Updates for the newest Isla Mujeres map & travel guide 2019-20

You knew it would happen, the updates have already started! One new place, one name change and one error!

We do our best to always keep you updated !

Updates for our newest Isla Mujeres map, 2019-20 edition. These updates are only for the 2019-20 map, if you have an older edition you should upgrade to the newest edition for complete updates.

New Restaurants/Bars

• Coco Jaguar located in the colonia. Map 3A near #C6, Art Gallery de la Torre

Name change

• Cha Cha Cha, Map 2B # F2 is now Zanzibar


• We accidentally omitted Basto’s , this restaurant is located in colonia La Gloria, Map 3B near #C12

We sincerely apologize to Basto’s for this error

Thank you for catching that Rhonda!

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  1. Yes, we’ve had new Isla maps out since February 15th!

  2. Love your maps…. we are entourage to Isla Mujeres tomorrow and am bummed there’s an update
    I’m sure we’ll struggle thru (: