    These maps are great, don’t hesitate to get them. Excellent customer service!

  44. Anonymous

    Saves a ton of research through various websites. Everything is contained a few maps. Well worth the money.

  45. Anonymous

    What an amazingly complete and detailed set of maps. It is more than just maps, it is a complete travel guide. So glad I purchased these.

  46. Anonymous

    This is the second time I used mapchick. I received the maps promptly and they are very complete and easy to use. The local information is great.

  47. Anonymous

    These maps are loaded with information. We want to explore Cozumel and these are exactly what we are looking for.

  48. Anonymous

  49. Anonymous

    This is the definitive Cozumel map set, easy to use, lots of pictures and tips. There’s so much info…study it before you go! We used these a lot while were there last week.

  50. Anonymous

  51. Anonymous

    Have purchased Lauras maps before . A must-have for Cozumel (and Riviera Maya also)

  52. Anonymous

  53. Anonymous

    We buy one about every three years. Usually end up giving them to friends who are going to Cozumel.

  54. Anonymous

    Maps are high quality and packed with useful local information. Arrived very quickly even though I’m not in the USA.

  55. Anonymous

    Haven’t actually made our trip to Cancun yet, but just reading through the maps has my wife and I incredibly excited about our upcoming trip. Lots of very detailed information about all sorts of things to do. Very impressed with the package!

  56. Anonymous

    Lots of information!

  57. Anonymous

    We have been going to Cozumel for quite a few years and ordered previous versions. These maps are so helpful to discover new places to go, and having a short synopsis of many of the places helps us decide if we want to try them. Easy to understand and figure out. I think these are a must have especially for your first trip. Thank you!

  58. Anonymous

    We quickly received our guide and love it. Found so many new places to try even though we have been to Cozumel three times already. My husband loves to sit and look at them and plan for our next trip.

  59. Anonymous

    What a great find…these maps are easy to read and very comprehensive. The super fast shipping is the cherry on top!!!

  60. Anonymous

  61. Anonymous

    MapChick maps are awesome! There is so much useful information contained on these maps! I am on my 3rd set of Cancun Maps and just ordered the Cozumel maps, can’t wait to put them to use on my next vacation. I love to look over the maps in anticipation of my upcoming vacations, I have visited many places that I would have never even known about if it weren’t for all the information and suggestions!

  62. Anonymous

  63. Anonymous

    I’ve been buying there map/guides for years. They are truly indispensable to getting the most of your vacation. Money well spent

  64. Anonymous

    So far have enjoyed looking at the maps for our upcoming visit to Cozumel. Wife is actively looking at them, getting ideas for excursions.

  65. Anonymous

    Can’t wait to use this map. Already planning adventures

  66. Anonymous

    Outstanding guide of Cozumel. Love the detail provided in the maps themselves and the additional text descriptions. Far and away the best resource we came across for the island of Cozumel. Unfortunately we did not find it until we returned home to VT after the vacation…

    Prior to our trip to Cozumel, I had searched Amazon and Google for a decent guide. The one thing I’d offer as a suggestion for these maps is to work the Amazon and Google search engine optimization to get the product to pop up when searching for “Cozumel guidebook”. It’s a shame that we didn’t have these great maps with us… we spent the week with a joke of a map from the rental car shop, and found no credible guide to explain insider view of the beaches.

    Hi Ken, thank you for the nice review!
    I used to have our maps on Amazon, but they were forcing me to do fulfilled by Amazon and I want to do my own customer service, if they ever change their mind, I’ll go back!

  67. Anonymous

    We are going to Cozumel in June 2018. I tried to pull some maps online to no avail. I finally succumbed to purchasing some maps.
    Without using them at Cozumel yet, these appear to be the BEST maps of Cozumel.
    They are three maps, front and back, divided into six sections: Getting to know the island, Near the cruise ship piers, East shore, attractions, West shore attractions, Hotels, and rentals, and Restaurants, with tips and 2016 pricing.
    I beleive that without these maps and insights, we might have missed some island information, attractions, and great palces to eat.
    Thank you.

