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Tipping in Mexico

Some tipping guidelines, these are just guidelines. You should tip for good service and if you feel like tipping more or less, it’s up to you.
Tips can be in dollars or pesos, no U.S. coins, they are useless in Mexico.

Maid tip her/him daily as you may not have the same maid every day..$2-$5 per day. Some people like to also leave small gifts, this is fine, but don’t leave only a gift, you should tip in cash also.

Baggage handlers $1-$2 per bag

Taxi drivers- I don’t tip a taxi unless he does something special, ie, helps with bags, is friendly and offers suggestions, etc.

Waiters- I tip waiters for good service the same as I do at home, usually 20%. Pay attention to your bill, if a tip has already been added in, I normally won’t tip more than that.

Tour guide/boat capitan- 10-20% of the cost of the tour

Strolling Mariachis- normally tip $1-$2 per song.
Recently I have heard of mariachis demnading a certain amont after a song, maybe a good idea to ask how much they charge per song if they no longer are performing tips.

Bartender- If you’re sitting at a bar all day, $5-$10 a day. Otherwise if you are tipping per drink, I tip $1.

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