Cancun Map & Travel Guide


Cancun Map & Travel Guide

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New 2015-2016 edition 3 map set
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What do we tell you about in the Cancun Map & Travel Guide?
  • Our favorite restaurant recommendations, why we like them and example prices.
  • We’ve eaten at most restaurants in Cancun, we take no advertising and no comped meals, most people do not know who we are or what we do!
  • Restaurant locations in the hotel zone and downtown Cancun
  • How to get around, public bus, ferry to Isla Mujeres
  • Attractions
  • Services, like laundries, pharmacies,  hospitals, banks, ATM locations, stores, rental car agencies
  • Locations of hotels in the hotel zone and downtown Cancun

229 reviews for Cancun Map & Travel Guide

  1. Laura MapChick

    Sorry the reviews are all anonymous!
    I pulled them over from our previous ecommerce store and they came this way 🙁

  2. Anonymous

  3. Anonymous

    Super quick service. Ordered from the UK and they arrived in a couple of days. Very useful maps which will really benefit us on our next trip to Cancun

  4. Anonymous

    Lots of useful info on shopping, restaurants and mor

  5. Anonymous

    Received Cancun maps last week and even though we aren’t leaving for a month and a half, we can start planning and researching our options for our vacation. Thanks for great tips, restaurants and ideas on how to fill our days and evenings.

  6. Anonymous

    Really pleased with these very informative maps. Makes a nice change from the usual books. Won’t be using them till next year but I can see they have all the information I wil need. Delivery was very speedy too.

  7. Anonymous

    very helpful and concise. Excellent print quality and paper which is important when opening & closing a map numerous times during the 7 days

  8. Anonymous

    great job

  9. Anonymous

    Helped us narrow down the good stuff during our 4 day visit to Cancun. My only complaint was the Isla Mujeres map was also not available for purchase so I had to rely on other online resources. Had I not had ph ok ne service /wifi we would have been hosed. But always fun to talk to others for recommendations.

  10. Anonymous

    Fast shipping, reasonable pricing on the maps. Very helpful information, easy to read, easy to orient where landmarks are located. 2nd year in purchasing and very happy. Thank you.

  11. Anonymous

    Great job on updates, keep up the great work!

  12. Anonymous

    I ordered the Cancún and Isla Mujeres maps for our first trip to Mexico and they were so detailed and helpful. The maps had everything from restaurants to shopping centers to beach locations. They never led us astray and were even more helpful to get around than some of the locals. Make sure you spend the small amount of money for these, you will not be disappointed.

  13. Anonymous

    The maps I rec’d were great. Though, I was trying to order the map that included Ek’Balam and Chichen Itza. The Google results led me to that map and when I clicked, it sent me to the Map Set. It was not part of the set I rec’d. Unfortunately, the set doesn’t include a description of the maps the are included. I rec’d the maps quickly. So, is the “adventure” map no longer available? Thank you.

    Our response: Hi Debra,
    I’m sorry, the Mayan Adventure map is sold out and not available at this time. Our Cancun map and Guide store page and website pages does show you what maps you get with the set, so I’m confused at what you’re looking at.

    Here is the link on our store:

    And if you click see inside this map,
    I will email you this information as well in case you don’t come back to look at your review.

  14. Anonymous

    These maps are really clear and loaded with quality information. I have 2 books about Cancun that I purchased recently from elsewhere but I find the maps are much better at providing quality information. For me, they are a must buy to help enhance your travelling and holiday experience

  15. Anonymous

    Had a little issue with the map I received but it was clearly my mistake. Laura straightened things out immediately and corrected. Love the product and love the service!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous

    These are so much more than just maps! The airport one made us so much more comfortable navigating a strange airport. The tips on all the maps were so helpful!

  17. Anonymous

  18. Anonymous

    After reading on trip advisor I placed the order it came extremely quick very satisfied Thanks

  19. Anonymous

    This is the best map set I’ve purchased prior to a vacation. We are extremely pleased.

  20. Anonymous

    Very detailed and informative. If you’re looking for a guide in paoer form this is it!

  21. Anonymous

    So much more than a map!

