Cozumel map updates

We knew it would happen! Cozumel map changes to the 2015-2016 edition of the Cozumel map & guide

Here’s a few additions that I have heard of so far:

New restaurants:

Local 707 located on Ave 5 sur between Calle 7 & 9 inside the Mi Casa en Cozumel.
Visit their facebook, Local 707

Only seating for 14, so best to make a reservation 987-101-1557.

Amparo’s located on the corner of Ave 2 north and Calle 10.
Serving breakfast & brunch from 7am -2pm. Opens for dinner at 5 pm.
Visit their website, Amparo’s and facebook page

I have been dreaming about these Amparo’s blueberry pancakes!

MapChick Cozumel map
Yes, that’s a big scoop of butter on top!

Cuatro Tacos, located on Calle 3 sur between 5th and Melgar

Visit their facebook page Cuatro Tacos

Blu Bistro Cafe Cozumel located on Melgar in same building with Hog Town cafe #B10.

Visit their facebook page Blu Bistro Cafe

El Palomar located on the corner of Melgar and Calle 10 norte.

Visit their facebook page El Palomar Cozumel

Jacinta located on Av 5 between Calle 4 and 6.

Visit their website, Jacinta and facebook page


Margaritaville, A24, Map 1A has moved to the International pier (SSA) area, B25, Map 1A.


Cha Cha’s kitchen located at A60. Map 3B
Check out their new restaurant above, Local 707

Prima, A922, Map 3B

La Caletita de Tio Jose, B4, Map 1A

Print pdf of these updates

We appreciate any feedback, if you know of a new business or closure, we will add it to the list!




  1. Thank you David!

  2. I have made a dozen or so visits to the island and this is a great additiion

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