Where is my Riviera Maya resort?

Why is my resort not on the Playa del Carmen map?

The struggles of map-making!

I’ve had 2 emails from customers recently wanting to know why their resort is not shown on the  Playa del Carmen map?

I decided if I have received 2 emails about this then it needs a blog post, because there are probably others out there who didn’t contact me, and just think we left off their hotel for some reason.

There are resorts located outside of the city of Playa del Carmen that may have the address of Playa del Carmen but are not actually in the city. They are in the municipality of Playa del Carmen, also known as Solidaridad. Think of it as the county you live in.

Why aren’t those resorts on the Playa del Carmen map if the hotel’s address says Playa del Carmen?

The simplest answer is space, the municipality of Playa del Carmen stretches an area of 2278 km, (1415 miles) to the north, south and inland.

To help you know the location of your hotel in Riviera Maya who have Playa del Carmen addresses, I asked Perry to whip up  this map shown below.

Click on image for larger pdf of the map.

MapChick Maps & Guides

The hotels shown here are on our Riviera Maya map & guide They are not on the Playa del Carmen map.

If you want to know everything that is around your resort, the Riviera Maya map would be a good choice, if you want a detailed map of the closest city to your resort where you will most likely go to shop or enjoy local restaurants or to find the ferry to Cozumel you may also want the Playa del Carmen map & guide.

Many of our customers purchase both of these guides.

I hope I have explained this well enough, but if you still have questions please feel free to email us.

As always, our goal is to help you have a great vacation!


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