  22. Anonymous

    Preparing for first trip (well, was there 40 years ago but that doesn’t count!). These maps have so much good information and so easy to find what you need. I plan to buy more for the surrounding areas. A great format.

  23. Anonymous

  24. Anonymous

  25. Anonymous

  26. Anonymous

    I just purchased the 3-map set for Cancun and Playa del Carmen since that’s where we are going to be. I find them very helpful for finding my way around and to see what’s available for eating, etc. My only criticism is that sometimes businesses in Mexico, as elsewhere, change almost overnight–to wit: Yaxche, in Playa del Carmen hasn’t been there since at least last year and has been replaced by Guy Fieri’s. Also, the Kaxapa Factory, one of our favorites, is not listed and is, we hope, still there..

    Our response:
    This map was printed in 2016, so yes there will be some changes, we don’t know of changes until, #1 we go back or #2 customers, like yourself and friends tell us about changes so we can make an update list. Thank you for your comments!

  27. Anonymous

  28. Anonymous

    great service and wonderful detailed maps

  29. Anonymous

    So impressed with your maps! And they came so quickly! Thank you!

  30. Anonymous

    i would recommend these maps to anyone! So interesting and helpful, I’ve relied on these maps for years !

  31. Anonymous

    Fast delivery and the product is very high quality! Thank you so much!

  32. Anonymous

    Excellent maps and information. Thank you!

  33. Anonymous

    We wanted to know the area before our trip. These maps are excellent, lots of helpful hints, i.e. good restaurants, better hospitals (just in case) and lots of things you wouldn’t know until you have been there yourself. Thanks for taking some of the stress out of going to an unknown area!

  34. Anonymous


  35. Anonymous

    All 3 of the Cancun travel guides contain pertinent information. They give you the ability to use them to plan your trip before you go and to use them during your stay.

  36. Anonymous

    I got the Cancun maps but my vacation is not for another 152 days (not that I’m counting)! The maps got me even more excited! Can’t wait to use them. There is a ton of useful information!

  37. Anonymous

    We followed your advice for everything from CARM tours to restaurants and had a wonderful week.

  38. Anonymous

    This is my 4th set of the Cancun map, I buy it every other year to see what new restaurants are around and which one’s are recommended.

  39. Anonymous

    We are using our 3 edition of Map Chick’s maps.

    It makes sense when you invest good $ for a vacation that you keep up with the comings and going of restaurants and attractions. I especially like the detailed instructions and maps for visiting restaurants and markets downtown. We love to go downtown and we always need a little help pointing us in the right direction.

  40. Anonymous

    Thanks for the awesome maps! This is my second set of Cancun maps and I was hesitant due to still having the old ones, but the update is a huge upgrade from the old one and all of the data seems much more intuitive. Thanks and keep up the good work! A great deal for someone who likes to have a physical reference and not just electronic as most things are today. Thanks! Good work!

  41. Anonymous

    An excellent guide to explore Cancun. It gives prices for both the bus and taxis. It includes the best places to shop and eat, all the hotels in the hotel zone, best beaches, advice on safety.
    The first map shows the hotels and beaches. I especially like the tips, such as using the bus and taxis, and the fares.
    The second map shows the hotel zone, best restaurants and nightlife, as well as attractions and tours.
    The third map is of downtown Cancun. It lists the restaurants, highlighting the memorable ones. It also lists restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Well worth the expense. Order well in advance. It took a month to arrive in Canada.

  42. Anonymous

    These maps are such a treasure – thanks, as always!

  43. Anonymous

    They are great. Only thing missing is a regular street map of the city. I wish that was an option.

  44. Anonymous

    Quick delivery! A lot of good information on these maps. Can’t wait to get to Mexico to check out these recommendations!

  45. Anonymous

    Overall, good maps and info. Numerous errors. Need better proofreading/editing.

  46. Anonymous

    Detailed maps, quick delivery to United Kingdom via US mail. Recommended!