  68. Anonymous

  69. Anonymous

    This was the 3rd time I purchased the Cozumel maps from MapChick. I really appreciate the wealth of local knowledge presented on the Cozumel set of maps. The reviews and personal insights are great. The information is extremely valuable for the occasional visitor like myself, to help plan for our short visits in Cozumel. However, I do not like that the newer map as it has been separated into three different maps. I understand the purpose is to give as much information as possible, but it is inconvenient to try and search/cross reference beaches, hotels, restaurants or other things to do when having to flip back and forth through the three individual maps. The previous one-map guide was a lot easier to use. Here’s to hoping you go back to a one-map set. Also, have you considered creating an on-line interactive- map/app for customers to access? Thank you.

    Thank you JJMAN, The island keep growing, it’s impossible for it all to fit on one sheet of paper anymore, I’m sorry you’re disappointed, I just wouldn’t want to leave any great restaurant, or business off the guide just so we could get down to one sheet.

  70. Anonymous

    This map had places that I hadn’t found online! So excited to explore Cozumel!

  71. Anonymous

    The 3 maps covering Cozumel are massively detailed and really well done. Quite a value and contains a lot of information for the Cozumel visitor.

  72. Anonymous

    This is so much more than a map- it’s a complete and interesting travel guide. Well put-together, with loads of information and is easy to read. Shipping is super fast, and the price is un-beatable! We have bought 3-4 sets of MapChick maps and have loved every one of them!

  73. Anonymous

    Received travel guide to replace an outdated map for our trip coming up. Helpful map on all locations. Will come in handy.

  74. Anonymous

    We go to the island quite often but, needed maps for wedding guests. Hands down the best map available! It has any & all info you would need while visiting. There are 3 maps included!

  75. Anonymous

  76. Anonymous

    Very inclusive map – well done

  77. Anonymous

    So excited to go to Cozumel, and ive already marked my maps to get the most out of my trip. Now even more excited. Ill follow up after i return. Thx for your help!

  78. Anonymous

  79. Anonymous

    Three maps that cover hotels and restaurants, beaches, roads, etc on Cozumel. Full of really useful information..more than most of the books I’ve read on Cozumel. great buy!

  80. Anonymous

    Maps are awesome. Previously had purchased the Riviera Maya maps. These maps are very helpful and full of great information

  81. Anonymous

    Excellent referenc for planning our trip to Cozumel!

  82. Anonymous

    The 3 maps we received are great. We can’t wait to put them to use in February!

  83. Anonymous

    Good quality and easy to read maps. Map is out dated as to many of the restaurants but that is to be expected. Lived on the island several years and this is the best map available
    Yes, this is the 2015-16 edition. I hope you printed the update list that goes with this map! The link would be in your confirmation.
    New updated map coming soon! Thank you for the review!

  84. Anonymous

    Great maps!!! Can’t wait to use in January!!

  85. Anonymous

    My second experience was as great as the first. Ordered online and received within a few days. I love having all of the information in hand.

  86. Anonymous

    Always a great help for vacation and very informative. If I head to Mexico, I always get the maps!!

  87. Anonymous

    We travel every year to Mexico and wouldn’t do it without these maps. They are very detailed and show all restaurants and things to do on your vacation. Also, we always receive them very quickly which is appreciated!

  88. Anonymous

    The maps will be a great help and they arrived quickly! Thanks!

  89. Anonymous

    We have used these maps for many years and find them very useful. We use them not only for attractions but also as a street map. Many of the streets have been renamed or have multiple names. The maps are well done and durable. We continue to get new ones as some businesses like restaurants come and go and the maps generally keep up. We appreciate the update page online as well.

  90. Anonymous

    Originally ordered a slew of maps in 2010 for Isla M, Cozumel, Yucatán ruins, Playa DC. Was returning this year to Cozumel so ordered an updated map. You keep updating, and I’ll keep reordering. These maps are accurate, specific, and highly useful.

