Good news & bad news!

Bad news first 

We’ve never ran out of maps before it was updating time! Just shows how popular Isla Mujeres has become!

Around this time last year when we printed the 2016/2017 edition of the Isla Mujeres map, we were sure we ordered enough to get us through until after the first of the year…we were wrong!

Inventory is very low, if your trip isn’t right away please pre-order the new Isla map below.

UPDATE! We are now SOLD OUT of the 2016/17 edition of the Isla Mujeres map

Good news, new maps on the way! 

With all the great new places you’ve been hearing about, new locations for Tino the rib guy, Limon and more!

Perry has also been hard at work redesigning the map with a fresh new look, and easier to use format.

What does this mean for  anyone needing an Isla Mujeres map? I still have some but, if you aren’t traveling soon, please pre-order the new one below, I don’t have many left. We don’t have an exact print date yet, but we expect to have new maps on or around June 30, 2017.

PRE-ORDER the new Isla Mujeres maps now .

Isla Mujeres 2017/18 edition

Don’t forget our guarantee! If we have a new map printed within 30 days of your order of the older version, you get the new one FREE, you only pay the shipping. Once these new maps are printed, I’ll be sending an email to everyone who qualifies with instructions on how to get the new for the cost of shipping.


Along with this printing we’re excited to add a new map title, Puerto Morelos and the Northern Riviera Maya. This map will highlight, in detail, the town of Puerto Morelos and the area from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. We’re pretty excited about this one,  we had a lot of fun making it and we’re happy to give Puerto Morelos the attention it deserves!   We don’t have an exact print date yet, but we expect to have new maps on or around June 30, 2017.

PRE-ORDER the new Puerto Morelos and Northern Riviera Maya map now

Puerto Morelos and the Northern Riviera Maya 2017/18 edition

After we print these two we’ll finish work on another map, the same concept as Puerto Morelos, it will be Tulum and the Southern Riviera Maya. Printing date for that one to be announced later.


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  1. Hi Adriana,
    We were running low on Isla Mujeres maps only, your complete order was shipped to you on 6/9/17, no worries!

  2. Hi! I just ordered ALL of your maps (Map Junkie package), and am now reading on your blog, you are running low on maps… We are traveling to Playa, Cozumel and Tulum, leaving June 23. I REALLY need those maps in before we leave. The others could wait… Am I going to have to wait until printing of the maps you’ve run out of takes place before shipment of all maps? Or will maps that are available be sent now and the others later on? Please let me know if you are out of stock of the ones I need for this upcoming trip. Thanks!

  3. I (selfishly) hope the Puerto Morelos map isn’t all that popular, just because I’d hate to see this beautiful little town go the way of PDC! Puerto Morelos is one of our favorite places for a day trip: beautiful snorkeling, great food, amazing beaches, etc.

    Seriously, thanks for all your maps. We have found so many little “off the beaten path” excursions, adventures and restaurants, all that we’d never have known about were it not for your maps!

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