  47. Anonymous

    These maps are invaluable. I have purchased two different sets of these maps. One for Isla Mujeres and then this last set for CANCUN. They are phenomenal maps, the detail they contain is so helpful and needed when you are traveling to different countries. We loved all the suggestions for the different restaurants, attractions, etc. Everything was so much easier to find and navigate with these maps. I can’t say enough good things about them. I had so many people ask me where I got my maps and I told everyone where I bought mine. When we were on a bus in CANCUN my husband heard me tell another couple about these maps he said I should become a map chicks sales rep I’ve told so many people how good they are. We found so many out of the way great places to eat with these maps, great shops and markets, beautiful places for pictures, all because of recommendations from these maps. All I can say is I will never leave home without these maps.

  48. Anonymous

    These maps are great! We have been using them for years and get the updates periodically to see what’s changed since our last visit. Highly recommend.

  49. Anonymous

    I’m so thankful we found these maps before our trip. They were so helpful. It was our first trip to Cancun and we used them every day. Loved all the tips and suggestions!

  50. Anonymous

    Each time we’ve been to this part of Mexico we order the latest map set. Everything you need to know in a handy to pack along format! And I always pass them to other travelers when we are done with our trip (make a lot of friends that way- LOL). Reliable, informative, and fun to read. Thanks again!

  51. Anonymous

    Maps are updated to reflect the most recent changes for the airport, hotel zone and El Centro (downtown). Been loving these maps for nearly 20 years.

  52. Anonymous

    Our experience is limitted with Cancun as we only fly in and use it for bus journeys!! One day we will have to trip around Cancun!! I have no doubt that the maps of Cancun are excellent as the others are!!!

    Loved coming back from my mini vacation and seeing the envelope on my desk!! 🙂

  53. Anonymous

    Our 27th trip to Cancun coming up and these maps are still a major part of our Cancun experience. Just received the updated maps and looking forward to any new information.
    Lee Hinson

  54. Anonymous

    I really love the maps for good content and easy to use format

  55. Anonymous

    We updated our maps, because our original set had made several trips, and was from before the crash.
    These things are full of good advise, places to visit, and things to do. They help you relax and not stress on your vacation!

    They come with a printed page of updates that changed since printing.

  56. Anonymous

    going for a week may 22 and need to know where and what and all the other little items that makes up front planning a requirement so when you land, you are set to do what you want without a now what should we—-it should never be set in stone but an outline that says we want to do at least x y and z during our stay-you materials allows for that set up

  57. Anonymous

    We travel to Cancun and Playa del Carmen every year and have been using Laura and Perry’s maps for over 20 years. The detail included in these maps have proved to be invaluable in using the maps for planning purposes. We invite family and friends to join us every year and make it a point to purchase a set of maps to mail to them for planning purposes. There is so much to see and do in the Yucatan area and these maps are a required planning tool to make sure we take advantage of the sights and eateries.

  58. Anonymous

    Very informative and good information for our first trip to Cancun. The set was shipped quickly and was received in good condition

  59. Anonymous

    Great map Excellent details and recommendations. Very useful map.

  60. Anonymous

    These maps were very helpful on our trip to Cancun January 8-15 2016. They helped me get my bearings when out and about and directed me to places I should/shouldn’t go to. I liked them so well, I passed them on to a co-worker who will be vacationing in Cancun late February.

  61. Anonymous

    We have been goi g to Cancun. Annually for the last 25 years. We never go with an updated map as those of you that know Cancun, it changes constantly. The maps help us stay updated what is where. Love the maps, highly recommend them.

  62. Anonymous

    Although we do not travel until February, I love to plan our trip.
    Your maps are amazing for doing just this!
    I can read reviews for shops, restaurants etc. and know exactly where to go and not to go.
    Thank you so much.

  63. Anonymous

    I haven’t left for my trip yet, I depart in 2 weeks. The maps look great and have been helpful in our planning. I especially appreciate the downtown map since I want to explore restaurants in that area. My 13 year old son has been looking at the maps daily!

  64. Anonymous

    Maps arrived quickly–were slightly outdated but an extra sheet was included with the updates. Easy to read–looking forward to using them on our vacation!

