Cancun Mexico

Cancun’s access to beautiful resorts, 5 star dining, water activities, Mayan ruins, shopping and gorgeous beaches make Cancun one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations.

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Is Cancun Safe?  You tell your friends and neighbors you are planning your next trip to Cancun, they  say “are you crazy, it is so dangerous there!”
Well, they are wrong, in fact Cancun and the entire area of Riviera Maya are quite safe for travelers. Other than petty theft, you will rarely hear of any crimes against tourists.If you leave your camera or your wallet sitting on your beach towel there’s a good chance it won’t be there when you come back.Our advice is if you use common sense you will be as safe in Cancun as you are in your own hometown.
Click here to see a map of safe and unsafe areas of Mexico

 Safety Tips:

  • Do not leave valuables laying around.
  • Use the buddy system, do not walk around unpopulated areas alone at night.
  • Stay out of trouble!  Obvious things you wouldn’t do at home, don’t drive drunk, don’t buy drugs, be respectful.
  • In clubs stay with your drinks at all times, anyone could slip something into your drink.
  • Always have bus fare. Take a bus back to your hotel after you’ve been out clubbing. Some taxi drivers may take advantage of you and charge way too much and being on a bus with other tourists is much safer than a taxi.
  • Don’t go off somewhere with someone you just met!
How to get to my hotel in Cancun from the Cancun airport
  •  Bus  Not recommended if you are staying in the hotel zone
  • Private Transfer Service Recommended if you want to get to your hotel fast, are traveling with more than 3 people and prefer more of a VIP service. Many private transfers will stop at a store on the way so you can purchase drinks and snacks for the trip.
 The average Round trip private transfer service for 1-3 passengers is $50-$55.00us.
Companies we recommend:
 CARM Transfers Reserve


Canada Transfers Reserve


For wheelchair or reduced mobility travelers to and from the Cancun airport.
Cancun AccesibleReserve

Food & water safety

  • Most hotels now have purified water systems. The system is only as good as the upkeep and since I don’t know how well they take care of things I always drink only bottled water and brush my teeth with bottled water. I’d rather play it safe than be sorry.
  • Fruits, vegetables & salads are safe to eat in most restaurants. Small  loncherias and street food vendors may not be.

Getting around

The very best way to get around Cancun is the public bus system, 8.5 pesos per person and you can get anywhere in the Cancun hotel zone or downtown Cancun in a matter of minutes. Read my Bus Tips page.
If you’d like to take a day trip on your own to places along the Riviera Maya or inland to Chichen Itza, you can rent a car. We rarely rent cars anymore, the public transportation is so good and I don’t have to worry about car insurance, being scammed at a gas station, or by the police.

Cancun Taxi Rates 

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