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I have a couple map updates to share with you and Isla Mujeres news.

  • First of all, one of our new favorites, Slow Down Food & Art restaurant, located at D5 on Map 3A and also mentioned on our golf cart tour map has now relocated to Villa La Bella B&B, located just down the road at D4, Map 3A
  • La Chatita restaurant, which was located in La Gloria, #H4 is now located near Isla Brewing Company, #C2, Map 3B
  • Joyxsee Bottle Island, # A9, Map 3B is no longer, it has not survived this season’s storm season.

Very sad to report this news from Casa de los Suenos/ Parque de los Suenos, see email below from owners. We wish the best to Jade & his family, and are heartbroken over what happened to them after working so hard to make CDLS a special place we all loved, and did wonderful things for the Isla Mujeres community.  I don’t know if there can be any justice here, but, I for one will never go back there unless this is resolved and the property is back in the hands of the rightful owners.

“As many of you may have learned, Casa de los Suenos is currently under new management. The facts behind this are simple, our Mexican partner conspired with a group of local attorneys to steal the property from us. It appears he successfully persuaded the mortgage holder to enter in a new agreement to “sell” the property to his new company. The details of this are still being investigated. What is clear is that he stole all money on property and cleaned out all bank accounts as his first action as new “owner.”

Once his scheme was complete, he threatened to have us arrested if we even set foot on the property. We have not been back.

At this time, we have no knowledge of his plans with the hotel moving forward. We have no answers to what I’m sure are the many questions you may have.

For those of you who have been or will be affected by this, we deeply, deeply apologize for all of this. Casa de los Suenos was meant to be a warm and peaceful escape from the world. We built our hotel and our service to you all on the foundation of family and trust. That has been shattered.

Thank you for being part of our last five years. We wish the best to each of you.”

Our new Isla Mujeres Map & Travel Guide, 2017-18 edition is now available.

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