Trigueña: A pirate tale of adventure and romance

Ready for a fun beach read?

Those who have visited the island paradise of Isla Mujeres (The Island of Women) will know the story of pirate, Fermin Antonio Mundaca Marecheaga. Aging and alone, his tale of love for a young island girl—and the garden he built to win her affection—has become an island fable.
Nearly one hundred fifty years later, a tourist arrives. Her visit to Mundaca’s garden turns into the adventure of a lifetime and an opportunity for love. A love she may be too stubborn to see until it’s too late.


Many of you don’t know that Perry (aka the map guy!) wrote a novel several years ago. Okay, I’m always supportive of him, but after several months of effort, Perry & I both agreed there would never be another novel come between us. 😆

So, when Perry came to me during quarantine with the idea for a novel based in Isla Mujeres, around the fable of La Trigueña and Pirate Mundaca, I immediately said, “You know we agreed there would never be another novel in our lives!

But…this sounds like so much fun. I love it!”

And so, Perry’s new novel, Triguena, gets my seal of approval. Check it out. You can read the first chapter for free, click Look inside or Send a free sample.