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Are Mexico Beaches public?

The law in Mexico states that all beach is Federal Zone, this means all beaches are public but there are some exceptions: Government or military areas, parks, hotels, and  restaurants that have been granted concessions to operate business on the beach. This doesn’t mean you can’t take that long walk on the beach, or even throw your  own towel down. Beach access is where it gets tricky. What you CANNOT do is use facilities of a business that has a concession, for instance a beach club, park, hotel’s beach chairs, or a restroom of a business, etc. UNLESS you are a paying customer.

The other rule which should go without saying, is you CANNOT cross personal property to gain access to the beach, this means you can’t cut through a homeowners property, or go through a hotel, (although some hotels that are not all-inclusives will not say anything if  go through their property to gain access to the beach).

Please remember to take your trash with you and help keep the beaches clean!

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