  91. Anonymous

    Do not hesitate to purchase these maps. There are 3 of them organized to assist you around the island depending on your needs. Well worth the cost. We unfortunately loaned one of the maps of the East side to people we met at resort and never got it back. Bummed cause this is an excellent map to use when renting a car and touring the awesome east side.

  92. Anonymous

    I love this map and can’t wait to use it to explore Cozumel. The details, descriptions, and reviews/ratings are so helpful.

  93. Anonymous

    Very nice maps!

  94. Anonymous

    Great as usual. They Have Always been good through all of the years I have used them.

  95. Anonymous

    We found the maps to be very helpful. We stayed at an all-inclusive, but rented a car one day and drove around the island. Really nice to have the reviews of all of the different places on the eastside, as well as the westside information. We followed their recommendations and went to the beach restaurant in Punta Sur park. Very nice!

  96. Anonymous

    Great maps as always!

  97. Anonymous

    This was the best map Ive ever used! we loved it and it really had a lot of extras that really came in handy!

  98. Anonymous

    These maps literally saved me from a nightmare of planning using only the internet. I’m very visual and they helped me see where things were in relation to other things. No detail is left out. Restaurant tips were perfect! I CANT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGGS! You need these maps!

  99. Anonymous

    Great maps!!! very helpful for first time visitors!!

  100. Anonymous

    We appreciated the quick shipping and all the great tips for our day trip around Cozumel. Easy to follow and loaded with great information. Helped us get around the island effortlessly! Thanks.

  101. Anonymous

    The maps were great for where things were on the island. Using them as a map for driving was not as easy. There should be one just for driving, as it is not very easy to read.

  102. Anonymous

    MapChick maps are awesome!! Over the years I’ve ordered 4 and they never cease to fail me. They are very in depth and detailed and I would highly recommend getting one!! Fast delivery too, yaaaay!!

  103. Anonymous

    Maps arrived in a timely fashion and in great condition. Nice quality print material and very informative. Thanks so much !

  104. Anonymous

    Speedy fast delivery for a great map! Don’t visit the island without it!

  105. Anonymous

    I ordered these maps for an upcoming cruise to Cozumel. We only have one day at port and I want to make the most of it. These maps contain SO MUCH useful information and will be invaluable on our trip!

  106. Anonymous

    Just got back from Carnival Cruise with a one day visit to Cozumel. I am an advanced planner so ordered the map 2 months before departure to ‘map out’ our 8 hours on Cozumel. I used everything on the map–directions, attraction and bar suggestions, best beaches, etc. This was by far the best Cozumel tourist info I could find. A great planning tool that I will keep and use again during another Cozumel trip. Highly recommend. Thanks MapChick!!

  107. Anonymous

    We are Cozumel regulars, and just learned of these maps. So glad we have them for our trip in April. High quality and great info.

  108. Anonymous

    Nice and practical maps- delivery time excellent!

  109. Anonymous

    The three maps of Cozumel answered all of my questions and more! A must have for anyone planning to go to Cozumel.

  110. Anonymous

    I love MapChick’s maps! The maps are great, and I especially love the extensive restaurant reviews.
    I use these maps whenever I cruise into Cozumel. My last map was 5 years old but I bought the new version for this last trip. As long as they keep updating, I’ll keep buying, as we cruise down to Cozumel fairly often.

  111. Anonymous

    It came VERY quick, I was shocked. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for and needed!!!

  112. Anonymous

    This is the third different set of maps I have ordered and all have been a big help while on vacation.

  113. Anonymous

    Was very pleased with the great service .

  114. Anonymous

    My husband and I travel quite often to Mexico and around the Caribbean. I have ordered several maps from this company and have always found it useful to have them. When we got married in Cancun I even ordered extra maps for our guest so that way they were able to get around easier and have more info at their finger tips. I would 100% recommend these maps. They are more than just a map there is a lot of info on them like attractions, hotels and restaurants. We have been to Cancun 7 times and I still refer to our map for dining options. Thank you Map Chick for all the help in making our vacations just a little bit better!!!

