9/17/2018 There are updates to the updates list click below!

So many changes on Isla Mujeres lately!

After hearing the news today that Fenix Lounge is now closed, I wanted to remind you that if you have our current  2017-2018 edition of the Isla Mujeres Map and Travel Guide that we have a pdf listing of many changes on the island available.

Most of these refer to map number locations, so it will not make sense if you don’t have the current map.

Here’s the link to print the most updated list of changes as of today, 9/17/2018.

Isla Mujeres updates

If you don’t have our most current map & travel guide you can order one here!

Get the MapChick map!

  1. Hi Brenda,
    We’re hoping for mid February or a bit sooner depending on our printers schedule!

  2. Any update on the date the new Isla map will be available?

  3. HI Lisa,
    We hope to have ne Isla maps sometime around the first of the year.

  4. Will there be a new edition coming out for 2019?
    We will be there at the end of January and we want the most recent version when we get there.

  5. There is a large store that will have baby items called Chedraui. You can also rent some baby gear at https://islarentals.com.mx/baby/

  6. Hi Carrie,
    We no longer have a Riviera Maya map, it has been replaced by two maps, Puerto Morelos and Northern Riviera Maya and Tulum and Southern Riviera Maya. The are just got too large to do as one map!

  7. I’ve traveled to Isla alone a few times and always felt safe. Use common sense like you would anywhere. Hotel doors and windows locked, walk in well lit areas at night, preferably around other people. People on Isla are welcoming and accommodating, I don’t hesitate to travel there alone.

  8. Is Isla still safe for women to travel alone?

  9. Do you have an updated Riviera Maya map?The one I have is a picture with a blue and a green beach chairs.

  10. Is there a baby gear rental store in the island?

  11. Fenix moved from their old location by Mia Reef to the beach club near Privilege Alux, but they have lost their lease from there now and I have not heard if or where they may reopen again. There is another beach club in that spot now, I believe called Luxury Beach Club, it’s a very nice place and would still be a good spot (even though it is not Fenix anymore) to stop for drinks and shower.
    Yes, Playa Lancheros is still open, just remodeled.

  12. We have used Felix Lounge a lot! Hate to hear it has closed. Did something else take it place? Needing a suggestion.

    After tour Isla Mujeres always finishe @Fenix for snacks & drinks, We Loved to use the outside shower to rise off & bathroom facilities .

    Looking for another place to use…Suggestions????

    Also is the restaurant on Playa Lancheros still Open & serving Tix N Xic??

    Last June they were updating..we are afraid sold.

    Any Help will be gratefully accepted . THANK YOU!

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