  65. Anonymous

    We have bought these maps every time we go to Cancun because things change, and they change so fast. Old favorites disappear (the old Sanborn’s in the hotel zone, for example, that went away long ago) and new places pop up all the time. The maps are excellent and make it easy for even bad navigators to avoid getting lost, especially downtown which is, in fact, such a maze one should leave bread crumbs. Update for you all: They did open the famosa mystery supermercado next to Plaza Caracol. It is called Selecto. My desire: that you create and include a detailed “shoppers” map to go along with the restaurant one. Keep up the wonderful work, and if you ever need another staff person to check out Cancun for you … 🙂

  66. Anonymous

    These maps are great, we used them every time we left our resort. They have lots of information you wouldn’t know about without having the map, we found some fantastic beaches. Loved reading their reviews and information that was included on the map. We used it so much I can’t believe it held up as well as it did, we brought it back home with us but will order a new one next time we go. Shipping was quick. Thank You Map Chick!

  67. Anonymous

    Fantastic Maps and insight into the area. Loved them.

  68. Anonymous

    The maps are perfect and completely fill in any blanks of your trip that you may have! We did not want to use the data on our phone and these maps are perfect. Easy to read, a ton of info packed on a page and is all you need to travel! Perfect!

  69. Anonymous

    Initially, I was hesitant to buy these maps for our trip to Cancun but turned out that these static maps were more valuable than my GPS enabled Iphone6. They were very easy to read and you could get some idea of where things were with just a glance vs. scrolling through a map on an phone or ipad. Furthermore, everyone could gather round the map to decide on a place to go or the bus route to take or just the lay of the land around us. The authors advice and comments were well thought out and useful!

  70. Anonymous

    My fiancée and I will be honeymooning in Cancun next year, so we ordered the maps to help plan our trip. They are fantastic and include everything you would want to know! Perfect for that pre-trip exploration.

  71. Anonymous

    We used our Cancun maps to help us locate better and more interesting things to do.

    We especially enjoyed the restaurant guide. As people who enjoy finding out of the way and off the beaten path eateries, these tips made our trip more exciting and memorable.

    One more thing, much better and easier to use than the phone.

  72. Anonymous

    We purchased the Cancun maps prior to a trip there, and found them to be extremely helpful in navigating as well as finding hidden gems of restaurants, beach, etc. Highly recommend!

  73. Anonymous

    We got this maps based on some advice of a friend. These maps are amazing and very up to date. We stayed at the Coral Mar Condos and the staff at the Condos were raving about how much better these maps are compared to what is provided to them. Great job and thank you!

  74. Anonymous

    The map was very helpful. The information far exceeds the price. We had purchased the Playa map on a previous trip and will be faithful customers in the future.

  75. Anonymous

    I purchased the Map Chick Cancun maps to prepare for a security detail and Cancun. Although there are other free maps out there the Map Chick’s maps provided much, much more information than anything you can get for free. Very detailed. I’m very happy with the purchase.

  76. Anonymous

    Couldn’t ask for more in a map. Arrived in 3 days. Made getting around so easy. Would definitely order for future trips!

  77. Anonymous

    We ordered these maps from the UK a month before we were due to go on holiday just to make sure we got them in time.
    I had emailed Laura beforehand to ask how long they may take to get to the UK, and she said they should take about a week.
    They were sent by International Priority shipping, and we were able to track their progress online door to door. They arrived within 7 days! so a very reliable and fast service.
    We are still waiting to go on holiday, but we’ve got the maps so we are ready to go. They look great, are a handy size, and contain lots of useful information, so they are going to be invaluable while we are out there.
    Highly recommended

  78. Anonymous

    We have not gone on the trip yet, but when I got the maps, I was amazed at all the detail on them. Definitely worth the money! Looking forward to using them in April!

  79. Anonymous

    Even though I have been visiting Cancun almost annually since 1996, I alike to update my maps every few years as they are filled with valuable information.

  80. Anonymous

    Ordered via paypal and I think it arrived in 4Days. Great Map and super fast delivery. A must have for a trip to Cancun.