  115. Anonymous

    The maps were very informative and covered every topic. Nice graphics!! Can’t wait to use them, was able to plan our trip because of the information. Thanks everyone!

  116. Anonymous

    This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve ordered maps from MapChick. The maps are great and detail. Maps were delivered in less than a week.

  117. Anonymous

    LOVED having these great maps with me on my recent trip to Cozumel. I like to get off the beaten path and visit restaurants off of the main tourist strip. These were SO helpful for tracking down places I read about from blogs and review sites. Quick shipping too! Thanks MapChick – I’ll definitely be back for more maps for my future trips 🙂

  118. Anonymous

    Very detailed. Great asset to have especially the commentary. When I travel to other areas that are mapped by Mapchick, I will most definitely purchase them.

  119. Anonymous

    Having never been to Cozumel before I had no idea how much there was to learn. The maps we purchased saved us TONS of time and research. For a very minimal expense I highly recommend them.

  120. Anonymous

    I highly recommend using these maps! They have so much great information in them. I have the Isla Mujeres map and we have been twice. Each time the map is well used!! I have ordered the Cozumel map and have already used it to book rental car! Love all the information! Thank you MapChick!

  121. Anonymous

    Loved the information provided in these maps. Will really come in handy for our trip! Great purchase and very quick shipping. Highly recommend!!

  122. Anonymous

    The maps are incredibly detailed and this set had been updated to 2015. I ordered this 3 map set to replace my previous map from 2012.

    They are an excellent resource, even for someone who is quite familiar with the island.

  123. Anonymous

    Hey I used the isla mujeres maps this past February for 10days. They are so precise, easy to read and found everything we wanted to. Thanks. We will be using the Cozumel maps next year.
    Thanks again

  124. Anonymous

    This is the best map if you want to find the greatest places on Cozumel! I ordered my first one back in 2005 I think, another in 2008 and just received my new one as we are going in April! The new layout with 3 separate maps is awesome….can take them around separately as needed. These are more than just maps. They’re more like travel guides with awesome recommendations for everything! Thanks Perry and Laura. Fabulous job!!

  125. Anonymous

    This is the 3rd time I have ordered maps and I am just as pleased with them this time as before. The maps are full of useful information and will make my trip to Cozumel that much more enjoyable!
    Thanks so much. Justine

  126. Anonymous

    You won’t find a better resource for your vacation to Cozumel than the maps prepared by the Map Chick. They are so much more than maps. They contain a wealth of really helpful information.

  127. Anonymous

    We just returned from our trip to Cozumel. The maps were an excellent source of information . We would have missed many excellent restaurants, bars, and attractions without them. I highly recommend them to anyone traveling to Cozumel. Thank you

  128. Anonymous

    very helpful, made our trip more enjoyable.

  129. Anonymous

    The set of maps we received are full of information that complements the maps. Love them!

  130. Anonymous

    I have purchased the Cancun and Isla Mujeres maps in the past. This map is equally outstanding. We don’t travel until April, so ordering it 4 months early gives me tons of time to plan a fantastic trip! Thanks Laura and Perry for another fantastic and useful product! I wish these type of maps were available in all the areas that I travel!

  131. Anonymous

    I have frequented Cozumel and Q. Roo for 7 years now but got a lot out of these maps. They are far more a guide book and one stop shop for all you need for this beautiful part of the world.
    Not just for the first time visitor, even us seasoned vets found it very useful.

  132. Anonymous

    I have bought almost every map since I have traveled thru Cancun – Riviera May – Isla Mujeres…and now going to Cozumel! These maps are a huge part of our vacation experience. Where else can you get a ‘one stop shop’ for hotels/restaurants/destinations? You guys rock this! I tell everyone about you – God bless!

  133. Anonymous

    Great maps, extremely helpful.

  134. Anonymous

    This is the 3rd location I have ordered MapChick maps from and have no regrets. Great products!

