Travel tips

The official currency in Mexico is the peso. U.S dollars are accepted in most places, but you get a much better bargain if you exchange your dollars fro pesos. U.S. coins are not accepted.
You can exchange some money at your bank before your trip, but it isn’t really necessary, besides you will usually get a better exchange rate once you are in Mexico. Check the exchange rate here before you do any exchanging in the U.S.
We always use the atms in Mexico to get our pesos, more info here. Notify your bank that you will using your atm card in Mexico.
Credit Cards
We rarely use credit cards in Mexico, maybe for a large purchase such as our hotel bill or renting a car. Again, notify your credit card company if you plan on using it in Mexico. Even if you don’t plan on using it, you should call them just in case you have an emergency and need to use it.

Seems like every time you turn around someone is wanting a tip. Well. for many that is their only income. So tip for good service. Of course tipping is discretionary, these are just some guidelines.
Baggage handlers: $1-$2 per bag
Hotel maid: $1-$2 per day. Leave a tip daily as the same maid may not always clean your room. Some people also like to leave little gifts for the maid, that’s fine, but also leave cash in addition to the gifts. She really needs the money more than the nail polish, bubble bath, etc.
Taxi drivers; I don’t tip taxi drivers unless they do something other than drive you somewhere, if they wait for you, give you some great advice, carry your bags for you…etc. Then I will usually give them an extra $1 depending on what they do.
Private airport transfer driver: usually 10%.
Waiters: I normally tip 20% at home and I tip the same in Mexico. Check the bill though, if they have added in their own tip, I usually won’t tip more unless they were exceptionally good, then I may add enough to make it 20%.
if you see “propina” on your bill, that means tip, if you see any kind of tax added to your restaurant bill, that is also a tip.