  81. Anonymous

    Great maps. Informative

  82. Anonymous

    Received the maps very quickly even though I did regular shipping. Very useful, a bit big which makes a little hard to spread out and read,otherwise I am very pleased with this purchase☺. Totally recommend it.

  83. Anonymous

    We have been using these maps since 2005. We will use it even more on this trip as we will be going into the town of Cancun on this trip. Previous trips were in Playacar and Cozumel.

    Great maps….lots of great info!!!

    Will continue to update as the new maps are released!!

    Thanx for all the good work.

  84. Anonymous

    We have owned a condo in Cancun for 3+ years and thought we knew a lot — until we got our MapChick map! We’ve found answers to things we always wondered about (like the bus routes) and now have a resource for new places and activities to try. I’m looking forward to leaving a copy of the map and travel guide for our renters. Thank you, MapChick!

  85. Anonymous

    I bought my first Cancun map in 2007 and loved it so much that I bought one of each map for the whole Yucatan Peninsula! Even though we have been to Cancun several times now, we still take and use our maps every time.

  86. Anonymous

    We always buy Mapchick maps. There are very informative and always provide good recommnendations. Thanks for the product.

  87. Anonymous

    I have not been on the trip yet, but the maps arrived very quickly and look fantastic.

  88. Anonymous

    I have used MapChicks maps before and it was so helpful when we toured Isla Mujeres a few years ago. Now we are going to the Hotel Zone area of Cancun so I now have that same great information on one map!

  89. Anonymous

    There are no better or up-to-date maps/travel guides available for all of the major Yucatan destinations! Even though names of places, costs, and services are constantly changing, the information stays reliable and comprehensive. I’ve used them for years, and if you too like to venture out on your own I highly recommend them to find your way around.

  90. Anonymous

    Hi, Haven’t been on our trip yet, but delighted at the amount of detail on each of the maps, and the walking tours.

  91. Anonymous

    This is the 3rd time I’ve ordered maps through MapChick. There has never been a problem, fast delivery. The maps are a huge help!

  92. Anonymous

    Although we haven’t gone on vacation yet, these maps are very nice & detailed… I imagine that they will be a big help….thank you Perry & Laura !!!!

  93. Anonymous

    We own the Riviera Maya map series, but lost our Cancun maps, so we ordered those separately. They arrived within a week and are as good as we remember them to be!
    We love The MapChick maps! We live in Puerto Aventuras, QR, Mexico, and find them to be invaluable.

  94. Anonymous

    The map is excellent as are the extra informational pieces that came along with it. I have ordered these maps in the past and have always been extremely pleased with them! Thank you!

  95. Anonymous

    These maps contained LOTS of info and gave us a much better idea of what the lay of the land is in Cancun.

  96. Anonymous

    I’ve been buying your maps for years. My first map was Cancun, but after that it was Playa del Carmen (twice) and Riviera Maya.
    We’re going back to Cancun this time, so I pulled out my very first map, from 2005! I laughed because all the hotels/resorts, restaurants, etc — most of them have new names or don’t exist anymore. “Time for a new map.” I told my husband. “Throw that one away then.” he said. Are you kidding me? I can’t throw it away! It’s a wonderful souvineer of going to Cancun, all those years ago, and how things were. Nevermind that it’s tattered and torn from so much use!
    I was thrilled when my new map showed up! Not there are different maps for resorts and restaurants, which makes it a little different from 2005, but I can see the need for it — and it just gives you so much more information, as well!
    Looking forward to being able to hop on the bus with my map, and go anywhere!

  97. Anonymous

    Excellent tool to navigate through town and to locate stores. Did not use it as much as though as we stayed at a resort in Playa Mujeres.

  98. Anonymous

    Wish I had found out about these earlier. I research all of our trips and plan for them in advance. I did not find MapChick until a week before we left. I ordered the maps and they did get to me in time to take them with us. They are beautiful, high quality maps. They are easy to read and give helpful tips to save time and make your vacation less stressful. As I said I just wish I had time to process them earlier, so if you can get them well in advance of your trip – do so! Like post cards, souvenirs, pictures and other things we use to remember vacations, these maps will be a valuable addition to our memorabilia. I am considering ordering some from past vacations we have taken.

