Last minute trip prep

One week until vacation, the countdown is on!

If you’re like me you have all those open tabs in your brain  of things I have to do before I leave for vacation!

Very important!!! Check your passport to make sure it is valid! That means NOT EXPIRED!

Those things that you have to make sure are taken care of at home, pets, the mail, your job, packing, maybe your kids 🙂

Let’s go over a few things you may have forgotten to do that you can  still do a week away from take-off:

*If you’re outside the U.S, you’re out of luck, but you can email Laura to find out where you might be able to buy one once you get there.

  • Do you have your airport transportation set up? You still have time! CARM can always help you out!
  • You’ve been thinking about getting travel insurance, but you just couldn’t decide if it’s worth it. In our opinion, it is well worth it! We buy mostly for the medical coverage and the Medical Emergency Evacuation coverage. Checkout our Medical page for a link to get insurance with insuremytrip and write down our preferred hospitals.
  • Does your cell phone company offer a free or low cost Mexico plan? It’s probably not too late to check into this!
  • Do you know how to make calls? Check out this blog post, it’s geared towards Isla Mujeres, but calling is the same everywhere in the area.
  • Money…did you order pesos from your bank? you can still do it! Do you use your ATM card to get pesos? Do you need to notify your bank that you’ll be using your card outside of the country (same with your credit card) you have time! You’d like to try Xoom to get your pesos, you have time! If you use this Xoom link, we’ll both get $25! How cool is that? Send me an email and I send you a link for the $25 deal! Email for Xoom code
  • As far as packing goes, you can get just about anything you really need once you arrive. *But remember things like prescription drugs, your glasses and or contacts, and phone/computer chargers!  Check out my carry-on packing tips here

Let me know if I forgot anything, you know I still have those 19 tabs open trying to remember everything!

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