Customs and the declaration form
..After you have cleared immigration, and picked up your luggage, you'll move to the customs area. Here you'll hand over your declaration form that you filled out on the airplane. Instructions for this form are located below.
..Next, you'll press
a button connected to a stoplight. If you get a green light, you pass through, and you're done with the process. If you get a red light, you'll be asked to open your bags for inspection. This inspection is fairly unobtrusive, and usually seems as thought it is only done as a formality.
..NOTE: When shown at 72 dots per inch, it is difficult to read the text on the form shown below. If you click on the form, you can open a 300 dots per inch PDF file that you can read more clearly. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

This is the FRONT of the form.
Click here to view the BACK SIDE.
Click here to view a high-resolution, PDF version.
You only need one form for each family,
if they all share the same last name. To be filled out by the "Head of Household".
Fist lines are for your name:
Last name, then first name.
On the next line they ask for middle name,
or middle initial
Next line asks for passport information:
The line beside passport asks for the country that your passport was issued in: Number of relatives traveling with you:
Don't count yourself.
If you are traveling alone = enter 0
If it is you and your spouse = enter 1.
You, your spouse, and two kids = enter 3.
If you are traveling with friends, but they are filling out their own form, Do Not count them.
Number of suitcases, bundles, or boxes:
Just write in the total number of bags you have.
ountry of residence:
Just write in your official home country.

Next they ask about:
If you have less than U.S. $20,000, check NO.
Live animals, flowers, vegetables, etc:
Just make sure you don't carry anything listed off the plane, and check NO.
Fire arms and/or cartridges:
We've heard the penalties are outrageous. Before leaving home, make sure that you DO NOT have as much as a tiny bullet in your bags. If you are sure, check NO.
Goods subject to taxes: For 99.9% of tourists, the answer to this would be NO.Area 8: visiting.
(The state for Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Isla Mujeres, and Cozumel is "Quintana Roo" You can just write "Q'Roo".)
Area 9: Passport number.
We use birth certificates and just write :Birth Certificate" here.)

Sign and date your form, and you are ready to go.

This is the BACK of the form.
Click here to view the FRONT SIDE.
Click here to view a high-resolution, PDF version.
The back side describes what you are allowed to bring into the country, and what is considered taxable goods.