  99. Anonymous

    I found these maps on trip advisor website and they were worth every penny. They had a lot of valuable information. Iam very pleased with this purchase and I would definately purchase your maps again in the future!

  100. Anonymous

    These maps are fantastic. Shows everything you need and more to plan a great vacation. And at a great price!

  101. Anonymous

    These maps will be very useful! Shipping was quick and service was great!

  102. Anonymous

    Perfect, fast transaction

  103. Anonymous

    Your maps are fantastic, it appears that many important items you need to know and important information is on your Cancun travel map. I would recommend this map to anyone traveling to Cancun

  104. Anonymous

    Super helpful! I couldn’t believe how many taxi drivers had no idea where some of the restaurants were. Luckily, we were able to show them. Loved the tips and recommendations.

  105. Anonymous

    Best maps I ever saw, even though I’ve been to both places these maps tell it all. They will be a great aid on my trip in July.

  106. Anonymous

    These maps were essential on our vacation to Cancun and Isla Mujeres. We like to venture out and try new restaurants and these maps were very helpful. The location of Senior Frogs needs to be updated, but other than that they gave great suggestions and we highly recommend them.

  107. Anonymous

    maps look first class, ordered from the uk and took about 7 day , excellent service.

    Can not wait to use the maps in May.

  108. Anonymous

    A friend of mine introduced me to your maps. From easy ordering to the quick delivery, we are very pleased with the value of your product. We feel so much more informed before our trip. The kids had fun learning about the area we are visiting. I would recommend everyone should equip themselves with your maps before leaving home!

  109. Anonymous

    I have been traveling to Cancun and the Riviera Maya every year for the past 20 years. In the early years of my travel I shopped in book stores for maps and books that would provide me with good information for planning my trips. It wasn’t until I discovered the Cancun Map published by Laura and Perry that I was totally satisfied with my planning guide.
    I have purchased the newest editions of the Cancun Map over the years and have always been impressed with the comprehensive and accurate information regarding resorts, restaurants, and travel that this map provides.
    When I invite family and friends to travel with me, I purchase a map for them and have them participate in the planning process.
    My vacation planning has been enhanced by the purchase and use of the Cancun Map. Thanks Laura and Perry for your dedication to what is clearly a labor of love!

  110. Anonymous

    This is a great introduction and overall view of Cozumel! Your service was excellent. Thank you very much.

  111. Anonymous

    Excellent communication, super fast shipping, and awesome maps! I am a frequent traveler and rely on Trip Advisor when trip planning, but since this is my first trip to Cancun, I wanted to get a “lay of the land” prior to leaving. This map was perfect to help me understand where we are staying, what is nearby, how to use transportation and other very helpful travel tips. Reviewing the map also made me super excited for my trip, and I feel much more prepared with the information it contained. Thank you!!

  112. Anonymous

    Maps are thorough, easy to read, and updated! So easy to plan dining, attractions, touring, etc. for my upcoming trip to Cancun. Accidentally ordered the wrong map, but they made it ridiculously easy to exchange for the right one. Looking forward to hitting all the hot spots on Isla Mujeres with these maps. Well worth every penny!

  113. Anonymous

    The second day in Cancun, and the maps and guides I ordered are better than anything I have seen while here. Great info.

  114. Anonymous

    We are so looking forward to our first trip to Cancun. We normally go south to the Playa Del Carmen area. The maps here are awesome. You can feel confident that the choices you make are going to make your vacation the best ever. We have already mapped out our days off the resort. Now we just have to wait two months!

  115. Anonymous

    The Cancun map and travel guide are very good value for money and are very informative, I would recommend them to anyone.**********

  116. Anonymous

    I bought the Cancun area set and really think they are a great value. Excellent quality and insightful guidance. Thank you!

  117. Anonymous

    Wonderful job on the map/guide. The multiple maps are a great way to display the multitude of information you include without the size of the map being far too large to handle effectively. This is the third version I have bought in the past 10-12 years.