  135. Anonymous

    I think (for an older person) that the 3 piece map set is a little confusing. I know it gives all the information that you need, but maybe the Map should be on one guide(front and back) and an information guide on another booklet referencing the main map. I still use your Cozumel 2002/03 guide and understand it very well. I thougnt the new guide would be the same with the upgraded info. I quess I don’t like too much change. still like KISS (keep it simple for stupid). I will try and get all the information that I need. This year we are staying at the Iberostar

  136. Anonymous

    My wife and I have been traveling to Cozumel for the past eight years. We wouldn’t leave home without MapChick Maps. They are awesome!

  137. Anonymous

    Great maps. Very fast shipping.
    These are definitely the best maps you can buy.

  138. Anonymous

    More travel guide then just map. These include very detailed maps, restaurant and attraction reviews, transit and transportation info, etc. as well as detailed lists of hotels and eateries

    Quick shipping. Well worth the cost

  139. Anonymous

    I purchased a map quite awhile ago and loved it, so when we decided to go back to Cozumel I ordered the new map(s). We are not traveling until November, but now there are at least 2 other couples coming with us (they have never been there). It is so nice to sit down with them and go over the maps and show them where we will be staying (Iberostar) and plan where we want to go to eat when we go into town! Thank you so much…wonderful maps! Vanessa

  140. Anonymous

    Absolutely fantastic. This is no ordinary map!!! It’s more like a knowledgable travelling companion with a guide book.

  141. Anonymous

    Great map that covers the island very well from restaurants’ to tours. We visit Cozumel yearly and want a good reference map and this is the best I have found. Only complaint is that the map paper tears easily so I scotch taped all the edges so problem solved.

    Our Response: Thank you for the awesome review!
    Every time we go to print new maps the first thing we check out is if there is any new paper we can use that is affordable, unfortunately we haven’t found that perfect paper yet. Im very sorry you had problems with tearing. I’ll send you a replacement today.

  142. Anonymous

    I have used these maps for traveling to the Yucatan for many years and have always found them to be informative. I have loaned them out to many friends who then usually purchase their own. We have also found many of the condos we stay in have a copy for their vacationers. If you buy only one travel guide then this is the one!

    My only suggestion for improvement is to make them waterproof

    Our Response: Thank you for the awesome review!
    Every time we go to print new maps the first thing we check out is if there is any new paper we can use that is affordable, unfortunately waterproof paper is very expensive and also not recyclable.

  143. Anonymous

    Looks amazing!! Have tried other MapChick maps and have had much success–looking forward to enjoying this map and exploring in Cozumel soon!!!

  144. Anonymous

    I haven’t used these yet. will be fourth trip to rivera maya next Feb. These maps have so much more info that we can use for this next trip. can’t wait to use them. thank you so much

  145. Anonymous

    Our trip to Cozumel will be in Feb. These maps were so helpful as this is our first time on the Island. Very fast service and perfect to help us enjoy our stay !!! Thank you 🙂

  146. Anonymous

    MapChick maps are great at showing everything you need for a vacation. The process is easy and the shipping was fast. I would use them again.

  147. Anonymous

    I was very disappointed in the maps. I was looking for tourist attractions in downtown Cozumel. The only thing it really provided me was shopping, dining and bars.

    If you’re looking for a map on how to get where, this is a great tool. If you’ve looking for tips on what to do, don’t waste your money.

    Our response:
    We wish there were more tourist attractions in downtown, we include everything. If there is something we’ve missed please let us know! Also, you can return the map for a refund if you’d like.

  148. Anonymous

    I ordered the Cozumel map for myself & loved it so much I ordered a set for a friend. She loves hers too!!! We are having a great time looking at our maps & planning our next trip!

  149. Anonymous

    Bought maps for Cozumel Mexico. These maps are well illustrated and helped us to easily navigate the island on our own and make the best use of the 8 hours we had before we had to get back on our cruise ship. Thank you for all the attention to details!!

