Isla Mujeres map updates

We knew it would happen! Isla Mujeres map changes to the 2016-2017 edition of the Isla Mujere map & guide

The ferry price has increased to 100 pesos one way and 300p RT

Here’s a few additions that I have heard of so far:

New restaurant:

Amar Cocina Peruana, featuring Peruvian dishes. They have been getting great reviews from friends on the island!
Located on Ave Guerrero between Matamoros and Abasolo
Visit their facebook,
and website

Amar Cocina Peruana
Photo courtesy of Amar Cocina

Oma’s Cafe & Bakery, located on the corner by the basketball court in centro, kitty corner from Q Bravo, J6, Map 2B


New bar & grill:

BE, located on the corner Guerrero and Matamoros

Facebar, located directly above BE

New hotel:

Hotel Berny is a hotel that has been closed for several years, it has been remodeled and is open!

Located on the corner of Abasolo and Juarez


Drunken Mermaid bar located at H2. Map 2B
Rumor is they are relocating, I will update when I know where

Sergio’s, B2, Map 3A

Don Chepo,  L25, Map 2B

Bahama Mama,  E3, Map 3A


Soggy Peso, A4, Map 3A will no longer be open on Sunday, this does mean no more Sunday BBQ feast. Mal & Sally deserve a day off!

Isla Mujeres map updates

Sergio’s Limon Restaurant moving back! They will be moving from the Isla 33 location, F2 , Map 3A back to his original location in La Gloria, I5, Map 3A



Map 3A,  we have Basto’s, #I3 incorrectly labeled as La Bruja. La Bruja’s location at I1 is correct.

Print pdf of these updates

We appreciate any feedback, if you know of a new business or closure, we will add it to the list!

  1. Bahia Tortuga has new owners and the last I heard they are still remodeling.

  2. Thank you Joel! I had the ferry increase on the the printable update list but for gto to change it here!

  3. Ferry to Puerto Juarez is now 300 pesos RT

  4. bahai Tortuga still around

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