U.S Passport

Do you need to carry your passport in Mexico?

U.S Passport
U.S. Passport mapchick.com

What identification should you carry with you when you travel the Riviera Maya area?

We have never carried our passports with us while traveling around. No way I want to risk losing that little baby! It gets locked up in the safe along with the bottom part of my tourist card that must be turned in when I leave Mexico. Make sure you keep the exit part of your tourist card (visa) in a safe place, you need it when you return home. If lost, it could cost you up to $50.00us for a new one.

Recently there has been news coming out of the Puerto Morelos area that people are being stopped and immigration officers are asking for I.D and proof that people are there legally. This action is said to be because of an influx of people coming from South America who are living and working illegally in Mexico.

For most tourists this will really not be an issue.

What is acceptable to agents is photos of the front page of your passport, or driver’s license and a photo of your tourist card, (visa). I plan to take pictures of these documents and have them on my phone.  I am very doubtful I will need this information, but it never hurts to be prepared!

Make sure to check that your passport is valid before you travel.

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  1. I always take pictures of my passport and two credits card (front and back) when I travel. Easy to encrypt and have with you if needed.

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