  150. Anonymous

    This is my second purchase, the first being the map set for Isla Mujeres. We loved those so much, we bought the Cozumel set for our upcoming trip. We love the details of these maps. They are wonderful for navigating the roads, and the extra information on places to eat, places to go and things to see are so awesome! We will now be able to find the places that were on our list, but we have great new ideas as well that we wouldn’t have known about. Mapchick maps are like having a tour guide or a friendly local along on your trip to make your vacation the best it can be!

  151. Anonymous

    I love these maps, they are just what we were looking for! Very detailed and tons of tips and additional information. Although we haven’t been on our adventure to Cozumel yet, these maps will most certainly be traveling with us, fast service too! Highly recommend, Thank you!

  152. Anonymous

    I have bought several maps of Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, and Rivera Maya for many years and I am amazed at all the information these maps contain. I highly recommend them for anyone traveling to the area. They are a must have when you visit the area.

  153. Anonymous

    Very informative. Can’t wait to use them in cozumel.

  154. Anonymous

    We have used Map Chick’s maps for years and they are so helpful. The new Cozumel set was a little overwhelming due to three maps, although I understand as there is a lot of info for a variety of travelers. We mainly used map three while on the island and carried it everywhere. Thanks to the map and info on the map, we had our best trip to Coz and saw more than ever. Tried new places and saw many new areas and knew what to expect. My only suggestion is that my map is a crumpled mess when we get done, not sure if any other paper would enhance?

  155. Anonymous

    We first saw Mapchicks Isla Mujeras maps last fall when we rented a condo and were sent the maps by the owner. They were invaluable! It’s like having a good friend guide you around.
    This time we’re going to Cozumel, and now that we have the maps we’re set! Don’t hesitate to buy these wonderful resources for your vacation!

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    Thank you for doing a wonderful job on the map.
    Your tips will help us and I know we will enjoy the places to visit and eat.
    We ordered our map on Friday and it was here Monday. Great job.
    Thanks again…

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    Your maps were fantastic! Much better than any literature we received at the airport or resort. We tried a number of your suggestions off the “main drag”, and we loved them all. The maps were very easy to use, and were well worth the cost.
    Thanks Much!

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    The 3 maps and information helped me greatly on my recent short trip, thanks so much!

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    I could not find an island map anywhere on Isla Mujeres.
    Luckily I stumbled upon this one in our hotel lobby.
    It made the island come alive! I love that it takes you off the beaten path. Our next trip is to Cozumel. I was so happy to discover a map for this island as well.
    I will not have to do any other research. The map will take me where I need to go!

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    We’ve had too many great experiences to count based on these maps’ information, and met some great people along the way.
    The search is over – this is the map you’re looking for!

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    Wonderful maps. So much information on them that I didn’t know even after 8 trips to Cozumel. Can’t wait to use them in April. Maps are quality construction and should weather the sand and salt water that is sure to get on them.

    Great job!

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    Keep up the OUTSTANDING work!

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  175. Anonymous

    We did find discrepancy at snorkel shop located at Money Bar. They said snorkel rental was $25 more than what was stated in brochure. We had a great day and Money bar/ snorkeling was good, service and food was excellent.

    Thank you for your review! Unfortunately we can’t control when places change prices, sorry if it caused you any inconvenience.

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    I just bought my 2nd MapChick map of Cozumel…the other one was a few years old and some businesses no longer exist etc. The new map had all the changes right and we found it very useful. The old map was still pretty good so I passed it on to my sister who was very pleased with it too.

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    I actually received two maps: the large map of the whole island and the smaller map of San Miguel that detailed (and I mean detailed) the restaurants and hotels. Both maps read like a travel guide and give reviews of the restaurants. These reviews have helped us find some great places to eat. The maps contain almost every business that a tourist would need. I say almost because they don’t list the banks, and that was something we were looking for. My husband and I are here for three months and brought our bicycles with us. These maps have been essential for finding our way around and giving fantastic details of ALL the beaches. The only criticism I have of this product was on the shipping. I paid for priority mail and did not receive the map until five days after I received an email saying it had shipped. Most likely, it was the fault of the post office, but make sure you order it well in advance of your trip.

