Why we love Isla Holbox

Why we love Holbox


The most photographed mural on Holbox

What is it about Isla Holbox that makes us yearn to go back?

As soon as we stepped off the ferry on to Holbox island, we felt it. It’s that feeling that we knew we would love it here. The first thing you notice is the streets are sand, no concrete. Traffic is golf carts (taxis are golf carts), bicycles and an occasional smaller delivery truck.

The feeling of being¬† on a small island in Mexico, not all of the comforts of being on a more developed island, there’s no big mega grocery stores, no cars, no bank, there isn’t even always money in the ATM. Some might see these as negative things, but plan ahead and none of this will be an issue. Walking to our hotel along the sand streets, keeping out of the way of bikes and golf carts, I couldn’t stop smiling and saying “I love it here”

Holbox streets
The quaint sand streets of Holbox


The people are friendly, many non-English speakers. I noticed when walking down the streets no one yelling out to me to buy their goods, come to their restaurant or go on their tour. So refreshing!  The pace and quaintness of Holbox immediately relaxed me.

After checking in to our hotel, in town, but steps from the beach, we headed out to explore. The water is not the same blue as the Caribbean, Holbox is on the gulf so the water is more of a green blue than a turquoise blue, the water is calm and shallow. There’s a sandbar that starts close to town and goes all the way to Punta Mosquito, when we visited it was ankle deep all the way there. We loved walking it!

Be sure to rent a bike and explore!

Did I mention we did a boat tour and were escorted by a pod of dolphins?!

Street food!

Yummy street food on Isla Holbox!

Rooftop pools!


Art is everywhere, Holbox is a photographers dream!

Holbox art
The fruteria or fruit store on Holbox



Perry & I are looking forward to our next visit to this island paradise.

If you’d like to know more details about Isla Holbox or are planning your own escape check out the new MapChick Isla Holbox map & travel guide

Holbox map & travel guide

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