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Always exceeds my expectations. Maps are full of tips and excellent details that you can’t get anywhere else. Thank You for helping make my vacation easier and full of great memories.

Cozumel maps

Just received the Cozumel maps and they are very helpful, Thank you!

Marsha, Melbourne, FL

Awesome maps! Puerto-Morelos-Travel-Guide

More than just maps. The details and information provided is essential to planning a great trip. Wouldn’t plan a trip without them.


Love these Maps- mapjunkie

If you plan on stepping off your resort, these maps are a must have. If you are visiting the Riviera Maya and not staying on a resort, you should not go without these maps. Great info, in depth and recommendations.


Love love love Isla-Mujeres-Travel-Guide

These maps are the bomb! It will make planning my vacation week so simple!!! From restaurant recos to snorkeling info—-I have everything and then some!!! Thank you Mapchick!


Fantastic maps Cancun-Travel-Guide

These maps are really clear and loaded with quality information. I have 2 books about Cancun that I purchased recently from elsewhere but I find the maps are much better at providing quality information. For me, they are a must buy to help enhance your travelling and holiday experience


Love Mapchick maps! Cozumel-Travel-Guide

We have been going to Cozumel for quite a few years and ordered previous versions. These maps are so helpful to discover new places to go, and having a short synopsis of many of the places helps us decide if we want to try them. Easy to understand and figure out. I think these are a must have especially for your first trip. Thank you!

Lincoln, NE

Great guide Cozumel-Travel-Guide

We quickly received our guide and love it. Found so many new places to try even though we have been to Cozumel three times already. My husband loves to sit and look at them and plan for our next trip.

Imperial Beach, CA

Updated Riviera Maya Maps Tulum-Travel-Guide

Although we travel to the Riviera Maya each fall season, and know our way around pretty well, isn’t near as well as the folks from Mapchicks. It was time for a new updated version of their maps and as usual we were not disappointed, some new features since last time, clear and easy to follow, plus pricing for tour costs, in US dollars. If you are going here, and you leave your resort, you need these maps. Long time user, and wouldn’t be without.


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MapChick reviews August 21, 2018