  183. Anonymous

    This map makes me feel confident in traveling to Cozumel on our own instead of taking a cruise tour package – and I know we’ll have more fun!

  184. Anonymous

    Streets are clearly marked but would have liked to see arrows indicating the one way vs two way streets. The restaurant section was very outdated & I was disappointed that there were several errors on the map. Kudos for adding a paper list of corrections but couldn’t these be reprinted when there are that many errors? This map was not worth the money unfortunately and I wish I hadn’t purchased it. The free ones on the island were just as good if not better.

    You’re right, we are working on our new updated Cozumel map right now! The street directions are shown with the black arrows. The update sheet is updates, changes, not errors. Sent you an email!
    Thank you for your review!

  185. Anonymous

    Thank you for the quick delivery! I have purchased the Isla Mujeres Map before so I am excited to use the Cozumel map when we explore that island!

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    I used to have two nice compact maps – Riviera Maya and Cozumel. I wanted updates so I ordered to replace those two maps. Now I have a stack of 13 maps. That is a lot more to travel with and a little daunting. I liked the old maps that were more compact much better.

    Our response:
    We wish we could fit everything on once piece of paper like we did years ago too, but with the tremendous growth of the are in the past 10 years, it just isn’t possible anymore. We would have to leave way too many great things off the map 😉

  193. Anonymous

    These maps are very helpful! I really enjoyed knowing where the places are actually at instead of a less than helpful map in a book.

  194. Anonymous

    Since I have not yet gone on my trip to Cozumel, I can’t really give this map a 5 star review however, I expect that is what it deserves. It arrived quickly and has already helped with locations of places in relation to where we will be staying.
    Service from MapChick’s is incredible. I especially like that they included a copy of the changes since the last printing. Thanks for doing so much research!

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    Just received the Cozumel map which is the second map I’ve purchased. We purchased the map of Isla Mujeres for a trip a few years back.

    I find it very useful when looking at restaurants and such to see how far things are apart or where we want to go. There are some free maps you can find on line but they have either hotels or restaurants or just downtown etc…

    These maps from Map Chick have everything all on one so you can see how far you may or may not want to walk for dinner, the beach etc…

    I do use them from home probably as much or maybe even more than when we get there. I keep it handy when reading reviews so if a restaurant or snorkel site etc… is mentioned I can see where they are talking about.

  196. Anonymous

    We keep the Cozumel Map & Travel Guide and the Cozumel Reef Guide in our condo for our use and for the use of our guests. They contain information galore and it is appreciated by all. We also appreciate how accommodating their company is and how quickly we receive the maps!

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    Keep up the good work

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    There is nothing more important to a stress free and fun vacation than pre planning and these maps/guides/tips/etc. are like having your own tour guide and friend.
    it is important to note that because of the yearly hurricane season and fears of crime that is ever present in the media, these maps are kept fresh, changing with the times and helps you stay at well trusted hotels, bars, shops, and restaurants.
    Beautifully done, easy to read and navigate, I could go on and on.
    Just get them, you will be happy you did!

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    The cost is reasonable considering the effort you went to. It also arrived in short time.

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    We’re going to Cozumel in a couple of weeks and have used the map to find things to do and places to eat. We’ll be renting a car a couple of times so it will be nice to have. I’d definitely purchase again.

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    We bought this map after using the ones for playa del Carmen and finding so many wonderful places off the beaten path. Same deal with this one. We toured the whole island on our own rather than waste money on a ship excursion where u get herded like cattle thanks to this map. Excellent food and sightseeing recommendations plus much more!

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    I liked the map, it is very easy to read. The main reason I wanted the map was to find where the laundry mat was located at and I could not find it. I will have to find out by word of mouth when I arrive in Cozumel.