  118. Anonymous

    We have purchased the maps for PDC and Tulum in the past, and now have ordered the Cancun maps as well as the the Isla Mujeres Maps. I wasn’t sure if I really needed a new Cancun map, as I have been so many times, but when my husband I looked over the map of the restaurants, I saw that there were a few spots that we had never noticed, and now we are anxious to try. I haven’t been into Cancun “town” proper since 1986 or so, and now looking at the Downtown tour map, I am looking forward to seeing a few places including little market areas that are well laid out. Thanks very much!

  119. Anonymous

    The cost seems alike high but the maps are very nice.

    Our response: We keep the price as low as we possibly can, research is very expensive, we try almost every restaurant to be able to recommend the best, we pay just like anyone else, transportation & hotels as well. Also printing 4 maps! I’m glad you like it thank you for the nice review! 🙂

  120. Anonymous

    I was impressed with how quickly I received my maps. I had been taking notes pertaining to my vacation as far as restaurants, mode of travel, day trips, etc. I can pretty much throw them away as this “map” is all I need. I am amazed at how much info is included. I would recommend MapChick to anyone!

  121. Anonymous

    I fully explored the website and I figured that the maps might be helpful. Yup! The maps are really detailed but also easy to understand. I love how clearly I can find what I want to know.

    I totally recommend the maps. I can’t wait for Cancun in March, and I feel very prepared thanks to MapChick!

  122. Anonymous

    We previously used the Cozumel and Riviera Maya maps on an earlier trip, and the Cancun map will be a big help this time. It’s the next best thing to having a personal guide. Thanks!

  123. Anonymous

    Have been going to Cancun yearly for the last 25 years. Haven’t been to Isla Mujeres in quite a few years and decided to order your map/travel guide. I enjoyed it so much I decided to order the Cancun map/travel guide too to see if I was missing out on anything, especially with regard to the many restaurants. I am happy to say that I found several new restaurants which I will try on my upcoming trip. I found both maps to be extremely informative and will order the Playa del Carmen map when I go there next year. Thanks for all of the time and effort you both put into creating such a wonderful product.

  124. Anonymous

    Love the maps. Ten times more than what u can see on the web. Y’all are great. Thanks

  125. Anonymous

    I purchased may original Cancun map 6 years ago. We are going for the 6th time again in February and we are going to Cancun to look at buying a retirement home. I am using your excellent map/guide book to verify the locations of the property’s we are looking at. Always an exciting part of my trip is when I get your maps out to start looking at new restaurants and things to see. Keep up the good work.

  126. Anonymous

    Excellent product, full of very useful information. Maps arrived very promptly even this involved shipping them to the UK. Providing a discount to existing customers might attract further sales.

  127. Anonymous

    Had to get my new Paya del Carmen map for this years trip, but also my son was spending the day in Cancun waiting almost 8 hours for us to get in, so I got him a Cancun map. Hoping he can find something to do and stay out of trouble.
    Thanks for all your work 🙂

  128. Anonymous

    Filled with all the info you need and more. My group stayed at the Royal Islander(time share) so we especially found the restaurant guide and supermarket info helpful. I would suggest downloading a pesos/dollar app for all smartphone users To always get the best exchange. Will def purchase again for our next trip. This guide will save you money and aggravation.

  129. Anonymous

    We just returned from 10 days in the Hotel Zone. This set of maps is much more useful than any other set we’ve used. Thank you for helping make this the best vacation yet!

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    Our response:
    Thank you, every year we look at the different paper options in case something new has come out. We have to have something that will be able to do all of the folds involved with the large sheet and of course still have it be cost effective. We really appreciate your tip and will look in to it next time we print!

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    We did feel very confident with your maps. They are truly a marvelous addition
    for our travel. Thanks for your efforts.

    Jeannine, we will be updating after the first of the year, please return the map and I will send a refund, on the front page of the store we do say this is the 2009-2010 edition. When you placed your order you said you had a 2008 edition. Hopefully we’ll have the new Cancun map by late February or March.

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    We live in a suburb of San Francisco and when we have visitors from England and who want to “do” all of California in 5 days have a sheet of recommendations. We will be in Cancun December 29 to January 9 and I volunteer to be your guini pig.

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