Travel insurance during Covid-19

For our upcoming trip during this pandemic I had the chore of weeding through different travel insurance plans.

My first stop is always with
My usual go to is Allianz, but is is no longer being sold on insuremytrip.
I went ahead and put in all of my information on insuremytrip for a quote, at the top of the page was a link with their recommended plans for traveling during Covid-19, I went ahead and clicked that link to see what they recommended. There were two available and one of them I wasn’t qualified for because of the date I bought my airfare and date of my travel were too close together.
I went ahead and took a look at TravelSafe, (the other recommended policy)  this is an insurance I have never used before. I also went over to the Allianz website so I could compare policies and prices.
I found a big difference in coverage, while both covered medical expenses if we were to get Covid during our trip, and trip interruption coverage due to Covid-19, the amount of coverage and price of the policy was much better with TravelSafe. TravelSafe had a $100,000.00 medical limit per insured and something I have never seen before, $1,000,000.00 medical evacuation!
Allianz’s One trip Prime coverage only offered $25,000.00 per insured for medical and $500,000.00 for emergency evacuation at $50.00 more than TravelSafe.
Note: there are things insurance will not cover because of Covid-19, the main thing is if you decide you’re not comfortable traveling, insurance won’t cover your trip if you decide not to go. Unless you purchase “cancel for any reason coverage” It does cover you under trip cancellation if you or your travel companion contracts Covid-19 and have to cancel.
I figured it was a no-brainer to go ahead and try TravelSafe Classic for our trip.
During the process I didn’t add some information to my Accidental death information, I wanted to add beneficiaries, an email was sent to their customer service department and the beneficiaries were added the same day with a new updated policy. I was impressed by how quickly they responded and took care of my issue.
The one thing I really can’t do is rate the coverage, because obviously if you don’t have a claim, you really don’t know how they will handle it. I’m feeling pretty confident after my communication with my small issue that they will as responsive if we should need to file a claim.
Here’s hoping we don’t need to use this travel insurance! But, I do feel much better having it and always recommend you buy travel insurance before any trip.
Compare policies and choose what is right for you!