  246. Anonymous

    We relied on your map for so many great tips and plan to look for your maps for future trips.

  247. Anonymous

    ….I haven’t been to Cozumel for 25+ years – Laura’s map brings it all back with excellent graphics and perspective

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    Haven’t used the maps yet. Will be on cruise in Oct. Looks like maps will be very helpful.Already selecting what we are interested in seeing and places to go.

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    Awesome map with great detail. I’ve been to Cozumel twice before but we plan to just do our own thing this time (next cruise in a couple of months). This map is perfect for someone who wants to play it by ear and be able to change plans at a moments notice. That restaurant you wanted to try? Booked solid because there’s six ships in port that day. Just check the map and see what else might be close by.

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    Dal Lockwood

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    This is my 3rd purchase of this map & it’s awesome! My only suggestion would be to have more specific information about taxi fares.
    Keep up the great work.

    Our response: Getting taxi fares for us is like trying to break into the Federal Reserve! Nobody wants to give that up!
    But I did just get a rate sheet, I will copy it and email it to you!

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    An invaluable resource for the area. A must have.
    Ordered an additional map (Cozumel) only days before our trip in arrived in time and helped us experience the island like a local!

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    Thanks so much,

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    Our response: Oh no, we are so sorry, thank you for pointing this out. The restaurant is between 65 and 70th on 10th.

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    Shipping to Canada was very fast.Also included a map of the Cancun airport.(would have prefered one of Cozumel airport) But hey, it was free 😉 Thanks

    Our response:
    I’m sorry we don’t have a Cozumel airport map, it’s small enough that am isn’t really necessary 🙂

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    Our response:
    Our website states: (see above, under description))
    Hotels, attractions, nightlife, tours, beach clubs, cruise ship piers, and our favorite places to dine. 2009-2010 edition (this map comes with an update sheet)
    Sorry you didn’t see that. In an effort to make sure everyone sees it I have highlighted the dates in blue.
    We are working on our new Cozumel map,trying to get printed by the end of the month, if you’d like to exchange it, or return for a refund let me know.

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    Detail is exemplary. Only suggestion for improvement would be to use the same scale or an easily scalable would be a big help. Without common scales, we’ve had to make our own “scale” ruler to plot the location of one place (e.g. a villa) and then plot it on the other map with a different scale to see exactly what is around it (e.g. reefs and beaches).

    our response:
    Hi RVW,
    As cartographers we totally agree with you, but we have to resize certain areas to allow room for all of the travel guide information.

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    I used it several times and showed it to all the people we met along the way~
    Thank you for providing these maps.
    We have used the Cozumel, Isla Mujures, Playa del Carmen and Tulum ones in the past.

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    We really like the map–we’ve been coming to Cozumel for over 10 years and love it. We went to Sol Cabanes del Caribe until Wilma–we still miss it. Then we went to some AI–and last few trips have been staying in town and venturing out. The map is extremely helpful–it puts in perspective where things are and also gives info that we appreciate

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    June 5, 2009 Reviewer: Greg W. from Minnesota Laura, these are simply the best resource there is, period. The new Coz 2 map set is waiting to come to Coz with us in July. We love it, but still won’t part with our old ones, either! Thank you so much!

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    Amazing map resource, never failed us June 25, 2009 Reviewer: Jim C. from Albuquerque, NM United States We just returned from a week in Cozumel using the 2009 Edition map. The clever design packs a lot of information in very efficiently with detailed blow ups of busy areas (like Chankanaab and Punta Sur) and accurate locations for everything. It does take a bit of practice to figure out where everything is by matching code numbers with places on the map, but the reward (actually finding your way around and being able to find what you are looking for) is well worth the effort. Restaurant recommendations were excellent, beach locations and descriptions very useful, snorkeling and dive locations very cool. For time spent in the San Miguel to Puerta Maya area, the small inset map is all you will need and you will always want to have it with you. This map added enormously to our fun, and we look forward to using it again. I envy the research that it took to put this map together. Do you need any help? Thanks.

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