Wonderful dining experience at Lolo Lorena

Wonderful Dining with Lolo Lorena

I had been raving about my awesome dinner at Lolo Lorena’s to Perry for a year! So when we found out we would actually get to be together in Mexico for a few days I knew Lolo Lorena’s dinner was at the top of our list.

Reservations made, we grabbed a taxi to Chedraui to choose our wine for the evening. (guests are encouraged to bring their own drinks of choice).

We settled on an Argentine wine called Alma Mora, and bought two just n case 🙂

We are so excited….  we are  too early,  we grab another taxi and head over to Chuuk Kay for a before dinner drink,  after our drink,  we just can’t stand the anticipation and  walk back to Lolo’s,  we are the second couple to arrive, (oh good, I didn’t want to look too overly anxious!)

Introductions, and Julie (Lolo’s assistant) pours us each a glass of our wine. Soon after, the rest of the guests arrive, three more, we are a party of 7..perfect. More introductions and fun “getting to know everyone conversation” when it all begins!

First course, to get us started…
Bruschette , with grilled provolone , tomatoes and grilled pepper with balsamic vinaigrette and flakes of parmigianno extra vecchio.

Lolo Lorena

Second course, to keep us enticed…
Gnocchi gratine with fresh tomatoes and creamy devilish sauce


Third course, to keep us wanting more….
Mango ceviche


Fourth course, we are just drooling at this point…
Seafood risotto


The last and certainly not least grand finale, DESSERT HEAVEN!!!

Belgian chocolate mousse, candy grape , home made lychee and rasberry jello, iced creme brulée , sponge cake with rose water butter cream , and  vanilla macaroons with fresh blueberry


I think everyone was licking their plates!

I loved it all, the candied grape was so interesting, you bite into a hard candy sweet glaze and inside is a juicy grape, Lolo is genius!

All of her dishes, or should I call then creations, are made with love, like works of art!  I don’t normally get this mushy over food! 🙂

I wish I had a tape recorder for all of oohs, yums, and ahhs!

The gang, full of wonderful Lolo creations, new friends and great memories!


Thank you Lolo, for the wonderful evening, great food and above all for being you!……besos, Perry & Laura

…and a special thanks to Julie for keeping us all served with drinks and our wonderful food!

Because I know you’ll all be messaging me asking how you can have dinner at Lolo’s, here ya go, make your reservations!

Dinner at Lolo Lorena is by reservation only.
You can reserve on facebook:  www.facebook.com/lololorena62
email: lolorena@yahoo.com
Phone:( 998) 139-2310
$35.00us per person

P.S. writing this, and seeing the pictures takes me back to that garden, I can’t wait to go again!

  • Do not eat here if you are expecting an all-you-can-eat-buffet, you are not open to the idea of trying new things, you have a problem dining at a communal table and you are a “hurry through dinner” type of person.
  • DO dine here for an experience like no other!

Feel free to post questions!


  1. Lolo Lorena’s is on the island of Isla Mujeres, very close to Cancun, you can take the ferry over! You have to make reservations in advance to dine at Lolo’s

  2. This looks SO amazing!!! Where is it? My sister and I are going to Cancun 3/27/14 for 9 days, and I would love to do this! Is it close to Cancun?

  3. OMG!! We have reservations for June 26th. You’ve got me wanting to request that delicious looking risotto! Can’t wait, wifey has no idea where we’ll be dining that night. Going to surprise her.

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