“Isla Mujeres can’t be YOUR happy place, it’s mine”


This is a list of posts from Tripadvisor when someone posted

“Top 10 signs you go to Isla alot!”

With permission from my friends on TA, these are just too good not to share! Enjoy!

Thank you to all who posted and gave me permission to share this on my blog, you guys are great!

“Isla Mujeres can’t be YOUR happy place, it’s mine”  

   “You know where Maria lives!!”


  •  Two sentences you hear more and more: ‘You’re here again!’ and ‘Vives aqui?’
  •  You are giving your new-to-the-island taxista directions.
  •  Islenos ask if YOU remember them, not the other way around.
  •  You have once appeared on Wentcoastal’s blog.
  • You know where Maria and her pepitas live.
  •  Your Facebook friends no longer comment on how often you are there. Frankly, at this point, they just assume you never left.
  •  You sometimes score the ‘local discount’ in restaurants without ever asking.
  •  The minute you arrive to Puerto Juarez, you run into someone you know.
  •  You know more island ‘chisme’ that you’ll ever care to know.
  •  Ferry rides back to Puerto Juarez are not a sad affair, because most of the time, next trip is already planned!
  • When people no longer ask you where you’re going on vacation. They know where.
  • When you looking for someplace to throw the toilet paper and you’re at home.
  • Maybe like last night…walking out of the grocery store and a group was selling something as a fundraiser, and I said “no, gracias”
  • When you see only one person on a scooter, it looks odd.
  • You stop putting away your summer clothes … just in case.
  •  You trade in the family minivan for a golf cart.
  •  You start showing up at hockey games wearing your favorite team’s sweater … and short
  •  You ask for “la cuenta” at a Chinese restaurant.
  •  You decide that flip flops fall into the “business casual” category. More formal events, of course, still require closed toe sandals.
  •  You start asking your hometown friends what they’re doing for sunset.
  •  You try to order pizza with lobster.
  •  You have all the Spanish language stations programmed into your car’s radio.
  •  When your boss criticizes for not getting something done, you look at him in amazement and ask, “Oh, you meant TODAY?”
  • You go to pay for something and all you have is pesos!
  • You are still wearing flip flops and it’s 20 degrees outside!
  • Running into people we know at Puerto Jaurez has happened to us a few times
  • You know the bus driver and he stops to pick you up
  •   Isla Mujeres locals ask you to be their friend on facebook
  • People we have met in the past, who no longer work on Isla, arrange to come over and meet you for dinner
  • Our trips get longer each year
  • We look at the Isla real estate regularly
  • The hotel concierge greets you as his friend and know where you are from
  • My wardrobe consists of mostly summer dresses and sandals
  • When even dear heart says “we’re not going to talk about Isla again!” because every time we go out to dinner or are sitting around chatting, I manage to insert Isla into the conversation somehow – like when you have a crush on someone and can’t stop mentioning their name!
  • Or you just say I am not going to Isla any more……………..and just move there! My lovely wife and I have enjoyed Isla as our full-time home for 6 years now!
  • When a sales rep comes in and is surprised to see you and says I figured you’d be in Mexico again.
  •  When you order a Negra Modelo at your local bar and they look at you with a blank stare.
  • When you have more Facebook friends that live on Isla than in the U.S.
  • When you don’t bother to put the suitcase away because you know you’ll need it again soon.
  • When your husband says “just book the trip and then please shut up” and then you keep obsessing about the trip you just booked.
  • When you make dinner reservations 3 months ahead of time and they know who you are!
  • As soon as the weather starts getting gloomy family and friends ask when you’re leaving and for how long this time.
  • Acquaintances in your Canadian hometown assume that you live on Isla and visit Canada. (which, when you think about it, is almost the case!!)
  • When you look at the back of van for pastries to buy .
  • When you only answer the phone “Hola”.
  • When you try to leave the bar with your beer because it’s in a Bahia Tortuga or Villa la Bella koozie!
  • When everyone at work starts referring to Isla as “your island”
  • All your suitcases have got to have bigger wheels because of the dock,cobblestone and bumps to the hotel(altho much better last few years).






  1. You make your own calendar each year instead of buying one and the pictures are all of Isla!

  2. When the clerk at the liquor store said he won a trip to “your paradise”. Gave him my map chick map and he was in awe.

  3. Here’s a new one from TA!

    I’ve been going to Isla for about 30 years now …. I really don’t know why, but I go at least once a year for an Isla fix … maybe it’s because I don’t own long pants and I live on a boat on Isla time … I’m hooked, but in a healthy way ….

    There can be big disappointments … this year I was there and Jax was closed for their vacation … horrors

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